1. A

    Frigidaire FTF530S1 makes an extremely load jet sound during spin cycle.

    My FTF530FS1 front load washer is 2 years old and now makes extremely load jet engine type sound during spin cycle. It's so loud during the peak of the spin cycle that you have to cover your ears. The washer was out of level but is corrected. Maybe to late? We really haven't abused it but this...
  2. D

    Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 loud buzzing noise in door - detergent dispenser solenoid

    I recently replaced the circulation motor on my 5+ year old Quiet Partner 1 (the worn motor bearing made a loud howling noise during wash). I got about 5 perfectly quiet and perfectly cleaned washes out of it until: Another loud buzzing noise started. I tracked the very loud buzzing noise to...
  3. J

    Maytag Dryer making super load noise when any cyle starts

    Hi. Hoping someone can help. Maytag dryer started to make a crazy loud noise today and it happens on every cycle. Any suggestions on where to start? Thank you.
  4. S

    Frigidaire Dryer making a rubbing/off balance sound

    My dryer is almost 9 years old and has just started making an odd "rubbing" or "out of balance" noise. The drum still turns and it heats properly. I have checked around the drum to make sure no clothing was caught but I do not know what else to do. It is ok to use as is?
  5. B

    Refrigerator Makes Clunking Sound

    For about a year, our 1996 fridge has been making a clunking sound when it stops running. It does this about 70% of the time. Any clues what this might be? Nothing has changed: settings, location, etc. Everything else seems to be working normally. Thanks!
  6. R

    frigidaire front loader basket rubbing door seal...Spider arm?

    Last weekend during the final spin cycle my Frigidaire Gallery washing machine sounded like someone threw a brick inside and fired it up. Initial investigation revealed a broken, right! Easy fix, problem solved. I threw a new set of shock absorbers on ran a load of laundry...
  7. N

    Fixed: Loud noise (buzz/rattle/vibration) in window air conditioner

    SUMMARY: Loud buzz, even with front cover removed. Fix: wedging a toothpick under the loose lower-right corner of the evaporator. DETAIL: I had a loud, intermittent, buzz/vibration from my LG-brand window A/C. Removing the entire plastic front panel, the buzz continued, and could be made to...
  8. J

    GSQ9669LW1 Whirlpool Washer Agitates, won't spin and makes noise

    Washer will agitate and pumps water out, but when it goes to spin, it doesn't spin and makes a LOUD noise. Was working fine, then all of a sudden started this. My concern is one site I saw said it could be the spin bearing or basket drive is worn or seized. It was the only place that...
  9. T

    As the dryer's drum spins, the drum hits the inside of the dryer's top.

    I bought our house with this dryer two years ago. I didn't notice anything wrong with the dryer at that time. For the last few months, the dryer makes a 'metal on metal' sound consistently as it spins. I've discovered that heavy things such as laundry soap and folded clothes have bent the cover...
  10. R

    frigidaire GLET1031CS0 top-loader Squeal in Unbalanced Spin Cycle

    Howdy, Got a frigidaire combo top loader with an intermittent squeal in the spin cycle. Likes to squeal/chirp when the load is unbalanced. Will run nice and quiet when it is balanced or when I go online to look for parts or trying to show the noise to someone. I have replaced the...
  11. D

    Strange noise and other issues

    I have a side-by-side Maytag. It has a few issues: 1)The other night I heard a strange noise kind of like a fan rubbing against something coming from the fridge area. I pulled the light shield down and determined it's coming from a square attached to the ceiling of the unit sort of towards the...
  12. R

    Loud Noise During Spin

    A few years ago, my counter weight (the cinder block looking thing on the drum) fell off and the machine started shaking horribly and making a horrible sound during the spin cycle. That was repaired (while under warranty) and I haven't had any problems since. Today, the washer made the same...
  13. C

    FIXED Kenmore 596.75523400 making constant knocking noise

    Hi all, my kenmore fridge model#596.75523400 sn 10286886ET is making a constant knocking/clicking noise. From what I can tell the noise seems to be the loudest from inside the bottom freezer. Both fridge and freezer are working just fine. Any ideas as to what could be causing this, any...
  14. S

    Brand New Frigidaire Dishwasher - Loud grinding noise

    Last month I purchased a brand new dishwasher, Frigidaire model DGBD2432XFI. It ran quietly for 2 weeks before a very loud grinding noise / squeal started coming from the motor. The noise gradually became quieter and turned into a groaning type noise...almost like the sound of a horn on a Model...
  15. J

    Duet Washer Tube vibration during spin only

    I have a whirlpool Duet Washer Model GHW9150PWO That has had numerous problems over the years. Now it has developed a vibration in the spin cycle. I have taken the panels off and all of the shocks and springs are intact. Upon further inspection it appears that the tub (basket) itself is running...
  16. SirLoin

    York Furnace High Pitched Squeak

    My York Latitude Furnace is around two years old and has developed a high pitched squeak constantly when it runs. We hear it when the air conditioner is on, when the heater is on and when just the fan is on. It sounds to me like a bearing squeak, but my wife thinks it may be a leak in a pressure...
  17. W

    Samsung RS263BBSH - Fan Noise

    This morning, we awoke to find a noise coming from our Samsung refrigerator. It sounds like fan noise and that it may potentially be going bad or is already bad? Here is what I know: 1) The noise will stop when either of the doors are opened. 2) The noise appears to originating from the...
  18. D

    Maytag MDB7100 Noisy Bottom Arm Assembly

    Hi, Towards the end of a wash cycle, my dishwasher made a loud 'rotating' noise that shook my kitchen cabinets. Everything seemed okay when I opened the door and the water was drained as it entered the drying cycle. I found the diagram in an older post...
  19. S

    Amana side by side intermittent compressor problem

    I have a 4 1/2 year old Amana side by side that makes a loud buzzing as if it is trying to start the compressor and then it stops and just the fan comes on. There are other times that the compressor does indeed come on but recently that stopped as well and the freezer and frig were not cooling...
  20. M

    FIXED Maytag MZD2766GE buzz noise

    On the fridge side, the buzz sounds like it's coming from the very top inside from the back. It lasts several minutes. Doesn't happen all the time...maybe a few times a day...not sure. Is this something that I can repair myself by replacing a part? If so, can you give me the part number...