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    GE Dishwasher GDF620HGJ6WW no power, control board flashing green

    I've read through other threads that have similar issues. Service LED on the control board is rapidly flashing green and no display. Swapped out display board first. Nothing changed. Then swapped out control board. Dishwasher worked for about 2 loads of dishes, then same issues; no display and...
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    FIXED GE Profile Dishwasher - PDT825SGJ5WW - no display in the UI panel

    Hello Blog Team, My GE Dishwasher - PDT825SSJ0SS is like dead display in the UI panel. That may sound familiar since I styled it from kkchopra’s post about a similar model of 2 years ago, when you helped him quickly. I hope you’ll do the same for me, since dirty dishes are stacking...
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    Samsung Range NE59J7630 complete display dead after using self clean

    We were using the self clean and showed 3 hours or something like that. After that time I checked on it and the display was blank and the stove hot as hell, including the stovetop and even the top area where the dials are was warm/hot. I went downstairs and turned the breaker off until the next...
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    Frigidaire Range FEFL63FSB - ECU won't power up

    HELP! The oven was working just fine and then stopped turning on. Threw an F30 error. Then it suddenly started working again. This happened a couple of times. Possibly connected to something with the door as it seemed to work after door had been opened and closed and one of the times it was...
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    Samsung Dryer DV5471AEP/XAA No display, not turn on, not starting

    Being told it is CBP DC92-00322E which is discontinued by the manufacturer. Can DC92-00322V be substituted for 00322E or this there any substitute? Or is my only option to send in for refurbishment? if so who?
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    FIXED KSSC48QMS01 no display

    Jake, I have an old KitchenAide KSSC48QMS01. I recently bought a rebuilt control board to solve a defrost problem, problem fixed! but a new problem has come up! No numbers on the display are lit up. before they went out I did set the temperatures and they are holding fine with no problems. I...
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    KDRP407HSS13 No display, oven not working, oven light not working after last use

    after last using the oven a while later we noticed the display was dead. Reset circuit breakers (which were not tripped) still no good. Also noticed the oven light will not go on either. The gas cooktop and ignitors work.
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    KDRP467KSS09 Kitchenaid Dual Fuel Electric Oven/Display stopped working

    My gas range works fine, but my electric oven and display just stopped working one night. Not sure why. Someone suggested that I check the THERMAL FUSE. I did. It had continuity. Someone else suggested the relay board. Need to know if there's a way to test it before shelling out the money to buy...
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    FIXED Clock/Digital controls not working on my Samsung Oven FTQ3531WUW

    We moved our Samsung convection oven out of the kitchen in order to lay new floors. When we moved it back, the control panel would not light up and clock and oven would not work. However, the stove is working. We replaced the control board ($100) thinking that a bad circuit breaker may have...
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    Whirlpool Double Oven No Display

    Hi Been having issues with my Whirlpool Built-In Electric Double oven on and off for the past year. Around August of 2013, I was getting some error codes that I can't remember right now. The display would dim and the oven would only beep 3 times when I pressed any button. Turned off power and...
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