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no heat

  1. J

    whirlpool elctric stove has no heat/clicking

    hi im new here and finaly joined as this forum has helped me before. my problem is my whirlpool electric stove/oven. nothing is getting hot on it when i turn on the top burners the light saying they are on/hot come on but no heat, when i turn on the oven or broiler the light (separate light)...
  2. B

    Kenmore Series 80 Gas Dryer - no heat

    Hi. Thought I could rely upon other threads...until I read more. So here's my specifics: Everything appears to run correctly, just no heat. I don't hear it firing up after a moment of spinning. Last use...someone put it on the highest heat setting (which we never do). Not sure how old this unit...
  3. S

    LG Tromm Won't Heat

    Hello All, Newbie to the forums here. My LG Gas dryer has recently stopped heating. I have cleaned the vent, I have tested the igniter bar and got resistance within the range I think 800, I have also tested the two thermal / high temp sensors, they both test fine also. Does anyone have any...
  4. D

    [FIXED] Kenmore Series 90 - no heat again and again

    My dryer has no heat. Again. Here's the story. Fix #1) About 5 weeks ago I had no heat. We tested everything and found the heating coil was broken. Replaced heating coil. It worked! Fix #2) about 2 weeks ago, again no heat. tested the fuse, thermostat, heating coil with an ohm meter. Fuse...
  5. O

    Kenmore 70 series heat won't stay on. Help!!!

    Specs: Kenmore 70 series gas dryer. Model: 110.72702101 Issue: Dryer will heat initially but then will stop heating. What I've tried so far: I have been troubleshooting this for two days now and I have already replaced the coils and the igniter. Checked continuity on ALL other parts and...
  6. D

    [FIXED] Gas dryer produces no flame, no glow, but spins

    My Whirlpool duet sport gas dryer seems to be running fine until I open it and the clothes are still wet and cold. I opened the front panel and observed the flame tube with absolutely no activity. The igniter does not glow or become hot (I removed the igniter and observed it while the dryer...
  7. J

    Gas dryer no heat and timer issue

    My gas dryer will not heat up. Also on timed dry the timer does not shut the dryer off. The other day I set the dryer for 70 minutes and 5 hours later it was still running, with no heat. I have replaced the coils and that did not help. Any other advise would be great!
  8. F

    [FIXED] Kenmore 110.74982300 No Heat

    Problem: No heat but dryer motor works. Great site. I have gone from zero knowlege about dryers to being somewhat dangerous. I have read as many posts as possible to see if I could figure out my problem. I have done the following: * purchased a continuity tester that beeps if you have...
  9. F

    FIXED Whirlpool Duet: GGW9250PW0 Dryer Works, No HEAT

    Whirlpool Duet: I have read different responses to this problem, depending on the model number (or at least that what it appears to me:)) Electronics work, no error messages, drum spins, air coming out from outside vent (no lint problems, I am very anal about cleaning, and no kinks in...
  10. T

    FIXED Dryer tumbles but no heat

    Hi, My Frigidaire GLGQ2152ES0 dryer tumbles but there is no heat. I saw the manual and this thread here. Gas Dryers, gas dryer smells, no heat tests on a gas dryer, no flame on a gas dryer, how to take apart information Looking at the manual first, it indicates that there are 2 house fuses in...
  11. H

    LEQ2152EE0 Dryer stops after 15 minutes; no heat; flashing lights

    My Frigidaire dryer will run for approximately 15 minutes. There is no heat while it is running. When it stops running the lights on the right side of the panel flash constantly and there are no codes displayed. I have cleaned the vent and lint traps. Any ideas on what is wrong? Thank you in...
  12. T

    Dryer not heating

    Hi, I replaced the heating element in my dryer 3 weeks ago after it stopped heating. It worked great for 2 days, and then stopped working again. The heating element works, and I am getting airflow through the dryer and outside of the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. M

    kenmore 70 series dryer

    I have this kenmore 70 series dryer. I was not heating very hot and now doesn't heat at all. The timer doesn't seem to work now either because it won't turn off unless you open the door to turn it off. Is this two separate issues or just one? Thanks in advance for the help!! michellehenry
  14. C

    110.62922100 Kenmore 90 Series electric dryer not heating

    Kenmore 90 series electric dryer, model 110.62922100, serial # ML4551996, type DDOT-ELE-2406028-CV54. Tub spinning and internal light on, but no heat in 'auto moisture sensing' mode or timed dry mode. Thoughts ?
  15. V

    [FIXED] Maytag MDG5500AWW; stops heating

    I have a Maytag Neptune MDG5500AWW gas dryer - it heats for three minutes in either sensor or time dry modes, then the gas shuts off. So far I have run diagnostics - 00 code Checked continuity of the following items: Holding/Boosting coil Secondary coil Igniter Radiant sensor High limit The...

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