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    LSQ9665JQ0 Whirlpool Washer - Ground and Insulation Questions when securing Top cover to back piece

    Hello, I have a couple questions about securing the top cover to the cabinet. First, a little background: It all started with a bad lid switch causing the washer to stop when it was supposed to drain, spin and rinse. I was able to get it to complete the full cycle by manually holding the lid...
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    KitchenAid Refrigerator Buzz/Hum Noise (KFIV29PCMS03)

    My refrigerator is making a very loud buzzing / humming noise - see video. I can hear it from another room and even from upstairs. The noise is not constant, usually it is totally silent but it will sometimes hum like this for 20+ minutes. The noise seems to be coming from the back of the fridge...
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    LGB6400KQ1 Whirlpool Dryer - Lubricate/Oil Motor?

    When pressing start on the machine, the drum wouldn't move & the motor would only hum loudly. When I opened it up, I found that one of the supply wheels was sticking and the idler pulley was worn. The motor easily turns manually but the bearings squeal. Is it even worth trying to oil or...
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    FIXED Hotpoint Refrigerator HTJ17CBTZRSA - Noisy Freezer

    My garage refrigerator (HotPoint model HTJ17CBTZRSA) started to make noise that I haven't noticed before. It seems to be coming from the freezer. I checked the fan blades and they seem normal. The noise does not happen immediately: when I unplugged and plugged the refrigerator back, it first was...
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    Frigidaire Gallery FGID2476SF1A Dishwasher door popping/clicking

    My dishwasher is making a loud popping/click sound when I open and close the door. It sounds like it's coming from the right side and just before the noise happens it feels like there is a little bit of resistance while closing. Anyone have any idea what the cause is and how to fix? Added...
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    KUDE40FXSS3 Strange noise from KitchenAid Dishwasher during wash cycle

    Hello all, I have a strange noise that started coming from the dishwasher (Kitchen-Aid model KUDE40FXSS3) during the wash cycle. See the attached audio file of the noise I hear when the dishwasher is running. The dishwasher completes the wash cycle and the dishes do look clean. I sometime see...
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    FIXED 1988 Whirlpool dryer LE5720XSN0 noise

    Dryer making rumblung noise kinda sounds like a steam locomotive. I did notice the drum has some play to it. Noise probably caused from wobbling. What do I need to fix this issue?
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    Frigidaire Refrigerator FFTR1835VW - Noise During Cooling Cycle

    Hello! I recently purchased a Frigidaire FFTR1835VW and it is making a noise when it is cycling that doesn't seem normal. If you are standing behind the appliance, it sounds like it is coming from the top left portion of the freezer. I hooked up a mic behind the refrigerator and recorded the...
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    GE Dryer GFD14ESSN0WW new making squealing noise

    The squealing noise is hard to hear through the audio but it pierces through the walls in our house. Just purchased this dryer and it has started making this noise when the dryer warmed up. I also get an error to clean the filter similar to this thread DPSB620EC1WW Dryer shuts off after 5...
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    LDF7932BB LG Dishwasher Grinding Sound

    LG Direct Drive LDF7932BB This sound happens when the arms start spinning to spray the water. It is draining - after stopping it because of the sound, started a new cycle. It drained. Then when the water started and the arms started moving to spray water (opened mid cycle to see arms spinning...
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    LG Refrigerator - A piece of styrofoam on condenser causes a rattling noise. Can it be removed?

    Hello. I have an LG GA-B499YECZ refrigerator, and since yesterday it started audibly rattling/vibrating. I removed the back panel, cleaned it, lubed the fan, but the problem seems to be with the small piece of styrofoam on a condenser tube. When I applied pressure there, rattling noise...
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    GTD75ECSL0WS GE dryer making two sounds

    We have a GE electric dryer that is making two sounds that do not seem right. The first send to be coming from the front and sounds like a rubbing sound. The second is coming from the rear I think. I am attaching a video with audio.
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    Maytag dryer LSG7804AAE making a wired clicking sound.

    The dryer is making a clicking noise in the timer, and the moter hums and does not come on. I have checked the rotation of the drum and belt to see if the motor is caught and stuck, but the motor is turning fine.
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    Maytag Bravos XL Washer MVWB880BW0 has loud spin cycle and clacking during agitation

    Hello Just got this washer used and it's got a loud spin cycle that I assume is the bearing, but also during agitation it makes a loud click/clack noise at either end of the agitator's turn. There's a video of this attached. Any thoughts on what I need to do to get things running right?
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    Please Help Identify Buzzing Noise on New Frigidaire Refrigerator FFSC2323TSA

    HI I am desperately looking for help. I have a new Frigidaire refrigerator that is making a constant buzzing noise every 30 seconds. I have attached 2 videos of the sound. The buzz is sometimes short and lasts 1 second, and sometimes longer and can last up to 8 seconds. I have not been able to...
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    MVWB835DW1 Maytag Washer Clicking

    Posted previously that washer was loud during spin due to bearings. Replaced the gear case and now I have this click sound when the tub changes direction (counter clockwise to clockwise). I vaguely recall this being an occasional thing previously, but I can’t be sure. Thoughts?
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    EFMG627UIWI Electrolux Dryer Makes Constant High Pitched Noise

    My Electrolux gas dryer is just a few months old and is making a constant, high-pitched whine type of sound. Does anyone know what this is or if there is an easy fix? I went to Electrolux's site to make a warranty claim and it says they aren't doing "non-essential" service calls, which seems...
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    FIXED Noisy Maytag MVWB835DW1 Bravos XL Washer

    Washer sounds awful when spinning. Based on other posts here and elsewhere that I need a new gear case W11455453. Just wanted to confirm the part number and get a link to the spanner wrench I will need to get the tub out. Thanks!
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    Jenn Air Refrigerator JS48SSDUDE - Noise when closing door

    Hello, Our refrigerator (Jenn Air JS48SSDUDE) started making a noise when closing the freezer door. I removed the top panel and noticed that the spring-loaded light switch gets caught on one of the screws (see photo/video). Here is the left side for reference: Video: Any ideas on how...
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    GTWN4250M1WS GE Washer - Makes a racket spinning, Should I replace everything?

    I have a GE top loading washer GTWM4250M1WS. It makes a racket spinning. I'm going to attempt changing the WH38X10017 Shaft and Tube Assembly. Am I correct in assuming this is the more likely faulty part? I'm not confident I can just do the bearings part of this. And I can get that part for...
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