1. L

    Kenmore micro/hood combo stopped working while cooking - no power

    I have 4 year old microwave that recently stopped working as I was heating food. It was operating fine and as I walked out of the kitchen it suddenly stopped. The unit shows no sign of power. I checked the outlet first and then the circuit breaker and both were fine. Previously I have replaced...
  2. O

    GE Profile Convection Microwave Smoking on Convection setting

    GE Profile Convection Microwave smokes with electrical burning smell on Convection use only. No issues during normal microwave use. GE FAQ says some smoking is normal due to dust accumulation, but this seems to be excessive. Any similar experiences to give advice would be appreciated. Doug
  3. K

    Sears Kenmore Elite Microwave: Stainless Steel Quality Issue

    Has anyone had problems with the Stainless Steel on their Kenmore Elite appliances? I have a problem with the stainless steel on my new Kenmore Elite microwave oven (above-the-range microwave oven). We purchased all Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel appliances for our new kitchen just over one...
  4. N

    FIXED Door Switch AND fuse question

    My Maytag microwave (mod# MMV4205BAB) does not heat food, but retains all other functionality (light, fan, turn table, display, etc). I performed some basic tests on a lot of components with my multimeter (capacitor, diode, thermostats, transformer, and magnetron) everything looked ok. Then I...
  5. V

    GE JVM1540SM5SS Fan?

    Hello, My microwave is not doing what it supposed to. I am going out on a limb and assuming its the fan for the magnetron? During normal operation there are 2 distinct sounds. The first sound is a low hum, and within about a half of a second of hitting start the second sound comes in and its a...
  6. B

    How to access fuses, built-in Jenn-Air microwave

    My Jenn-Air microwave died. No power to anything on the microwave, but the combo built-in oven works perfectly. I've seen other threads referring to testing various fuses but the instructions have been for over the range or counter top type appliances. How do I get to the fuses to test them on a...
  7. S

    No lights on the control Panel.

    I have no lights on the control Panel of my Mic. The fuse and switches check out fine. I have voltage coming to the circuit board but I am not sure where and how much should be on which wire. I don't want to waste my money so before I go ahead and order a control panel, is there way to determine...
  8. C

    Brand New Sears Microhood

    New kitchen remodel, just installed new Sears Kenmore Microhood (Model 85064). Only the 1,4,and 7 buttons on the keypad work. Am I doing something wrong or is it a lemon?
  9. F

    Display Dead, No Power After Start

    My microwave died mid-cycle (after about 30 seconds of heating a drink). No strange noises, just cut out and the display panel was blank and non-responsive. I took off the panel to see if something was fried back there. I saw a ceramic fuse so I thought I'd give that a shot. Replaced it with...
  10. S

    Maytag microwave making loud noise and not heating

    When trying to heat something in the microwave, it makes a loud noise but the food item is still cold. The lights come on, the table rotates and the time counter descends. Everything seems normal except the temperature of my coffee. :(
  11. W

    Microwave humm

    Micro has been working fine until tonight i'm getting a loud humm and the micro does not heat food. Everything else seems fine. Any ideas on what i should check first? Thanks for any help. <!-- / message -->
  12. W

    GE JNM1851DM1CC door film mesh compromise

    You may not be familiar with model JNM1851DM1CC but I have found many references to JNM1851DM2CC - not sure why my model number is so hard to find A guest put something metal in my microwave which contacted the door as it sparked. There is no damage except to the inside of the mesh and film on...
  13. jaboobie

    Maytag MMV4205BAW - broken turntable support

    Hello. So far you've helped me with an ice maker and water heater with great results. It looks like my turntable support snapped. It seems that the motor is still good as the turntable support sometimes rattles around but doesn't really turn, obviously. I couldn't find this particular...