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    MFI2568AES. One functional push buttons

    I have a Maytag fridge model number MFI2568AES. The water and ice dispenser did work just fine. I was getting water earlier in the day. Now I pressed the ice button. I got some ice. Then I tried to select water. No thing happened. I can still get ice. No other button functions work. I can only...
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    Maytag model MFI2568AES Ice maker works, but auger spins every 6 minutes

    Everything worked. March 2016. Then the refrigerator got wonky - lights flashing, ice flapper door went nuts. Bad circuit board. Fine, ordered circuit board (long drawn out story about getting that part delivered) Finally received part in April art delivered and installed - easy peasy...
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    Freezer working fine, fridge not working at all, control panel lights are OFF

    Hello and hope I am not asking a question that has been asked before for this particular Maytag refrigerator model. The control panel lights are off on my refrigerator, the freezer is working just fine, but the refrigerator is not cold at all. I have removed any obstructions, I vacuumed the...
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    Trying to replace icemaker in Maytag MFI2568AES French Door Refrigeration

    I have an MFI2568AES and also want to replace the icemaker. How do I get the old one out? There is one release tab on the left to let it slide out. There is also a plastic wire cover below it on the left that prevents the whole mechanism from sliding out. I can see a small rectangular hole on...