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    FIXED Frigidaire FPBC2277RF8 upper ice maker not making ice

    Hello all. My ice maker in the fridge compartment slowly stopped making ice and then completely quit making ice. I still get ice in the lower ice maker, still get water at the door. There is small cubes in the tray in the upper ice maker. Test 52C yields 27 deg F and 55c does fill the tray...
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    LMX25981ST LG Refrigerator no water or ice (yes I changed the filter)

    Hello fellas.. The fridge was giving to me and I owned for 2 years and I never hooked it to the water supply until recently.. I set up a new water line, plenty of water pressure, I changed the filter But I can hear the humming and the electronic water valve (located it where the water from The...
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    FIXED Whirlpool side-by-side WSF26C2EXF01 not making ice

    Starting yesterday, the fridge side is not very cold, and the top shelves of the freezer are not very cold. The bottom of the freezer is cold as is a panel at the back of the lower half of freezer side. Ice maker is not making ice and it all melted. I suspect I may have left the fridge door...
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    WRX735SDBH02 Whirlpool French door ice maker not getting water

    We've had the fridge plugged in for a few months, but finally installed the water a week and a half ago. The water is working and coming through, but we are not getting ice. Ice machine settings on the door console is turned on, the wire push arm is down in the "on" position, but water isn't...
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    KUIS185JBL2 Kitchenaid under cabinet ice maker makes ice for hours, stops. No ice forms.

    Kitchenaid under cabinet ice maker makes ice for hours, stops. No ice forms. Fan can't come on. My ice maker makes ice beautifully and normally for hours then no ice forms on the evaporator. When this happens, you can hear the fan trying to come on underneath every 15 seconds or so but cannot...
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    KSRS25IHBU00 KitchenAid Superba Ice Maker Troubles

    We noticed that our ice maker stopped making ice. While investigating, noticed that there were cubes in the maker and they were not ejecting and noticed a clicking sound. Following instructions in another thread, I removed the ice maker and removed the ice cubes. When I replaced the ice...
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    FIXED KSBP25INSS00 Help with ice maker, was working just fine and then, poof, no ice

    Hello, struggling with my KitchenAid ice maker not making ice in a major way! Was working just fine and then, poof, no ice. I started poking around and found a few problems: 1. In inlet tube was obstructed, frozen with ice. I used some hot water, poking, prodding, a hair dryer and defrosted the...
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    253.7041 Changed Filter and will no longer make Ice

    Filter light came on - I replaced filter with a new one, now it will not make ice. Tried a new filter, still will not make ice.
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    MFX2876DRM00 Could I have a closed system failure?

    Hello all. I have the above French door model maytag. This weekend it stopped making ice. Today while troubleshooting I noticed that neither the Fridge nor Freezer compartment are cooling as they should. I ordered the tech manual and have ran through several tests and a manual defrost. No luck...
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    KitchenAid KSSC42QMS01 not cooling on both side

    My KitchenAid refrigerator stopped cooling on both side. I run the diagnostics routine. I get step 5 for the compressor with status indicator shows number "2" at first but then turned to 1 after about 6 minutes. Step 7 for Defrost Heater/ Bi-Metal with status indicator shows number "2". I...
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    Icemaker Auger Motor Locking Up

    I have a Frigidaire FGHB2866PF3 French door Gallery Series. The icemaker produces ice (very slowly), and now the auger motor is locking or freezing up. I can hear the hum, but not the auger motor kicking in. I have taken a small screwdriver and tried to force the motor to turn from the forks...
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    Sub Zero 501F Icemaker Not Working

    Hi. Short version: When I start up my Sub Zero 501F from ~room temperature, the built-in icemaker makes one batch of ice and that's it. More Detail: I'm trying to get the icemake in a Sub Zero 501F going. A stand-alone icemaker was installed in the house when built, ~ 1990, so the one built...
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    Issues out of the box - no lights, no water-ice, incorrect fridge temp on panel- Help! Dinner Party

    Unit is a few days old. Works well for 5 mins after being plugged in. I have Samsung coming next week but really need to get a few things working for my dinner party this weekend. no interior lights in fridge front panel, fridge temp is constant and wrong no water no ice Temperatures are...
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    FIXED MSD2651KES Refrigerator stopped dispensing water and ice

    The water dispenser in the last week would only dispense about a cup before it shut itself off. Then it stopped dispensing completely and the ice maker also quit making ice at that time. I have checked the voltage at the water valve in the back and get a 120 reading when the water button is...
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    FGHB2844LFE Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator not making ice

    We bought this refrigerator in March of 2013 (it was manufactured in January of 2013). This is the second time that we've had issues with our ice machine. Our water dispenser is dispensing water (and we have replaced the water filter), but no ice is being made. In addition to replacing the water...
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    Icemaker problem

    My ice maker stopped working. Bought and replaced unit, including the valve piece on the back. cleaned out screen, checked water flow,Water fill screw checked on new unit. and still not making ice. The lifter arm would randomly raise as well. This was noticed on the old icemaker that had...
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    Whirlpool Conquest Ice Dispenser

    The ice dispenser motor is working but not rotating at the base, under the ice container, thus the ice is not being dispensed. Help! Please and thank you.
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    FIXED GSC25C4EYY03 Whirlpool no ice

    I have this fridge that is just out of warranty. quit making ice. the ice maker is in the door. I don't a lot, but have researched and gathered the following we replaced the ice maker assembly out of need being the holiday and such. Never tested anything, seemed like a viable option and sears...
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    FIXED No ice

    I'm getting no ice from the ice maker in my Kenmore side by side, model 106.51254104. The red LED is flashing twice until I close the flapper door then it's steady, so from what I've read here, the optics are OK. There is no ice in the black rubber hose (at least not in the section that is...
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    596.78572800 Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Problem, No Power

    Ice maker is not making ice. Test points "L" & "N" do not test out at line voltage. Unplugged wiring harness and receiving plug at back wall of freezer does not test out at line voltage either (Blk & Wht contacts). Everything else works fine. Refrigerator section is cold and freezer section is...