no heat but runs

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    DV56H9000EW/A2 Samsung Dryer no heat - I've replaced everything

    Hi all - Title says it all. I have had this dryer for about 8 years and its worked perfectly. A few weeks ago, the belt popped off - so I took the dryer apart and replaced the tensioner arm. While I had it apart, we vacuumed out the inside and got rid of a ton of lint and debris. Put it back...
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    FIXED Kenmore 110.87980100 gas dryer not heating

    I am reaching out because my Kenmore gas dryer is not heating. I actually had an issue where I had to replace the motor because it would no longer start. The motor now works great, but the dryer stopped heating. Before that, I do know for sure that it was heating. I've checked everything that I...
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    FIXED GE GFT14ESSM0WW Ventless Dryer Has no heat.

    I have a GE GFT14ESSM0WW ventless dryer, and recently it stopped heating. The owner's manual recommends checking the fuse/breaker because it still turns on and tumbles. I checked the breakers and they are operating properly. Searching online I've found mention of thermal fuses being the...
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    GTD42GASJ2WW GE Dryer with New Igniter and coils won’t heat

    GE dryer won’t heat. I replaced the coils and the igniter. Igniter is working and I can smell gas in the area, but no flame. It did start a small flame then went out, but I cannot get it to catch. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Kenmore 70 Series Model 110.64742400 No Heat But Timer Advances Normally

    Hello, I have a Kenmore 70 Series dryer, model number 110.64742400, that is not heating. I've followed the instructions from a few of the videos and checked the thermal fuses and all four check out (they have continuity across the terminals). I checked the heating element and it has...
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    FIXED LG DLGX5102V dryer no heat

    Yesterday we came back from vacation and discovered our LG DLGX5102V gas dryer was no longer heating up during the drying cycle. We had a house-sitter, but I believe the dryer was unused for the past week. Things I've tried: -took off the top and front, opened up the blower, and cleaned...
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    Maytag Bravos XL Dryer MEDB835DW4 Not Heating

    Dryer stopped working completely. In troubleshooting found the cord went bad - replaced that and tried to dry a load of clothes. Dryer doesn't heat - replaced heating element, high limit thermostat and thermal fuse - still no heat. Replaced thermistor and thermal cut off fuse on blower motor -...
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    FIXED WDT730PAHZ0 Whirlpool dishwasher not heating

    Dishwasher is 3 years old. Already had to replace circ pump. I now believe heating element isn't working as all the dishes are wet when finished. Ran diagnostic, came back with e1 f7. Looked in the service tech manual. Something about heating but not sure what I need to do to determine if...
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    Frigidaire Dryer FER231AS0 Runs - No Heat

    About a year ago the dryer would cycle on and off too quickly for anything to get hot enough to dry clothes. I tested continuity on the fuses and ended up replacing a bad thermostat and a bad hi-limit. Been working fine since. Today, it stopped heating completely. It runs fine, but the heating...
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    FIXED Samsung dryer DV45H7000EW/A2 Dryer does not heat - heating element and thermostats are good.

    Dryer stopped heating. Found the element was burned out so i replaced element and both thermal cutouts. when i run dryer in any user mode it does not heat up, however when i put the dryer into check out mode the heater circuit engages properly. I found the heater relay does not engage under...
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    FIXED AEQ6700FE0 Frigidaire Affinity not heating

    I’m sorry if this has already been answered in a previous thread, but I could use help. I’ve googled my eyeballs out of my head trying to fix this dryer, to no avail. Frigidaire Affinity model #AEQ6700FE0 made on 09/07. Won’t heat at all. I’ve replaced the heating element along with thermostat...
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    FGMV174KFC Frigidaire Microwave 'runs' not heating.. switch??

    Topic name is a great reference to this.. I didn't see ANY posts for my unit here (specifically the KFC version, there are a few posts regarding I assume the previous year model, KFB).. I did a google search for my issue - We can start the microwave, and it runs (light comes on, fans whir...
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