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    LG Refrigerator LMXS30796S - left door no power

    We noticed the ice and water dispenser stopped working on the left side door. At first, if we open and close the door a few time, they might become working again. But now they are completely dead. We realized it's not just the dispensers, but also the display panel. So I think it might be the...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDF520PGJ2WW Not Running/New Latch/New Power Control Board/Solid Green LED/No User Interface Lights on Door

    GE Model# GDF520PGJ2WW Hello, new to the site with a similar issues from other posts. I replaced the latch and the machine ran for two weeks then quit. The old power control board went from a blinking light about every second to a solid green light. I replaced the old machine control board with...
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    GDF540HGD0WW Turns Off and On Mid Cycle, Now no Power

    Hello, yesterday our GE washer had no power (the controls were not functioning, no lights on control panel, no sounds opening and closing door, no lights under machine with access panel removed). The breaker was not tripped and was turned off and on without change in machine. This morning...
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    Samsung Electric dryer DVE45N5300W won’t start/no power

    Hi, I am posting here since I could not find much information on Samsung’s model DVE45N5300W (electric dryer). Problem #1 A few weeks ago, our Samsung electric dryer DVE45N5300W (3 yrs old) did not stop running even after the cycle was done (it was heating, clothes were dried). We cleaned the...
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    GEW9250PW1 Whirlpool Dryer no power no lights suddenly.

    My dryer Whirlpool duet about 12 years old GEW9250PW1 was working fine the other day. I went to do laundry today and everything is dead. No power at all lighting up on dryer. I did not notice any dimming before it seemed ok. is it the interface ?
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    FIXED GE PDT825SSJ0SS GE Dishwasher no power

    no power after a power loss in the middle of the cycle. reset bracker box. took the appliance out and check that there is power in the outlet. does this has a power fuse or do i need to replace the entire power board. Regards
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    FIXED JP328WFWW GE 30" Coil Cooktop Suddenly Died - HELP!

    My GE® 30" BUILT-IN ELECTRIC COOKTOP, MODEL JP328WFWW, suddenly stopped working (went to cook breakfast) and none of the burners worked, nor did the "burner on/hot surface/indicator light". I cooked on it one night and the next morning - nothing! These are the steps I took to troubleshoot: 1)...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Refrigerator KRMF706ESS01 - No response - No power

    Hi all. I have relatively new KRMF706ESS01 (2.5 years). It has had intermittent ice making issues and I have had to power cycle the unit before to get the ice maker going. 4 days ago it quit making ice completely, even with a power cycle. I decided I would remove the ice maker and let it...
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    WFW9500TW01 Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer front end - no power

    Hi, I loaded my clothes & poured my soap in & my Whirlpool front load steam DUET washer model WFW9500TW01 will not start. Tried breaker box, cord, outlet is fine, pressing & holding down buttons, no luck- nothing. Any ideas?
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    Avanti Wine Fridge WCR682SS-2-- no power

    Hi all, I've had two of these wine fridges for about 5 years and I saw the lights on one of them flickering the other night and then the next day no power at all. No lights, no fan, no cooling. The other fridge plugged into the same surge protector seems to be operating as normal. I bought a...
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    LG all in one washer/dryer WM3997HWA no power

    Stopped working mid dry cycle. No power when you press power button. I tried a reset suggested by LG (holding power 5 seconds, then start for 5 seconds), didn’t work I confirmed the outlet works. I confirmed there is power going through the power cable. I replaced the noise filter assembly...
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    GDT695SMJ2ES GE Dishwasher Zero power

    Hello, My dishwasher is just out of warranty, of course, and it totally crapped out. No power at all, nothing turns on. I have done the following - turned breaker on and off and back on again - checked power at outlet(have power) - held down both the Power and Select Cycle button for 5-10...
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    GDT695SMJ2ES GE dishwasher not powering on

    Hello All, My dishwasher has been acting up. Randomly it will make beeps like the door opened? (even though no one touched it) and recently it has 'died'. Normally powering it off, then powering back on would fix it. Sometimes I need to hold the Start / Select Cycle buttons. This time, nadda...
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    FIXED Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDS35FXSS8 burning smell, no power

    This Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDS35FXSS8 seems to be a recurring issue. I have a separate thread on this dishwasher for “Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDS35FXSS8 - no power, can't find fuse location” posted 12/7/19 that was resolved. This time the issue seems much worse. I started a new thread because I...
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    GDT680SSH8SS GE Dishwasher No Power

    I am looking for assistance with regards to my GE Dishwasher model GDT680SSH8SS. The model is 4 years old, we set the time delay on the dishwasher before going to bed, when we woke up in the morning the dishwasher had not ran and it did not have any power to the buttons. I checked the breaker...
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    FIXED Kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDS35FXSS8 - no power, can't find fuse location

    I have about a 5 year old Kitchenaid Dishwasher model#KUDS35FXSS8 that just stop working. No lights or power. Breaker in the electrical panel didn't trip. I've done a bunch of research online and think that maybe the dishwasher fuse may need replacing but haven't found the location of the...
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    DVM1950ER2ES GE microwave no power unless power saver button is pressed

    Ok. I'm at a loss. Microwave suddenly has no power unless I push the power saver button in. It will work then, but the fan runs non stop. I get a message that it is on due to high heat and will shut off automatically, but it never shuts off, unless I push power saver again which cuts off all...
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    Kenmore Elite Washer 796.29272001 won't power on

    I have a Kenmore Elite 796.29272001 that won't power on. Flipped the breaker and tried a known working outlet. Tested the power cord from the wall to the noise filter, 120V. Replaced the noise filter. EAM60930601 Replaced the main control board. EBR62198103 Still the unit will not power...
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    FIXED GDT545PSJ2SS GE Dishwasher No Power

    I received this unit from a person who was giving it away for free on FB. When I got it I had an idea that it would be a simple fix, such as a fuse or something. I was wrong. I plugged in the unit using just a grounded plug before I installed it and to my surprise, it lit up! I was blown away...
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    DPGT750GC1WW GE Harmony Dryer no power when plugged in

    The GE Harmony gas dryer has no power when plugged in. No display, light in tub.. nada. Left it unplugged for about 30 minutes, after reading posts to leave it unplugged for a while, and still nothing when plugged back in. Power to the outlet is good, not a breaker issue. It's been working...