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  1. R

    MVWC465HW2 Maytag Washer - Will not go to spin in Auto-Sense Fill but is fine in Deep Fill.

    MVWC465HW2 - Washer Will not go to spin when the 2-position switch in on Auto-Sense Fill but works fine when switched to Deep Fill position. Transmission, splutch and shift actuator were recently changed under warranty. Possible control board or selector switch issues? After trans replacement...
  2. F

    Cannot find fuse on my GE GCWP1800DWW top load washer

    Hello, I recently had some electrical work done where the power in my house was turned off and on a number of times. My GE top load washer will suddenly not spin or agitate. There are no blinking lights (or lights at all) on the motor so I assume blown fuse based on the research I have done...
  3. K

    FIXED Front Load 417.43042200 Fills Drains, Only Door Lock Light is Lit. No Wash Light, agitation, etc. Door lock and Control Board didn't resolve.

    Here's what we've tried so far. Replaced door lock. Washer fills (but wash light is NOT on). After washer fills, there is no agitation. Advance timer to spin and washer successfully drains. Did check pump and there are no debris. Replaced motor control board with used (guaranteed). This did not...
  4. L

    Maytag Centennial washer _ not spinning _ Model MVWC300XW0 _ F2E1, F7E1, F7E5, F7E7 error codes

    hello, my Maytag Centennial Top Loaded Washer is pretty dated and it has failed to spin at times. The error codes that I can see so far are F2E1, F7E1, F7E5, F7E7. I’m not sure why the first F2E1 code is appearing as none of the buttons seem to be “stuck” but perhaps I am missing something. The...
  5. K

    MHW6630HW0 Maytag Washer - Will not spin

    I've reached a point where I could use some help. My Maytag MHW6630HW0 will not spin. It will turn on and appear to start a cycle, but it will not spin the drum. When the cycle starts I hear a click like a lock is being released and then nothing. In my troubleshooting I removed the back panel...
  6. P

    WF330ANW/XAA Samsung Washer no spin, 3E3

    Hi all, I am a first time poster here and need some help. I have browsed the forum for similar symptoms but I am not sure the problem is. Washer: Samsung WF330ANW/XAA Symptom: Tub does not spin but tumble Service code: 3e3 Details: Everything works fine until recently with a new cycle started...
  7. P

    Whirlpool Washer LSB6500PW3 will not spin

    I was washing a load of towels but this proved to be too heavy since it would not spin. I took them out and tried a smaller load but it still would not spin. It no longer completes the wash cycle. I disconnected the washer and left it alone for a few hours. Then I came back, connected the...
  8. C

    FIXED 110.25132411 Kenmore washer Cannot get hub off after breaking washplate

    Hi as stated in the title I have a Kenmore 110.25132411 top-load washing machine I have replaced the actuator, drive belt and splutch parts first because my washplate was stuck. After breaking the washplate off I cannot seem to get the hub off because there is still something stuck(gear) on the...
  9. E

    GTW680BSJ4WS GE Washer won't spin...

    Hi all, this seems like a great resource! So our GTW680BSJ4WS just this morning I noticed it would end the cycle very prematurely (within minutes). We got this back in early 2017... so it's only about 3 years old. During that time, no issues. We only use it about 2-3 times a week, and try not...
  10. leahh1

    FAFW3801LW5 Frigidaire Washer Wont spin, replaced control board and..

    Hello there, i am at a loss on what to do and need our washer in working order as i have a family of 4! our washer all of a sudden wouldnt start, says "no Spin" door locks, the lights turn on, but nothing after the door looks, did some looking online and found somewhere possibly control board...
  11. T

    Affinty Washer FAFW3801LW3 Not Spinning

    Looking for advice on the next step. I have an Affinity washer FAFW3801LW3 that keeps switching to "no spin" when I try to start it. I cleaned out the drain filter, and it worked fine for a couple of loads. Filled, drained, and spun appropriately. However, I just went to add a new load and...
  12. T

    417.43142200 Spin Problems after suspension spring failure

    Problem: after 1 of the two suspension springs broke, washer will not enter fast final spin mode Attempted solutions: - Replaced both springs; washer agitates but does not enter final spin so clothes come out soaking wet - Replaced door lock mechanism; believed faulty door lock could be...
  13. R

    110.20022103 Washer doesn't always agitate or spin out

    Hi there. I have a kenmore top loading washing machine model 110.20022103 I believe. I have run the tests and in spin modes it will not spin. Some times it will do a full wash fine agitate and spin out but recently way more often then not it will not spin out or agitate. It will start to spin...
  14. F

    FIXED 110.13202200 Slow agitator, won't spin, motor coupler ok

    I have a top-loading washer that is having issues. The agitator is working, but in slow motion/sluggish and with a loud noise. The washer is filling and draining fine, but will not spin (after the wash cycle or the rinse cycle). I don't think it is the closed-lid sensor because it SOUNDS like it...
  15. H

    FIXED 110.92587210 Washer stopped to drain - only hums

    Alas, the lady was working fine but wouldn't drain, just sits and hums. The water level seems to pulse as I try to turn it off and on, but no drain. Trying to select any wash selection to see if agitation might work just gets the same hum while ensuring the lid switch was activated. Left the...
  16. J

    MVWX655DW1 Agitator/Washplate won't spin during wash cycle.

    Within the past two weeks we have been experiencing problems with our Maytag Bravo top load washer. Usually the agitator/wash plate will move during the Sensing cycle and then of course during the Wash cycle. Unfortunately this is not happening so the clothes appear to just sit there during the...
  17. V

    Model GLTF2940ES3 - no final fast spin

    Hello I have been scouring forums for the 'final spin' problem on GLTF2940ES3. The problem happened suddenly, one fine day. In essence - - Washer works fine, drum rotates, etc - The final spin does not occur. After the drain, the indicator jumps to "No Spin" and the system stops -...
  18. B

    Our Whirlpool LHA7800W1 filled normally but would not agitate, spin, or drain.

    I see similar posts for for no agitation or spin but with the drain cycle still working. Our Whirlpool stopped working without any warning. It filled up with water but would not agitate, spin, or drain. Would appreciate whatever advice you can offer. (yes, it was still plugged in and there...
  19. B

    FIXED Kenmore no spin, wash or drain

    Hey Guys and Girls. I have a washer that wont spin drain or agitate itself.... Just agitates me... Anyways checked the door switch and it is good. Powers on No Error codes present. Press wash it fills then it hard clicks as to run and nothing dead silence.. I have no motor running at all. Any ideas?
  20. D

    Whirlpool duet dryer wont turn

    I have model number WGD9500TW1 front loading steam dryer. It turns on. Lights inside work. Push door close and hit start. Makes noise but doesnt turn. Thinking belt. Other thoughts? How do i replace or check belt vs fuse vs other stuff?

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