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    LE8517W2 Amana dryer screeching sound on start, rubbing grinding sound on stop

    As title says.. We had a washing machine problem and moved the dryer out. On moving the dryer back in to place we got these starting and stopping noises. Seems to run okay in between starting and stopping. I tried shifting the drum a little. The binding sound on stop seems to have reduced a...
  2. S

    KERC507HBS3 Range makes high pitched whining noise, always, from control panel area

    My range makes a high pitched whine that is driving my wife, and thus me, crazy. comes from upper control panel area. Fluorescent light is removed, and cycling the light switch has no effect. Noise is constant, regardless of range/oven being in use. Any help is appreciated.
  3. J

    GFE29HMDCES GE Fridge - Very faint ding/beep noise - Working fine

    This fridge is 3 years old. It is making a faint ding sound that is quite constant, every second at least it is dinging. It does stop every now and then. Sometimes it will not do it for an hour or two. Sometimes six hours. But it always returns. It is not bothering my spouse. He says he barely...
  4. T

    FIXED GTS18FBSARWW GE Condenser Fan Noise After Installing New Motor

    Hello! I'm not entirely sure how old my fridge is (I'm a renter and our landlord doesn't cover refrigerator repair) but over the last few months it began making a very high-pitched, squeaking sound. I located the source of the issue: the condenser fan motor. I ordered a replacement...
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    Samsung DV56H9100G Noisy Vibration

    We've had this dryer about 2 years. Recently it's started making a loud noise every time it runs, regardless of load or setting. As far as I can see, it's not touching anything it could vibrate against. Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it? It's really loud and sounds like a...
  6. P

    MVWX500XW2 Maytag Washer Loud noise when spinning

    Our Maytag Bravos washer began making a loud noise when spinning a few months ago. I did a little research online and figured it was the bearings that had gone bad. Well, it turns out that this washing machine is not built like anything else out their, so the videos I've found are of no help...
  7. T

    Kenmore Elite 665.12773K311 squealing on drain

    I have a 3 year old Kenmore Elite I stopped working. When I start it it has a loud squealing noise It does it then stops and does it. Then gives up. I did pull apart an check in-side. No issues with filters. even with out still makes noise from something under. I did a rinse only cycle...
  8. L

    FAV6800AWW Maytag Washer Squealing

    Help! my washer stopped working during the spin cycle and continuously gave me the codes that it was unbalanced. after researching, took the drive pulley off and cleaned the clutch well. I did notice the pin in the clutch was loose. I got it all put back together and now when the washer is...
  9. E

    MED9600SQ0 Maytag dryer was squealing and now won't start

    For several weeks my dyer has been squealing at different times during the drying cycle. Tonight, I tried to turn on the dryer, the control clicked like it was going to start but nothing happened. The control lights up "sensing" but will not start. I've read the threads about the roller wheel...
  10. B

    GSH22JFXAWW GE side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker and water.

    People really seem to know what they're talking about on here, so here goes. I have a refrigerator that's eight years old. It started making a loud noise a couple days ago. Yesterday it stopped working completely and the lights on the control panel on the door went out as well. The lights...
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    HELP - window air conditioner loud buzzing noise when compressor starts - now doesnt kick in.

    For weeks, my 5 year old window air conditioner made a loud buzzing noise when the cooling compressor kicked in - Then would be fine and cooled until it shut off silently - But then when the thermostat said it was ready to cool for the compressor to turn on, again the buzzing sound (like at the...
  12. C

    FPHD2491KF0 sounds like it's eating gravel when draining

    For the past month or so, our FPHD2491KF0 has randomly made a sound like it's chewing up gravel when draining. Yesterday, the controller board failed - the relay for the drain pump stopped working. I was able to replace the relay and get the drain pump working again (it's in another thread) but...
  13. P

    EIMED55IIW0 Electrolux Dryer Quiet at Start, Gets Noisier as Heats Up

    Hi Jake- I purchased a home with an Existing Electrolux Dryer purchased in 2012. Never had a problem until about 2 weeks ago. No matter the cycle, number of clothes loaded, etc. the unit starts out normally; very quiet, drum turns fine, no vibration, dries clothes fine. Last week I noticed...
  14. X

    FIXED IJ4100 Inglis Washer Grinding noise while spinning

    My washer is a Whirlpool Inglis IJ4100. The machine has started making a grinding noise when it starts spinning, but the noise dissipates when it's spinning faster, and it is quiet while agitating. I'm thinking it might be the bearing, but would appreciate any help with identifying the issue.
  15. A

    FIXED Crosley dryer making grinding/thumping noise on start-up and stop

    Hello! We have a Crosley CDE20R7W dryer (not sure if that's a zero or the letter "o" in the serial number) that has recently starting making a grinding/thumping noise for about one second when the dryer is started. It then operates normally for whatever time limit we set, and then makes the...
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    110.20922990 Kenmore (Whirlpool) 90 Series Washing Machine Making a Grinding Noise

    I just finished repairing my Kenmore (Whirlpool) 90 Series Washing Machine that stopped agitating. I found that Motor Coupling was bad and just replaced this evening as well as the Clutch, just in case. I replaced with the following parts: Motor Coupling 285753A Whirlpool OEM Part #285753A...
  17. M

    Desperately need advice on Frigidaire washer that suffered ruptured inlet valve

    So the inlet valve of my Affinity front load washer froze solid when the temp got to be -12 outside. As a result, the part basically exploded inside the machine while I was asleep. I woke up to there being about an half-inch of water on the ground. Inlet valve was easy enough to replace. Also...
  18. T

    FIXED Microwave turntable makes clunking sound

    My microwave just started making a clunking, popping sound when operating. If I remove the turntable motor arm or turn the turntable off, it sounds fine (no unusual noise). It heats fine. What would be causing the motor arm to catch and clunk or whatever it's doing to make the noise? How can...
  19. C

    GE Spacemaker dryer -- moderate-to-loud steady hum during drying

    My dryer is working fine at drying clothes, but it makes a moderately loud humming sound that was absent when it was new. The humming sometimes gets louder as the cycles goes on. It sounds somewhere between a hum and a steady grinding sound. And it seems to be coming from the front of the dryer...
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    Front-loader: One loud thud at the beginning of spin cycle

    I have a front-loading washer. It's a GE WSXH208A and was purchased 12 years ago. I do about one load every five days. About two months ago, it started making one (and only one) loud thud just as the spin cycle is starting. I checked to see if the struts were OK, and they were still intact. I...