microwave not heating

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    LWC3063ST/00 LG Microwave appears to function normally, but is not heating

    Hello all. I'm having an issue with the microwave in my wall oven combo. The microwave appears to function normally, but is not heating. I can hear the relays on the board working and i have checked the blower, magnetron, transformer and line filter. Any ideas? I do hear a loud pop when I...
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    Whirlpool Gold GMC275PRB01, Serial #XT1111954, DOM 03/2006, Micro/Oven wall unit, micro not heating

    Hello Everyone/Anyone, I have a Whirlpool Gold GMC275PRB01 Microwave/Oven wall unit, made in March of 2006. One day the microwave quit heating. Runs and operates like normal, just doesn't heat. I did some research, and decided to start by replacing the High Voltage Diode. Bought one online...
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    FGMV174KFC Frigidaire Microwave 'runs' not heating.. switch??

    Topic name is a great reference to this.. I didn't see ANY posts for my unit here (specifically the KFC version, there are a few posts regarding I assume the previous year model, KFB).. I did a google search for my issue - We can start the microwave, and it runs (light comes on, fans whir...