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no ice production

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    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRV976FDEM01Water comes out of the dispenser when ice maker is filling

    Here lately been having some issues with my Whirlpool (wrv976fdem01).... 1st.... the fridge was 'clicking' after awhile the water dispenser & ice machine stopped working. Did some research and repaired the control board. No more clicking and still no water to the dispenser or ice maker...
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    KRFF507ESS01 ice box stopped working shortly after another repair?

    Hey all, I have been browsing these forums for years and you have all been helpful. We moved into a new home and got this Fridge 3 years ago. We had an issue with ice build up(that we were able to troubleshoot thanks to other threads) and we hired a professional to replace the parts. He...
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    EI15IM55GS Electrolux Stand Alone Ice Maker Stuck In Cleaning Mode

    I have an Electrolux EI15IM55GS (I think)..the owner's manual also has 2 other model no's on the cover... It appears to be stuck in cleaning mode. There are no error codes to suggest what the problem might be. We have tried to restore to factory settings, unplugged, turned the unit off and...

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