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    FIXED KDTE704DSS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher - harsh rhythmic buzzing noise - possible diverter motor?

    Hi everyone, first time poster here. Two days ago we noticed a harsh buzzing noise coming from beneath our KDTE704DSS0 dishwasher. The sound comes on for around 20 seconds after about 10 minutes of a normal wash cycle, and then after another ~5 minutes it comes on and stays on. Quick video of...
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    FGHB2866PFGA Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator squealing noise

    Electrolux Home Products Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Model FGHB2866PFGA For the past year, my refrigerator has been been making a squealing/grinding noise. This can last 30 mins to an hour when it occurs. It will sometimes occur 2x/day for days on end and then some days not at all. There's...
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    KEMC377KSS05 KitchenAid Microwave Strange Noise Starting Up

    Hello. Suddenly my microwave started making this strident noise that lasts about 2-3 seconds when starting up. The noise then goes away and the microwave functions normally. Please see attached sound file. There are no error codes. This is a new noise that started suddenly. Any ideas or...
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    FIXED AWN542 Speed Queen Washer Noise

    Any thoughts about what this noise might be? Just started on my Speed Queen AWN542. I'm thinking it's the bottom pulley area. Any thoughts on best approach are appreciated!
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    DVE45R6100C Samsung dryer High pitched rattling sound

    My brand new samsung dryer is making a high pitched rattling sound. When I put my hand on the side panel, it lessens. Any ideas what the cause is? Bad balance? Loose screws? I've only used it about 3 times. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks.
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite 795.74093.410 makes noise, but stops when opening the door

    My Kenmore Elite 795.74093.410 makes noise, but stops when opening the door. How can I fix it? I already tried leveling the unit and raising the temperature to 40 F.
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    AZC31T15DW00 Amana Chest freezer very, very loud

    Will replacing the motor help? If so, which should I use?
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    MVW8835DW4 Maytag Bravos XL Noise on Wash Cycle

    Hello all, We've had this washer less than 6 months and it's started making this horrible noise during the wash cycle. This pulsating buzz noise as it tries to agitate during the wash cycle. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! watch this video, make sure sound is on.
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    KDTE334DSS1 Working but making noise

    My Kitchenaid dishwasher works but it is making noise. It used to be so quiet I wondered if it was even on. Now, it periodically makes a loud humming noise. I don't want to purchase a new pump and motor assembly if I'm not sure if that's the actual problem. It could also be the drain pump...
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    795.79043.312 Buzzing Sound

    Hi everyone, I need your help! My refrigerator buzzes occasionally and it is driving me crazy! The sound seems to be coming from the left side as you were looking at the front of the refrigerator. It is behind near the freezer drawer that pulls out on the bottom. I did take off the panel...
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