1. D

    MMV5208WS1 Maytag Microwave Trips Breaker

    It seems I get one thing fixed and something else starts having problems. Now it's the microwave I have a Maytag MMV5208WS-1 built in above the stove microwave. I took the top front access trim panel off to get to the small air filter as I had gotten messages occasionally in the past that the...
  2. N

    JVM3160RF2SS GE OTR Microwave doesn't turn on - Thermal Shutoff and Internal fuse - both are blown -

    Bought this GE microwave - JVM3160RF2SS slightly more than an year ago from Sears. Installed it myself. Now yesterday I see that it doesn't power on. I opened the microwave to see that the internal 20 A fuse is blow. I was about to replace the fuse and turn it on..Decided to do a bit of...
  3. P

    GMC305PRB01 Whirlpool microwave blew fuse. Replaced fuse, HV transformer and diode - still no heat.

    The microwave of my GMC305PRB01 blew the 15AMP fuse (a 20AMP MDA was actually installed from factory). While replacing the fuse and noticed the red lead to HV transformer had come lose and touched the transformer case. I suspected this might be way the fuse blew. I reconnected the lead. Turned...
  4. H

    721.62360200 Sounds from a failing microwave

    For about a week now when our Kenmore Elite microwave is starting up it sounds like it's having trouble in beginning cooking. Light dims inside the microwave with extra sounds that weren't there before. We are fearful that are great microwave is soon to fail. What can we do or what can be...
  5. J

    KEHC309JSS4 KitchenAid - Microwave door latch doesn't lock fully - runs but doesn't cook

    Hello all, KitchenAid Micro/ Oven Combo - Microwave door latch doesn't lock fully - runs but doesn't cook My wife and I bought a house a year ago and it has a house full of aging KitchenAid products. One in particular is a KitchenAid Superba micro/ oven combo built-in. The model# is...
  6. K

    MW8991SB Microwave Door Switch question

    Hi, Have what I hope is an easy question. Am troubleshooting my Emerson microwave (light comes on, timer counts down, but no fan/noise, doesn't heat). As near as I can tell it's a door switch problem, seems fairly common. Accessed my door switches (3 of them, part #5E4 10T105, KW3A) and...
  7. V

    GE Profile Model JE1860GB001 Operation is intermittent

    Operation is intermittent; sometimes works normally. Other times, e.g., when trying to boil a cup of water, the sound will tell that it is on but then goes silent and no hot water in cup. Is the magnetron (not available is AppliancePartsPros response), door latch, other the likely cause for...
  8. D

    WMH31017AS3 Whirlpool under cabinet light won't shut off

    I burnt something in the microwave and the light under the microwave burnt out, I replaced it and it wouldn't shut off. I replaced the light socket but that wasn’t the problem
  9. S

    Whirlpool "over the range" microwave makes intermitent electrical arc sounds.

    Hi, my Whirlpool WMH53520CH0 "over the range" microwave makes loud buzzing noise when running (sounds like electrical arc). It use to make the intermittent arc sounds and still work none the less. However, It now runs for a few seconds and shuts down and digital screen goes black. I unplug it...
  10. A

    GE JVM1870SK01 makes buzzing sound always

    Our built in GE Profile Spacemaker microwave suddenly began making a low buzzing noise. It does it all the time unless we unplug it. The light under it went out at the same time the buzzing started. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? It works when plugged in. It will heat food properly and the...
  11. S

    Emerson MW8992SB microwave turns on when door is opened

    Last night our Emerson microwave started running when we open the door. It appears to just be the fan and turntable running, though I'm not sure and we didn't leave it open long enough to find out for certain -- didn't want to risk burns. The door closes fine but I am assuming that there's a...
  12. J

    SMH9207ST Samsung Microwave Not Heating and Magnetron always Buzzing when door closed

    So my wife came home to a buzzing noise on the microwave. She proceeded to try and use it and it did not heat and then went completely dead. I diagnosed a bad thermostat to the control board and have that fixed and the unit has power again. The other thermostat's seem appear to be fine...
  13. N

    GE Advantium 120 not microwaving, turn table not moving

    I have a GE advantium 120 that is 2 years old. It stopped microwaving today and the turn table doesn't move. Yesterday it worked fine, but today i noticed it was not heating at all. It lights up and sounds like it's working. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  14. X

    Microwave light and turntable both will not function

    One day a couple of months ago the light went out on my microwave. After a couple of weeks, I finally purchased a replacement bulb. After changing the bulb, the light still doesn't work. I also noticed that the turntable no longer turns, either. Not sure if they both stopped functioning at the...
  15. P

    GE Profile convection oven shut off and won't turn back on.

    Hi all, So while using convection, this unit (also known as PVM9179SFSS) that is only about 6 months out of warranty (typical..) has just simply turned off and no longer turns on. To be more specific, the display does not turn on and is not responding to controls. After taking it down and...
  16. R

    Jenn Air Microwave blows fuse

    I have a JENN AIR JMV8208BAS microwave that keeps blowing one or both of the two internal fuses on the noise filter board. I have replaced the HV capacitor, diode and magnetron. I tested the HV transformer and thought it was ok but now an appliance repair service tells me that the HV transformer...
  17. Springerrr

    FIXED Microwave live but not running

    Dear Wise ones, I have an GE JKP61G. The keypad (see picture...microwave is unplugged) is completely functional (clock, timer, etc) except the start button: it acts as if the door is open. I pulled the door switch (picture below). It is sort of weird. When the switch is in the door-open...
  18. T

    HMB5050 Bosch Microwave - Circuit Board or Bust?

    Hi Everyone, First time poster but I'm very motivated to work this out and I'd sincerely appreciate advice. I have a Bosch HMB 5050 microwave that's about 2 years old. It has seen very light use and is installed in a cabinet with a bosch surround, all per Bosch specs. A few months ago, our door...
  19. S

    Kenmore elite grahics on screen larger than normal

    i am trying to repair a neighbors microwave for them. they are retired and on a fixed income and any help would be appreciated. the problem is that the lcd screen graphics have grown in size to the point of not being able to accurately use it. i have looked at the owners manual (which seems to...
  20. M

    Microwave works, convection has no heat

    We use the microwave all the time and seldom use convection feature. Set the temp to 350 and preheated and it never reached temp. opened oven and it is cool to the touch. It functions as though everything is working but has no heat on convection. is there a fuse specific to only convection...