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    Frigidaire Dishwasher FBD2400KW9B won't start

    Dishwasher won't turn on, will not cycle as I turn the dial. I put a meter on the plugs to the pumps as I cycle the dial, all plugs get power as I cycle the machine at appropriate points in the cycle/dial. However, the voltage is very low, less than 3 volts. I pulled the sump basin out and...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT695SSJ5SS no start, service LED blinks rapidly

    Hello, My J5 model service led is blinking rapidly and the entire dishwasher is non-responsive. No lights on the top buttons, interacting with buttons does nothing. Symptoms before it became non-responsive were: --we'd hear a 'random' single beep once in a great while, maybe a few times a day...
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    GE Dishwasher GDF570SGJ2CC won't start

    Originally no lights on panel. Did troubleshooting in Service Manual, said to replace the UI board. Ordered it and replaced it. Now, everything seems to work correctly, except that it won't start. When I press the Start button, I get a low-tone beep, but nothing else. I have been through all the...
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    SAMSUNG DW80R9950UG Dishwasher beginning of cycle, just started beeping (time remaining flashes) and start-up is delayed about 10 minutes

    Have a relatively new DW80R9950 (installed 1/2020), still under warranty. At beginning of cycle, just started beeping (time remaining flashes) and start-up is delayed about 10 minutes. Then starts and operates normally. No error codes. Saw the posting of a similar issue on the 7750 model...
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    Samsung WA400PJHDWR - sometimes starts & completes load, mostly won't start

    Purchased in July of 2014, has been fine until last year. One day the washer would turn on and make like it was going to work, but the load wouldn't start. The door locked, but the cycle wouldn't start. I powered the machine off and back on, but the door stayed locked. I unplugged the washer and...
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    GLDL560N10SS GE Quietpower 3 does not start

    Hello everyone, I have a GE Quietpower 3 that will not fill with water after pressing start. I have attempted to reset and it does not even go into a drain cycle, so I am ruling out the water valve. The buttons and lights all seem to work, but just does not start. What would be the most likely...
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    MDBH949AWB1 Maytag Tech Sheet

    Does anyone know where I can find the tech sheet for a Maytag MDBH949AWB1 ? I am having issues with the control panel and want to confirm before I replace
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    FIXED WCVH6260H0WW GE Front-Load Washer Won't Start/Won't go to Service Control Panel

    Hello! I was hoping someone could give me some leads on a problem my washer is having. This washer is newer to me (we purchased it used), so I don't know how it is suppose to sound and work and I'm confused by the symptoms. First, when we start the washer, it makes 6 buzz sounds that are coming...
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    Maytag Neptune MDE5500AYW PF code will only start in air fluff

    First post, so I will try and give as much detail as I can think would be helpful. I have a Maytag Neptune MDE5500AYW that will not start in sensor or timed dry. The power at terminals are good and connections are tight. The unit displays PF and motor tries to start but will not. I am able to...
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    Kenmore 665.16912 No Lights, Won't Start

    I have an 8 year-old Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash dishwasher (665.16912). It has worked fine until a couple of days ago. Now it is completely dead: not lights, no digits display, and no wash starts. After reviewing other posts, I checked the 120 at the terminal box (OK), I checked the door switch...