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    FIXED Whilpool built in convection single oven door locked and no power

    On first cleaning cycle after 2 months of use, the oven stopped the cycle blanked out the displays but did not blow a breaker. So power is off and door willl not open, which means I cant get at the screws to pull the oven out to check the wiring behind it. How do I get the door unlocked...
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    FIXED whirlpool duet steam won't power on... no lights

    Hi Gang, Got a nice whirlpool duet steam washer and matching dryer. Picked them up used but never used. Should have bought them new with a warranty! :rolleyes: I know the washer was never used because it still had the shipping bolts and retracted cord in it. It was however moved a few times...
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    Wall oven abruptly shut off

    I was baking the other day, and as the oven was pre-heating it just turned off. I checked the house circuit breaker, but everything was fine. The oven's control panel is unresponsive. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Wash maching has no power

    I started out with the error E20, checked the drain hose and cleaned it out, and was still having the same error, Found out it was the coin filter. Got access to that filter and cleaned it out and put back together. Ran the washer again and this time got an E10 error. Turned everything back off...
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    Yet another Quiet Partner I panel problem

    K... Im gonna try to describe the issue with my dishwasher as precisely as I can and include pics for others reference. Completed one load of dishes other day and all seemed well/dry/complete. Today no power to unit. I checked plug. Power OK. Checked dishwasher power. Nuts tight. All well...
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    Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Thermal Fuse

    I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher, Model Number 665-16919001. The machine stopped working -- no power to unit. For the second time since I purchased this, I replaced the thermal fuse. When I turned the power back on it immediately started smoking and the fuse was burned out again!! ($25...
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    help JennAire SVE47500B downdraft no power

    Please help. My Jennaire downdraft (circa 1998) has nothing on the display until I turn one of the burners on either right or left side. Then, the clock display comes on and I can push buttons and it beeps. Although, it beeps and shows everything, the oven or burners will not heat in this...