1. J

    Maytag Washer - won't agitate

    My washer started acting up recently where it wouldn't agitate when starting "cold" if it had a full load in it - would try but would get a burning rubber smell and it would start to squeak. I thought perhaps the belts were going. If i started the dryer with a mini load and ran it for a few...
  2. C

    Maytag Dryer STINKS

    Appliance Ninjas, I have a Maytag dryer that, lately, has started to smell really bad when it runs. It's not an electrical smell, it's more like burning plastic (which makes me nervous). I've taken it apart, made sure none of the wires were laying on the burner, vacuumed out the lint, etc...
  3. J

    Maytag MDG6800AWW keypad lights on-not responding

    The dryer has been beeping randomly, occasionally will work, but less and less frequently. Now it is stuck with sensor dry lit, 54 minutes on display, sensor dry button works, but all others don't, and it isn't starting. I checked some advice. Jake gave someone in other threads about a...
  4. M

    Maytag aqualift dull grey dry finnish after cleaning. Help!

    Hi, I have that crazy maytag oven, that have the aqualift technology but doesn’t clean anything but bottom, so i called maytag and asked, what to use to clean walls and doors and someother grease. They recommended easyoff, so i did it, cleaned it, but when it dried, i saw walls and bottom, has...
  5. H

    MVWX700XL0 Maytag Washer error codes F7 E1 and F3 E2

    Hey all I have a washer that is giving me the following errors: F7 E1 - Basket Speed Sensor fault F3 E2 - Inlet water temperature fault I know how to get the error codes (pain in the butt on these lol) but I do not know how to figure out what the actual problem is. How do I use these codes to...
  6. C

    Maytag Bravos Won't Use Fabric Softener

    Maytag Bravos (MVWB750WQ2) won't pull fabric softener out of the dispenser cup. I've cleaned the outlet port at the rear of the cup, but no joy. I don't have a service manual, so I don't know how to put it into service mode to check the valve(s)/solenoid(s). Where should I start? Thanks, Chris
  7. N

    FIXED Freezer switch issue in Maytag Model PBF1951KEW

    Hi all, New member here! I've done some searching on the forum, and on the Internet in general, but haven't quite found the information I was looking for. We have a Maytag refrigerator (bottom freezer) in the garage that's a backup to hold food, drinks, etc for our 4 kids. Last weekend...
  8. L

    FIXED Maytag External Water/Ice/Control Panel Not Working

    I recently purchased a home and the previous owner had installed a Maytag Model MF12665XEM7 French door/bottom freezer refrigerator. When I was exploring the icemaker located in the refrigerator compartment, I opened the icemaker drawer and then securely closed it and made sure it was latched...
  9. G

    MSD2269KEW Ice maker stopped working again

    My ice maker works when IT want to and I can't figure out when that is going to be! I currently have ice cube in the tray frozen, but not being dispensed. I cannot figure out how to trigger it to give me that ice or why it stops making ice. I hate to have a side-by-side with an ice maker and...
  10. P

    Heating element won't turn off

    Maytag Dishwasher will complete cycle, but the heating element won't turn off. If I then press the 'Start/Cancel' button, a new cycle will initiate, and can then press the 'Start/Cancel' button twice more to stop cycle. This appears to shutoff the heating element. However, unless I do this...
  11. S

    FIXED Start/Cancel button on Maytag Quiet Series 300 Legacy not working

    For the last couple months we have had issues with our control panel working/not working. Took it apart and put back together, and it's been working fine, except most of the lights weren't lighting up. Today, I can push the 2/4/6 hour delay button, and it starts flashing. But when I press...
  12. S

    Maytag Legacy Washer not draining

    Hate my washer and dryer. I am suffering through since I bought them but I still hate them. They are noisy and can't ever seem to have a balanced load. I should have returned them when I bought them. So, washer will not spin. Agitates and drains. I went through the silly troubleshooting the...
  13. K

    Maytag atlantis washer problem - sometimes doesn't drain

    Already replaced thrush bearing, washer sometimes doesn't drain , leaving soapy water sometimes. Sometimes I can manually put it on rinse and it will complete rinse and spin cycles and drain and sometimes not. Timer does advance through all cycles. Help!!!!!
  14. S

    FIXED Maytag MFI2568AEB ice maker flooded kitchen now won't work at all

    Several months ago the ice maker overflowed, flooding the kitchen. The water would not stop running so we had to turn the ice maker off. Now that it's summer we really miss our ice maker! I turned the ice maker on to see if it would still flood, but now it doesn't seem to work at all. I have to...
  15. J

    Maytag Gas Over Electric Heater

    Hi... This isn't exactly a repair issue (and I'm trying to learn about it so it doesn't become one.) We have a Maytag gas oven model MGS5770ADW. While we've had it for about ten years, we only recently noticed that there's a big heating element at the top of the oven, of the kind you'd find in...
  16. S

    Maytag four burner oven with timer - Oven door glass broke

    We broke the front glass of the oven door and have to get a new glass door. However we are unable to find out what the model number or serial number of the oven is. We're not sure if the oven is discontinued. It's a single oven with a timer control panel on top. The only pic online was...
  17. W

    Replaced ADC But still freezing over...

    I hate to start a new thread on such a worn out topic, but I am stumped. My fridge is not defrosting. Over the last several months it has frozen over various times, the first time at random, second time about a month later, (I just figured they were flukes) and it has gotten more often since...
  18. K

    Maytag Performa PYGT244AWW buzzing but not starting

    Hi, first time here! :) I have a Maytag Performa PYGT244AWW dryer which, when I wanted to tumble a load the day after it had finished drying to get the wrinkles out, only buzzes but does not start. I press the timer knob on the control panel and nothing but a buzzing sound. Have tried all...
  19. J

    Maytag Plus - MSD2556AEW - Not cooling at all

    This refrigerator stopped cooling a while back. Today I found the time to really tear into it. Here's what I found. No frost built up. In fact, the cooling fins in the freezer were room temperature. The defrost element was NOT on. The defrost element was also room temperature. The condenser was...
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