1. E

    Miele km443

    Hi, The Miele cooktop is model KM443 (ceramic not induction around 20 years old) I am getting error message tc42. Cooktop works fine but now emitting a very loud buzzing sound (as if you are constantly hearing the noise from pressing the buttons on the control panel). The high pitched buzz...
  2. indianajonesy

    T1576 Miele dryer not completing cycle

    Dryer starts, drum spins, fan sounds like it's running. About a minute or two into the cycle, the anti-creae light starts flashing and the dryer goes into cool down mode and then stops. I went through the technical service manual and did a diagnostic, which returned the following fault: "NTC at...
  3. T

    G1202SCI Help Identifying Miele Leak

    Please help, I recently purchased a second hand dishwasher, Miele G1202SCI and I've now discovered it has a leak from underneath. Here are some photos and a video of the leak: https://goo.gl/photos/gmXXVRQpp6rL79od6 Can anyone please help me identify what new part/parts I need or help me find...
  4. R

    Miele G892 with dead motor

    My Miele has been stopping in mid-cycle lately. The tech from the appliance store diagnosed it as a dying motor. (There is a bad spot on the motor and it, which explains why it sometimes works.) He quoted us about $800 to replace the motor with labor. That is nearly the cost of a new Miele unit...
  5. J

    Miele G2430SCU Intake/Drain light flashing - won't start

    I have a Miele G2430SCU dishwasher which has been a real pro but today it refused to start and will attempt to fill but only flash the intake/drain light 5 times - pause on solid and then repeat the fill process. I dumped some water inside and reset the error code (held power button for 4...
  6. R

    Miele g641 dishwasher stops mid cycle

    Hi, I have a Miele G641 dishwasher that must be around 15 years old now. It has just developed a fault where it stops part way through a cycle and flashes the red inlet/outlet LED. The heater element never seems to come on - or maybe it just doesn't get that far. It makes it all the way through...