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    Maytag MFX2876DRM02 Freezer Not Working

    Our Maytag MFX2876DRM02 bottom freezer has quit working. Before it completely died, the freezer was making an awful buzzing noise and had some issues with ice building up occasionally. The freezer is cool, but seems less cold than the refrigerator. The refrigerator portion is still cold, but...
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    Maytag mvwb766fw0 wont complete a wash

    Went to run a rapid cycle in my maytag mvwb766fw0 and it ran for over a hour and a half and still showed no signs of stopping as the timer kept jumping around. I unplugged it for a few minutes and tried again and still the same thing. No error codes pop up either. Only thing else I can add is...
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    Replaced bearings, seal, and shaft, washer still not working properly. Help!

    Let’s start from the beginning. My Maytag Bravos needed the bearings and seal replaced, was throwing code f51 and leaking water under rotor and stator and sounded like a jet engine taking off. Had no other codes being thrown or any other problems. Anyway, got washer took apart and cleaned out...
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    MLG2000AWW Maytag Stack Unit - FIXED

    I have a MLG2000AWW Maytag stack unit that would start for about 10-15 seconds then turn off. Sometimes it would run a little longer and the turn off. Pulled the board that is located above the dryer and notice that the large black relay was loose. Soldered the relay back on and it solved the...
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    Maytag MVWB850YG1 Top Load Washer - Drain Pump will shut off after 4 minutes

    Hello, I recently replaced the drain pump for my Maytag MVWB850YG1 as it was not draining. Now, after the completion of the wash cycle, the drain pump keeps running for about 4 minutes then shuts off. Is this normal? If not, what is the solution? I did not have this issue with the older pump...
  6. K

    MHW7000AW0 Interior drum 'sliding clink' noises

    Maytag Maxima XL front loader. When I turn the drum manually I hear a sloshing noise, which I presume is from the balancing fluid ring. But I also hear a clinking/clanking noise like some piece(s) of metal is sliding around. The sound definitely 'moves' from the top to the bottom when I turn the...
  7. Y

    MFX2571XEM3 Maytag Refrigerator - no water to ice maker

    enter refrigerator Diagnostics Mode,hold home+temp 10 sec got it the instructions left out what keys to press to navigate back and forth ? test #17 send water 2 ice maker ? my control panel
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    MHW8630HC1 Maytag Front Load rotor motor makes a noise but it will not engage and spin the drum

    I took off my rotor to look for water that was leaking. It was not leaking through the seals behind the motor. However, when I put the rotor back on and run the machine it will not go through a cycle. The rotor makes a noise but it will not engage and spin the drum, the cycle does not progress...
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    Maytag Washer MVWC565FW0 Clicking At End of Spin Cycles

    Good morning, Dealing with the above referenced model, prepping for resale. Obtained at a charity event. What I've done so far: Initial errors were F5, E1 and F5, E3. Both have proved inconsequential. The lid lock works every time and has produced no new errors. The machine goes through its...
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    Maytag washer clicking noise MVWC400XW4

    Hello I have an older Maytag washer that clicks at the beginning of a cycle and runs but at times ends before the spin cycle. I have replaced the lid lick assembly and the problem remains. Any idea what's causing this? Thanks for your help!
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    Replace Older Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665.12769K3 with new Maytag Deal

    Hi all- I have a question about a possible purchase or repair, and I need you help deciding if this is a wise decision. We have a Sears Kenmore Elite mod: 665.12769K3 (purchased 2015) that is making a clicking noise from underneath the left side of the unit when it is running. From what I've...
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    Click noise Maytag bravo

    Our bravo makes a click noise during beginning of agitation. We have replaced the actuator and it still makes the noise. Can anyone help
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    LDE4916ACE Maytag Dryer new motor connector won’t mate

    Maytag Dryer Model - LDE4916ACE SERIAL- 10503013SD New replacement drive motor Part # W10410999 has different wire connection. Dryer has spade connector wires and motor appears to accept a harness plug. Any help appreciated.
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    MVW6200KW1 Maytag Washer comes on levels and then goes to done

    The washer is less than 2 years old. The capacitor has been checked and is good. The lid lock light would come on and then go off, so I ordered another lid lock switch and this did not fix the problem. What else could it be
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    MVWX655DW1 Maytag Bravos MCT washer unbalanced

    Good afternoon. I have a maytag Bravos washer that is unbalanced, had a slow spin and my clothes are coming out soaking wet still. I did run a diagnostic and it’s throwing the f0 e5 code which is unbalanced. Looking at previous threads we did tear down the washer and found the hub kit was...
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    MVWX500BW0 makes noise and does spin but cloths still wet

    Please help. I have the MAYTAG MVWX500BW0 washer and I have these issues: 1.) Making noise when spinning (maybe bearing worn out?) 2.) When doing full or medium load it leaks water under the washer. 3.) In Normal mode after the cycle is done, the cloths are still wet, but it seems like pump is...
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    Maytag DW MDB4949SDM2 - Rinse cycle has water, then no water midway through

    Hello All, hope you are well. Pre-apology if this is long and winding. Never know what little detail might tip someone off to the cause! Our MDB4949SDM2 recently started this issue...though now we think it may have been happening sporadically for some time. We’re used to a little oddity from...
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    MLG2000AWW Maytag Neptune Stack - Washer starts then quits

    I have a Maytag Neptune Stacked Gas Center. It's a great model and does good work, unfortunately recently it stopped working. I'm a father of 5, and we use unit heavily, but it's a work horse and love it. The issue with the unit is that when you put towels inside, I turn the knob to heavy, max...
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    FIXED LDG8616AAE Maytag dryer belt slipping

    I have a Maytag dryer, model LDG8616AAE, serial 10773560QY. I just cleaned out my vent pipe and inside the dryer. I removed the 2 rear drum support rollers, cleaned them, lubed the shafts, and reinstalled. The front glides were in great shape. As long as I had it apart, I decided to replace the...
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    Maytag Dishwasher MDB4709PAM4 unresponsive after popping noises

    The other day I loaded my Maytag dishwasher as usual and started a normal wash/dry program. After about 20 minutes I heard two or three popping sounds coming from the dishwasher, then it started to emit a burning smell. Smelled like an electronic component burned out. I immediately went to trip...

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