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    LGHC2342LF3 Frigidaire Refrigerator - What control board model?

    I have a Frigidaire LGHC2342LF3 refrigerator. I've figured out that my problem is more than likely a bad control board but I can't find which one to order. The sites I go to tell me my fridge is not compatible with the control boards they have. This is my current control board: Can anyone...
  2. S

    Maytag four burner oven with timer - Oven door glass broke

    We broke the front glass of the oven door and have to get a new glass door. However we are unable to find out what the model number or serial number of the oven is. We're not sure if the oven is discontinued. It's a single oven with a timer control panel on top. The only pic online was...
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    1951 (?) GE Fridge

    First, I'm not sure I found the model number. Nothing shows up in my searches online when I type in what I've found. I've posted pics of the two decals I found to see if either are the model plus a picture of the fridge if anyone can tell me anything about it. Most important at this moment: I...

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