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    WOC95EC0AS00 Whirlpool Microwave/Oven F1E5 Error Code ...

    Whirlpool Microwave/Oven Combo unit: WOC95EC0AS00 Purchased new, installed in Dec 2012. I have one of these microwave/oven combo units and found a Tech Sheet on the side of the oven, BTW. Found an old thread here...
  2. J

    JE1540GW 001 door latch failing

    Installed in about 1996, this unit should be replaced. OTOH since it's fine other that the door latch I thought I'd ask how difficult would be to fix it. When the button is pressed in the normal manner it doesn't pop open. However, if I give it a little tug with fingers under the door, it...
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    FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection Not Preheating

    Barely used FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection appliance convection feature not working. I am following the instructions as stated in the owner's manual yet the appliance is not preheating nor completing a convection cycle. In fact, what I see on the appliance screen is not matching...
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    LG LMV2031 Should I replace my Microwave?

    I have an LG microwave LMV2031 that is only 3 years old. On the last use it was louder than normal and now it does not heat. I went through LG troubleshoot - everything else works fine keypad, timer, lights etc. and it sounds likes its working... but what good is a microwave if it doesn't heat...
  5. D

    LG LMHM2237ST/01 Microwave keypad issues

    LG LMHM2237ST/01 Microwave works using bottom keypad only. Neither keypad is displaying. Reset breaker, still nothing. Does the door power the other keypad, or does ECM control both pads? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    Whirlpool WMH3101FS0 microwave doesn't work after Switch Door Replacement

    Hi, I need a little help with a Whirlpool microwave. Initially, when we opened the door, the light was blinking but the microwave was still working. I did some research and I found the issue could have been one of the door switches. So, I ordered a new set but while I was waiting for the...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Microwave KMHC319ESS "Close Door First" even though the door is closed

    HI all, Back for my microwave this time. The microwave was throwing a "open/close door" error but now it only shows "close door first". I've look at the door latches on the microwave and the bottom one seems to have disappeared into itself and now I think the door isn't registered as being...
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    Panasonic Microwave NN-SD691S - does not produce any heat

    The microwave seems to working (i.e. all controls work) but it does not produce any heat. The display is fine and turntable does turn.
  9. M

    HMC80251UC/01 Bosch Microwave Display Is Out

    The display on my Bosch microwave went out. This is a known problem with Bosch microwaves so I purchased a new display (incl. mainboard, old one was rel 1, new one is rel 3)) from Bosch directly . I plugged that one in but the display is still out. Hence, I suspect it's not the...
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    Whirlpool Microwave YWMH31017AS5 "door" error message

    I get a "door" error message when I try to start the microwave. I've tried cleaning it but that doesn't fix it. Or if it does, it's very temporary before it stops working again. When it does work it works perfect so it looks like it has to do with sensors? I've cleaned every single nook of the...
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    MIELE Mint condition Miele wall-mounted oven, microwave, and stovetop for sale. $3000.00 USD ($9,000USD VALUE) West Hollywood 90069
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    JVM1740SP2SS - Recirculates and top exhaust?

    Hi all, I have a GE Microwave installed above our range. Our cabinets are always greasy, we wipe and clean them every other weak but it seems like they are always covered in a film of grease. I dismantled as much of the microwave as I could and washed out the greasy parts (there were a lot!)...
  13. W

    Kitchenaid Microwave KEMS308SSS05 Error code F1E5

    Microwave error FIE5 shows Replace Micro. inverter. Cleared, but now has high pitched whine when operating. I will order the part, but will continued use in meantime damage other parts? Thanks
  14. C

    FGMV175QF Frigidaire Gallery Over the Range Microwave - Exhaust fan not working

    Hey there! We are on our second Frigidaire gallery over the range microwave in three years. The exhaust fan does not work when we hit the exhaust fan button. Troubleshoot: The microwave is set up through the recirculating feature and not vented externally. The button display still functions...
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    FFCT1378LS Frigidaire Convection microwave will not heat food when microwaving

    So this counter top model still bakes but will not heat food when microwaving. When i opened it up the black wire was snapped and fried crispy. Any ideas about what to replace on this? It cant be as simple as reconnecting the wire, right? It made it about a month outside the warranty. I was...
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    KCMS1555SSS2 Kitchenaid Microwave bottom door switch wire burnt

    Hi all, My Kitchenaid Microwave (KCMS1555SSS2) went out after I steamed something--lights still on, countdown timer works, but no sound/heat/turntable movement when I try to microwave something. From research it looked like one of my lower door switches had an issue. I opened the microwave...
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    Frigidaire PLMBZ209GCA Burning Plastic Smell and Low Power

    I've replaced door switches several times on my Frigidaire PLMBZ209GCA for various issues so I somewhat know my way around the inside of the microwave. I also run a YouTube channel, TightwadDIY, where I have a video showing how to replace the switches. I'm pretty handy so I would like to repair...
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    JTP85WA GE Microwave is humming and heating when off and door closed

    My GE microwave is humming when the door is shut. I placed a glass of water in and closed the door. No lights on, turntable not moving, but the water got heated. When door is closed, after some time the microwave shuts off for a little while then turns back on. I'm assuming it was overheating...
  19. L

    JVM1705SP2SS Microwave - Need Schematic / Service Manual

    Our GE microwave hood just quit putting out microwaves. Timer starts, but no fan/turntable/zap. First indication of problems was the fan would start when the door was opened (no buttons pressed). Since I'm a electronics/radio guy, I'd like to fix it myself, but need a schematic and service...
  20. K

    592.85610-0 Kenmore Microwave no heat

    Hi there! Our microwave (Model# 85610 and 529.85610-0) stopped heating food. It's a microwave/range hood combo. Everything else works. No sparks or weird noises. It even sounds like it's cooking. We unplugged it and replugged it and it worked for another day or so and now nothing again. I'm not...
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