1. S

    Maytag microwave making loud noise and not heating

    When trying to heat something in the microwave, it makes a loud noise but the food item is still cold. The lights come on, the table rotates and the time counter descends. Everything seems normal except the temperature of my coffee. :(
  2. W

    Microwave humm

    Micro has been working fine until tonight i'm getting a loud humm and the micro does not heat food. Everything else seems fine. Any ideas on what i should check first? Thanks for any help. <!-- / message -->
  3. W

    GE JNM1851DM1CC door film mesh compromise

    You may not be familiar with model JNM1851DM1CC but I have found many references to JNM1851DM2CC - not sure why my model number is so hard to find A guest put something metal in my microwave which contacted the door as it sparked. There is no damage except to the inside of the mesh and film on...
  4. jaboobie

    Maytag MMV4205BAW - broken turntable support

    Hello. So far you've helped me with an ice maker and water heater with great results. It looks like my turntable support snapped. It seems that the motor is still good as the turntable support sometimes rattles around but doesn't really turn, obviously. I couldn't find this particular...