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    GE refrigerator ZISP420DKBSS noise from condenser side

    My 6 yr old refrigerator started making noise. (I bought a house with this one a year ago) please see the video with sound Here. Based on the search, I suspect either condenser is not secured properly or the fan / fan motor has problem. I want to narrow down the noise source but I dont know...
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    Upgrading GE monogram (model # ZIS480DCA) water dispenser panel

    Hi All: I am new here, I own a GE monogram 48" (~1998 built) I tried to google to see if i can find a more "modern" water dispenser panel that I can buy to upgrade my refrigerator for no avail. Any pointer is much welcomed. Thank you.
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    Uneven burn on Monogram griddle ZGU364NDTSS

    Hey all, I bought the subject unit new about a year and a half ago. The griddle has never burned evenly. There is a single spot that is the correct temp and the rest is cooler by about 60degrees after the unit has been brought to temp and not changing anymore (>20 min). See images attached...
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    ZET2RM2SS Quality of GE Monogram Ovens

    After only 10 years of light use, WB27T11001, Control Fram Assembly, part failure. GE no longer produces replacement part or provide alternatives. For a high-in appliance, this seems to be an unreasonable company failure/support for it’s consumers. Is this a common problem?
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    ZIR36NMDLH GE monogram refrigerator evaporator big ball of ice

    Have a GE monogram built in 2005. Client complained of a big ball of ice that wrapped around the evaporator cover. He had melted it al with a blow dryer before my service call but he sees it freezing up again. When I got there I didn’t see a full frost pattern on the evaporator. Just some frost...
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    GE Monogram Dishwasher ZDT870SSFSS everything is dead, no power on the display

    Dishwasher was working fine, daughter was loading it and the lights went out and she thought it was because she had the door open to long. Went to run it and everything is dead, no power on the display, lights inside or sounds. Troubleshooting: breaker was not tripped, cycled breaker and left...
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    FIXED ZIS420NMC 2003 GE Monogram Refrigerator - temperature issues

    Good day, my problem is actual freezer and fridge temps are MUCH different than the display temps and the freezer is getting way too cold before it cycles off and too hot before it cycles back on. Same problem in the fridge section. The freezer section will pull down to -22 F before clicking...
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    FIXED ZISS420DRCSS GE monogram problem: freezer too cold (-14F to -6F) and fresh food too warm (44F to 51F)

    I have a 42" SxS GE Monogram and am having the exact same issue: FZ temperature from -14F to -6F while FF 44F to 51F (depending on usages). GE model: ZISS420DRCSS By the serial model, it's manufactured in 2004. The fridge was inherited when we bought the house in 2012. Here are what I have...
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    GE Monogram Trivection Wall Oven ZET3038SH3SS Removing Oven Door

    Hi, everyone, I'm trying to remove the oven door because I want to clean it but do not want to use the self-clean option as I am deadly afraid of it. I have seen that it is pretty easy to remove, but mine has a type of screwed-in latch to hold the hinges, so I'm not sure whether I can remove...
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    ZET1SM3SS GE Monogram Wall Oven Great video of fire - advice needed

    Would love some help determining if this fire is from the relay board assembly or just a bad connector that needs to be replaced. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    ZSC2201NSS Advantium 240v Speed Oven takes a very long time to preheat

    I have a GE Monogram Advantium 240v Speed Oven and I love it (it is about 2 years old ... ZSC2201). A few months ago I got an error message saying "Upper Thermal Sensor - Service may be required". The microwave mode still worked, but there were issues with the Convection Bake function and oven...
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    GE Mono Double oven 2008 ZET2SM1SS - Top oven burning everything, Bottom oven convection rack 1 won't work.

    Hi - I listed the details in the subject line. The top oven won't hold even heat and it seems to be all over the board. The bottom oven seems to be fine, except that the convection rack #1 option won't light up or work, where everything else does. My problem is over heating everything on...
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    ZIRP360NXARH Temperature won't go below 40 degrees

    Fridge won't go below 40 degrees. Has been like this for maybe 2-3 years. Feeling like it is time to repair it. Similar thread was started by another user (Boonie) on 2/1/19. Their's was the "integrated" model and mine is the "professional" (presumably noted with the "P" in the model #)...
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    FIXED GE Monogram Grill:ZGU484LGP2SS: Grill doesnt ignite

    I decided to clean my grill. I removed all the parts down to but not including the ceramic. I vacuumed the surface of the ceramic and wasn’t satisfied with the level of clean that I obtained. I lightly wire brushed the ceramic and vacuumed again. I discovered (or caused) a crack in the rear...
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    ZFSB26DRASS Freezer Stops Cooling

    Freezer Stops Cooling (Compressor works but doesn't restart when needed) This is a approximately 12 year old fridge I inherited when I bought this house. It's a GE Monogram, stainless steel side-by-side. I have previous experience with a similar fridge (an Arctica which I had problems with in...
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    GE Monogram refrigerator ZISS360NRSS compressor running hot

    I have a GE monogram fridge that has a compressor that runs very hot. Too hot to touch more than about 5 seconds. But it's definitely running, so not triggering the overheat protection. I inspected the condensor fan, and it is running. The frame in between the 2 compartments is warm, not hot...
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    ZIS48NCA GE Monogram Refrigerator Sagging Door

    Hi All: Newbie here looking for assistance from those more experienced on a sagging fresh food door of a 10+ year old 48" Monogram refrigerator. I posted images below showing the problem. Note the misaligned doors and the gaps at the tops/bottoms of the doors. I also posted an image of the...
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    GE Monogram 48" Side by Side Model ZIS480NR Stopped Cooling

    I have a GE Monogram 48" Side by Side Model ZIS480NRI that stopped cooling on both sides. When I put my hand on the compressor I don't feel anything start up. Service manual says in one place that the voltage should be approximately 5 VDC with the harness connected and approximately 12 VDC with...

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