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    FIXED Whirlpool Fridge ES5LHAXSA01 still not running after new condenser fan installed - Nothing but lights work

    The refrigerator stopped making any sounds. No motors or fans are running. The lights on the fridge are working, but that is it. The coils were slightly dusty, but I try to keep them clean. Nothing outside the fridge's internal compartments was frozen. The motor, coils, fan, and all lines look...
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    GE Dishwasher GDT545PSJ2SS - Replaced Drain Pump and now the start button will not do anything

    My drain pump died and the unit filled, but never drained. I could here the pump attempting to turn over and there was a click and the water never left the unit. I replaced the drain pump and while I was at it I replaced the heating element. Once I was done with that I switched the breaker and I...