1. C

    MDB4949SHB0 Maytag Dishwasher stopped working

    I have a Maytag MDB4949SHB0 that is about 3 or 4 years old. It has been working fine but today it just stopped working. I followed the reset procedure but that did not help. When starting the dishwasher (on any cycle) it will fill with water but then never go into wash mode (i.e. the motor...
  2. C

    GTWN4450M1WS GE Washer - Motor RED LED 6 Flashes

    I decided to make a new thread for this instead of go off topic on that thread. This Saturday, I came to my machine with my towels still pretty soaking wet. I put the dial in spin/drain and pressed the button, but it never went into spin mode, drain pump was going strong. I uplugged the...
  3. M

    FIXED Samsung Dryer DV42H5200EW/A3 Stuck Blower Wheel

    Hi all, I had an issue with my dryer motor (the notorious 5 seconds on, 2 min off) and ordered a new motor. Things were going well until I tried to remove the blower wheel. I removed the nut but cannot get the wheel off. It seems to have seized up on the shaft. I ended up ordering a new wheel as...
  4. Mr-C

    FIXED DV218AEBXAC Samsung Dryer Motor will not turn

    model number DV218AEBXAC The panel shows that the dryer is in cycle, there are no error codes on the display, I have continuity on the thermister. The door switch clicks and the belt tensioner switch clicks. I can can probe the red and green wire at the motor and get 120V but the motor...
  5. A

    110.82174110 "Vintage" Kenmore Washer Agitator Issues

    Hi. My mom has a Kenmore 110.82174110 washer. For a while now, the machine would leak on maximum load. She has been circumventing the issue by running a slightly less-than-full load. But recently the agitator started having problems. If she fills the tub to full/near full with only water...
  6. D

    WPRE6150K2WT GE Washer won’t agitate or spin

    Hello my name is Eric, My washer won’t agitate or spin, It will fill and drain and the timer seems to be working fine. I took the front panel off, tested the magnetic lid switch and it seems to be functioning properly. The LED light is showing a 6 flash error code. I did the motor reset...
  7. K

    665.13222N412 Wash Motor Won't Start - F8 Fuse 33 Ohms

    Wash motor stopped running. I've got the front pulled off. I tested F8 using the front leads and it read 33 Ohms which I believe means it needs to be replaced. Where is the motor fuse???? I tried to track the lead wire but that wire harness is confusing.
  8. K

    WRS965CIAE00 will not dispense ice

    My Whirlpool WRS965CIAE00 won't dispense ice. My ice maker is making ice, and the water dispenser works. When I press the ice dispenser paddle on the front of the freezer door, the dispenser door opens and I can feel cold air coming out but the auger motor never turns on. I was standing at the...
  9. L

    WTW5550XW0 Lid lock fault

    Lid lock flashes. Any automatic or manual test involving motor won't run. Error code says lid lock. Jumped the lid lock contact and drums spins slowly as soon as you plug cord into outlet. J7-1 to J15-5 shows 1 meg resistance, J7-1 to J15-6 is infinite. Looks like one of the triacs is bad.
  10. F

    FIXED Removing clutch from old GE washer motor

    Hello forum, I am attempting to reuse an induction motor from an older GE washer. I have successfully removed the top cap/cover, clutch housing (w/ included sheave and bearing), and a few other small components. Here is the assembly before any components were removed, as well as before...
  11. S

    665.77973K703 Kenmore Elite - Circulation Pump Motor Parts

    Hello, The washer motor in my Kenmore elite packed it in suddenly with little warning. After disassembling the circulation motor I discover that 3 of the 6 magnets had started to rust, causing the plastic housing to swell slightly. This "swelling" stopped the armature from turning, requiring...
  12. G

    110.45081404 Kenmore HE4t Intermittent F06

    Two weeks ago we started to get the F06 fault code. We got it to work for a couple of weeks but it returned again. After much research and troubleshooting it appears to be either the MCU or the motor itself. I checked the wiring and all connections and it appears to be fine. I pulled the MCU...
  13. R

    FIXED Maytag SG1000 Drum spins for a few seconds and binds up the motor

    I have a Maytag Stackable SG1000 gas dryer and washer combo. The dryer is not turning the drum properly. I have taken the covers off and checked the usual suspects. The belt looks good and it appears to be routed correctly around the pulley and tensioner. The drum rollers (support wheels)...
  14. O

    BW207AW3 Old Kelvinator burning smell

    Hi. The washer had completed a cycle but left a burning smell and wouldn't turn on. After a short while I tried to turn it on to the rinse cycle to see if the motor was still working. It would start for a split second then stop again. I took the belt off and it looked ok. Put the belt back on...
  15. M

    WRX988SIBM01 When motor turns off alarm sounds and panel icons light up

    About 2 weeks ago my french door refrigerator was making a loud noise when we opened the freezer. There was a little ice build up in the back so my husband used a blow dryer to melt it. Then the ice machine stopped working and now the motor will stop and an alarm sounds and the panel icons...
  16. C

    GLEQ2152ES0 Troubleshooting dryer that doesn't start

    Good Sunday morning! Yesterday my dryer wouldn't startup. The control panel worked fine and read no error, I loaded the dryer, and hit "start", it made a click sound, and nothing happened from there, the motor did not start (the timer did start to countdown). After taking the dryer apart as I...
  17. P

    Problem with WDT720PADM -- bizarre wash cycle

    We own a Whirlpool WDT720PADM. Suddenly it is behaving rather strangely. 1) We start a cycle 2) It drains, which is normal 3) Water trickles in, which is normal 4) It stops doing anything. No washing happens. 5) But the clock keeps counting down. 6) At intervals which are normal to the...
  18. G

    110.87873100 Motor short tripping breaker?

    My dryer started intermittently tripping the breaker. Recently the breaker would blow just plugging in the dryer. This would occur with the door open and with the timer in the off position. The start button always seemed to work fine, as well as the timer shutoff and door switch. I tested...
  19. A

    WGD9600TW1 DRYER HUMS-WON'T START--did diagnostics

    Hi. I'm very much an amateur but the dryer is all taken apart now, so there's no going back! When Start is pressed, you hear a hum and drum doesn't turn, and the dryer doesn't go on. So I suspected the motor. At first I swear I saw a PF code briefly. Some people online say the thermistor can...
  20. Z

    MAH5500BWW Maytag Neptune - Washer will not spin: Prior Lr code, now Help code 8

    During a cycle my washer stopped and displayed Lr for Locked Motor - Motor not being see by the control board. After taking out the clothes, draining, and starting over it runs a cycle without spinning, but does not display the Lr code. I entered diagnostics mode cleared the excessive help and...