microwave ovens

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    FIXED KitchenAid Microwave Convection Oven Hood combination

    All functions on my microwave oven has seized. Nothing is working on it. I opened up the control panel and verified that the 20amp fuse is good and I have 120vac to both sides of the fuse. I suspect that since nothing is functioning on it that the cause is a failed relay control board, P/N...
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    Integrated microwave: remove and identify

    Hello.. I want to replace the integrated microwave that was already in the kitchen when I moved into my flat. I've got two problems: 1. It doesn't have any visible make names or model numbers on the front or inside, so I have no idea what size replacement to look for. 2. I also don't know...
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    GE XL1800 turntable won't turn

    Our over-the-oven GE microwave turntable has stopped turning. Will manually turn with some resistance. What should we try to address this issue? Thanks!
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    Kenmore Elite Microwave Touch Display issue

    Recently had the touch screen stop responding. Microwave still worked but only with basic functions like adding time. Most of the functions for power level adjustment, defrost, etc. work through the touch screen. Unplugged unit & saw 2 separate error codes: X High 255 103 & X Low 252 0. Was told...
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    Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-T994SFR

    I was heating up a cup of coffee a couple of weeks ago, and after about 20 seconds the oven started making a crinkling sound (like crinkling up a sheet of paper). Right after that, clouds of smoke poured into the microwave, and even more smoke came out of the back of the microwave oven. The...