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no spray

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    FIXED GE GDT545PSJ5SS main board replacement - no pump to sprayers

    Dishwasher would not power on at all. I pulled the main board out and found the fuse was blown. Tried shorting it out as a test, still no power to the user control board. Ordered a replacement control board (WD21X24900). Installed it and it looked like all was well. Unit powered up. Tried to run...
  2. J

    GDT545PSJ2SS GE Dishwasher wont spray water

    It has power and will drain water, but it won't spray the water. It will go through the cycle even heating the water that it will fill with but isn't spraying. I believe it is the pump but is the fuses or something that could make it not spray? Novice
  3. F

    665.15919001 Kenmore Dishwasher Flapper

    I am repairing my Kenmore dishwasher and the rubber flap down by the food masher assembly is torn with the flap somewhere inside the unit. The reason for the repair is that the dishwasher did not wash and made a buzzing sound when turned on. I don't know if the torn rubber flap that I believe...

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