1. V

    PLHS269ZDB7 Frigidaire Side-by-Side Making Noises Like It's Trying to Start Up

    I have a Frigidaire Side-by-Side PLHS269ZDB7. Everything is running and keeping cold and frozen fine. The problem is an annoying noise that happens countless times throughout the day. It's a sound like it's trying to start up something. I can hear it from the outside, but it's loudest on the top...
  2. D

    LFX28978ST LG Refrigerator - What is this noise?

    My Fridge seems to be working fine however once every few days it starts to become louder in general. I can give the fridge a shake and then I hear a loud rattle that hard to explain. Anyone have any idea what this is? Video is attached. Thanks for any help in advance!
  3. G

    Samsung DVG45R6300V dryer motor bushing loose

    Brand new Samsung DVG45R6300V dryer motor bushing is loose and causing clunking/rattling sound when dryer runs. How do I secure this part? Thanks in advance!
  4. E

    WTW5300SQ0 Whirlpool Washer noise with video

    Hello everybody. Happy new year! New to the forum. I want to diagnose what is wrong with our Whirlpool washing machine. It is old and maybe I'll get a new one, but if it's an easy fix I'm happy to do it. I just don't know what's wrong with it. Was hoping someone could help me diagnose the...
  5. Jackeymackson

    Maytag MED8000AG0 slapping or thumping noise

    I have a New dryer- just running it for the first time. As the drum is cycling around the dryer is making a noise almost like a slapping noise. It’s rhythmic and pretty loud. Any ideas? Maytag MED8000AG0 maxima XL
  6. J

    MVWC416FW0 Maytag washer worn splutch?

    The other day when doing laundry my girlfriend heard a loud grinding noise during the spin cycle. I had a look today and it appears that the shaft pulley has worn a ring into the plastic pulley cover. I noticed that the splutch allows some up and down travel of the shaft pulley. However, when I...
  7. D

    FIXED Kenmore Elite 795.74093.410 makes noise, but stops when opening the door

    My Kenmore Elite 795.74093.410 makes noise, but stops when opening the door. How can I fix it? I already tried leveling the unit and raising the temperature to 40 F.
  8. G

    795.79754.904 Kenmore Refrigerator High-pitched whine from 10yo refrigerator

    We're hearing a high-pitched whine sometimes from our 10yo refrigerator, a Kenmore Elite model 795.79754.904, serial 908KR00052, manufactured August 2009. It has very gradually gotten worse, and has become very annoying in the last several weeks or so. What can I do to troubleshoot it?
  9. L

    Is loud operation a (random but common) problem on most new refrigerators?

    Probably will need a new ice box soon. I've got a 23 yr old Amana top freezer that is probably failing. It (seems) ignores the temp setting. May post another about that. Very concerned about fairly common complaints on high operating noise levels on all brands. Any tips how not to own an...
  10. S

    LG washer making rattling noise during the first 5 minutes of the wash cycle, then works fine

    Washer makes loud rattling/grinding noise every time during the first 5 minutes and after that the noise goes away (see video at ). There are no issues with the tub spinning. i.e. the washer does complete washing the clothes properly as long as the load is light. If the load is heavy then washer...
  11. C

    Whirlpool WRB322DMHV noise level

    Just had a new WRB322DMHV bottom freezer model delivered, and this thing is loud. It's nearly as loud as my dishwasher and washing machine and dryer, which are not quiet. The nature of the noise is not unlike my central A/C condensing unit. It has less high-pitched whine than other fridges I've...
  12. U

    110.84832201 Kenmore HE3 dryer buzzes, and will not turn

    My dryer has an electrical hum, but will not turn. I can hand start the drum when holding in the door button, and it will run until I let go. I thought it may be a capacitor, but there does not seem to be one on this model per my local parts place. He said it probably is a motor switch, and he...
  13. R

    FIXED Maytag SDE3606AYW Noisy and Cuts Off

    I have a Maytag dryer model SDE3606AYW that is making a noise when turned on. I have replaced the rear bulkhead rollers, replaced the idler shaft and pulley, the drum glides and felt pads and installed a new belt. The blower wheel was cracked so I replaced it. And the motor spins freely. After...
  14. B

    WASE5210B2WW GE Washer Shakes Drum and Makes Loud Noise During Agitation

    The washer makes a loud (grinding?) noise and shakes the drum during agitation only. If I hold the drum more stable, the noise is reduced. Spin is good, no noise no shake. I opened the front and found some black dust/greasy stuff in the bottom of the pan. Any ideas? Thanks for the help! I...
  15. R

    FIXED KRFC300ESS KitchenAid Refrigerator makes loud buzzing noise

    Our 2yr-old Kitchenaid KRFC300ESS refrigerator makes an intolerably loud buzzing noise. It seems to happen when the compressor comes on. Unfortunately, it goes away for months at a time and then comes back with a vengeance. A tech came out when it was under warranty, and I wasn't home, and...
  16. G

    417.92702200 Kenmore Laundry Center - Light Thumping in Dryer

    Thanks in advance for your help. I have a Kenmore laundry center (417.92702200) that was in a home I bought in 2014. This is a stacked dryer. Recently started making a light thumping sound every 1ish seconds followed by 2 short tapping sounds (happy to send audio). Initially, sounded...
  17. C

    FIXED WFW72HEDW0 Clanking noise driving us crazy!

    Good day, We purcashes this washer and matching gas dryer new from Lowe’s about three years ago. They are stacked in our bathroom. From new the washer has made this clanking noise during spin with loads of various size. Thought that was just the noise it made until my parents. Is ted and said...
  18. J

    KTRS19KHBT00 Matsushita Compressor - Loud, Rumbling, Vibrating Noise

    The fridge was manufactured in 2000. The noise is intermittent and started two days ago and appears to be coming from the matsushita compressor DA51C72RCU6. Any suggestion for repair and if this could be done by a non-professional, though mechanically inclined person, or no. Thanks...
  19. A

    16KHz noise from driect drive on LG front load- help

    Just got a new LG front load installed today. My daughter says she hears a high pitch sound from it. So I break out an RTA app on my phone and sure enough I see 16KHz (or higher the app stops at 16KHz) whenever the drum moves. This frequency is probably beyond the hearing range of most adults...
  20. G

    SF370LEGW High Pitch noise coming from oven

    Hi , my gas oven makes a high pitched noise when it's turned on. When my stove top is turned on, there is no noise at all. However, as soon as I turn on the oven part, it starts to whistle. I was thinking of replacing the whole oven because I'm afraid it could be a leak or something like it. I...