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no heat

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    Frigidaire CER3600AS1 dryer: no heat on low, little heat on high

    This dryer has the followign symptoms: 1. On low heat, it appears to heat VERY little, I don't even see the heat coil glowing. 2. On high heat, the coil glows for abotu 5 econds then turns off. It does not glow again, at least for the five minutes I waited. Any help appreciated. -Art
  2. Y

    KEMC308KSS04 Microwave does not heat

    Hello My microwave has no heat but everything else is fine. The lower over is also working well. I did test on diode, HV capacitor, magnetron and transformer. All test good. Here are test results. 1. diode:applied 9V. there is 200mA current and voltage is 6.2V. if i revert the polarity of the...
  3. K

    592.85610-0 Kenmore Microwave no heat

    Hi there! Our microwave (Model# 85610 and 529.85610-0) stopped heating food. It's a microwave/range hood combo. Everything else works. No sparks or weird noises. It even sounds like it's cooking. We unplugged it and replugged it and it worked for another day or so and now nothing again. I'm not...
  4. K

    592.891070 Kenmore Front Loading No heat

    Hey Guys, I am new here and trying to get my dryer working. So i originally had took it apart and seen that the element had several breaks in it. I had replaced the element got it back together and it start to work, but barely. I reopened the thing and noticed i had grounded out the element on...
  5. P

    FIXED 110.60942990 Kenmore Elite - On going overheating issues

    Short version - I'm regularly tripping the Heating Element Thermal Cut Off, even after replacing multiple parts. Kenmore Elite 110.60942990 Electric Clothes Dryer Long Version -About a year ago I had no heat, tested and verified the heater element was bad. Replaced that and all was well...
  6. S

    FIXED ACZEM4H4R09 AIR-CON Mini-split Heat function stopped

    I have a minisplit heat pump (air-con-09) installed by profesional licensed HVAC guy that has worked for 2 years now flawlessly. When using the remote on A/C function louver opens up, air blows, compressor outside turns on and in a minute, cold air blows out the inside unit. When using the...
  7. H

    FIXED GE Dishwasher model GDF570SGF2BB No heat and rinse aid problem.

    Hi. I have a GDF570SGF2BB aka GDF570SGFBB with some recent problems which seemed to show up within a few days of each other. This model has no alpha numeric panel and error codes are displayed via the LEDs by pressing Cycle Select and Start buttons for 5 seconds. Issues. 1. Foaming rinse...
  8. T

    KDRP407HSS13 Kitchenaid Convection Range oven will not heat - everything else works

    My husband decided to remove the oven door in order to clean it. When he re-installed the door he said an error code popped up but he didn't remember it. We verified that the door hinges are in the locked position. Now the oven will not heat at all in any mode. The display work fine, the...
  9. E

    FIXED DV42H5200EP Samsung Dryer - Heating Relay not Switching On

    Hi, I have a 2 1/2 year old Samsung Front-Loading Dryer (Model # DV42H5200EP) that has stopped heating. I tested the heating relay by probing both the blue and black wires (see attached schematic) on the heating relay individually between ground and measured 120VAC. I then measured the voltage...
  10. A

    FIXED 417.84092500 2005 Kenmore Dryer starts, no heat, stops in about 5 minutes with flashing lights

    Can’t complain as we’ve gotten a lot of service out of this dryer but it’s recently stopped heating. It will start the drum rotation but after a few minutes you realize it’s not heating up. It runs about five minutes then stops and leaves the four little lights on the right flashing. If you turn...
  11. B

    FIXED Whirlpool Duet GEW9250PL0 Not Heating

    Greetings, This is my second post on these forums. The first time was the beginning of September of last year. My dryer was acting funny and Jake assisted me in getting a new User Interface. All was well until this past week when my dryer stopped being able to heat up. Everything else works...
  12. K

    GBS307PDS7 Whirlpool Gold built-in oven has no heat

    Whirlpool Gold built-in electric oven has no heat. Model# GBS307PDS7. The control panel lights up. Clock and timer works. I removed both broil element and bake element and checked resistance. 18 ohms for Broil element. 26 ohms for Bake element. What should I check next to diagnose the...
  13. L

    F7 and 1-click

    Model JGB916SEL3SS F7 popped up and I cleared it after several beeps. Popped up and no beep in the morning. Oven and broiler won't heat. When I select bake, temperature and press start I hear a single click in the back of the control panel. All buttons work, clock works, Nothing ignites...
  14. T

    Maytag PYE2300AYW, Stopped heating

    Good morning! I have a maytag PYE2300AYW which stopped heating last night. It ran one load with no issue, but no heat on the second load. The motor will run and turn the drum, but I get no heat and the timer switch doesn't move at all while running it on Autodry regular fabrics. I did test, and...
  15. M

    Samsung Dryer DV42H5000EW/A, NO HEAT DURING CYCLE

    DV42H5000EW/AC Heater works during test mode (Press "Adj Time up" + "Temp", LCD displays "SC", Press "START"). All PCBs, thermistor, and moisture sensors changed. Dryer is clean and shows no other symptoms. No error codes. Resistances of both sensors (thermal and moisture) measure OK. This is a...
  16. K

    Dryer won't dry or turn off

    I have an electric roper dryer it just stopped drying and the timer won't advance drum still turns but no heat is it timer or heating element.... Any clues? Thanks in advance
  17. M

    Kenmore electric dryer no heat

    I have no heat. Checked the fuse, thermostat, heating element, hard wire coming into dryer, and timer motor. All are working and still no heat. What else could I check?
  18. M

    FIXED The oven doesn't heat, though the burners and broiler do.

    This has been happening repeatedly. The last time my son-in-law took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly. At least it made it past Thanksgiving. Please advise.
  19. K

    Dryer heat not staying on

    Amana gas dryer would not heat. Igniter lights up, but no flame. Replaced the coils, now flame will burn once. The when the igniter starts again the flame will not come back on. What could the problem be now? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    My 15 year (?) old Maytag dryer (MDE5500AYW) quit heating - found burnt wire from motor

    Hi All, My ~15 year old Maytag dryer suddenly stopped heating the other day. After reading several posts here for this model, I commenced to investigate. What I found was that the 110v feed line from the motor to the heater had burned through at the terminal where it attached to the heater...

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