motor control unit

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    110.45081404 Kenmore HE4t Intermittent F06

    Two weeks ago we started to get the F06 fault code. We got it to work for a couple of weeks but it returned again. After much research and troubleshooting it appears to be either the MCU or the motor itself. I checked the wiring and all connections and it appears to be fine. I pulled the MCU...
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    Washer goes through cycles in delicate, does not advance past wash cycle in normal or heavy duty

    Last night during a normal cycle, a sock got wedged in where the water filters out. Since then, the washer will work fine in delicates with all cycles, but will not advance in normal and heavy duty - it just stays in wash cycle. Is it the timer? Any information would be helpful.
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    Maytag 200 Series - F6 E1 and F1 E2 errors during rinse cycle

    My 3 years old washer started displaying the F6 E1 error after I replaced the fill hose (major leak dripping down the bottom plate, but the error didn't appear until after I replaced the hose). I could cancel and restart the wash but with the same result. Once it displayed the F1E2 error, but...