no heat but runs

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    Frigidaire Dryer FER231AS0 Runs - No Heat

    About a year ago the dryer would cycle on and off too quickly for anything to get hot enough to dry clothes. I tested continuity on the fuses and ended up replacing a bad thermostat and a bad hi-limit. Been working fine since. Today, it stopped heating completely. It runs fine, but the heating...
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    FIXED Samsung dryer DV45H7000EW/A2 Dryer does not heat - heating element and thermostats are good.

    Dryer stopped heating. Found the element was burned out so i replaced element and both thermal cutouts. when i run dryer in any user mode it does not heat up, however when i put the dryer into check out mode the heater circuit engages properly. I found the heater relay does not engage under...
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    AEQ6700FE0 Frigidaire Affinity not heating

    I’m sorry if this has already been answered in a previous thread, but I could use help. I’ve googled my eyeballs out of my head trying to fix this dryer, to no avail. Frigidaire Affinity model #AEQ6700FE0 made on 09/07. Won’t heat at all. I’ve replaced the heating element along with thermostat...
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    FGMV174KFC Frigidaire Microwave 'runs' not heating.. switch??

    Topic name is a great reference to this.. I didn't see ANY posts for my unit here (specifically the KFC version, there are a few posts regarding I assume the previous year model, KFB).. I did a google search for my issue - We can start the microwave, and it runs (light comes on, fans whir...