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  1. G

    WMH32519HB Whirlpool Microwave - What's the downside of leaving off the damper for roof venting?

    I'm installing a Whirlpool model #WMH32519HB with roof venting: https://www.whirlpool.com/kitchen/cooking/microwaves/over-the-range/p.1.9-cu.-ft.-capacity-steam-microwave-with-sensor-cooking.wmh32519hb.html The damper looks amazingly cheap, noisy, and has large gaps for air to pass around it...
  2. F

    LGB6400KQ1 Whirlpool Dryer - Lubricate/Oil Motor?

    When pressing start on the machine, the drum wouldn't move & the motor would only hum loudly. When I opened it up, I found that one of the supply wheels was sticking and the idler pulley was worn. The motor easily turns manually but the bearings squeal. Is it even worth trying to oil or...
  3. M

    KitchenAid KUIX535HPS00 under counter ice maker making noise

    My kitchen aid under counter ice maker periodicaly (often) goes into a mode where I believe I hear a pump operating. I can see water moving in the vertical white tube in the mechanical part. I think this is just prior to when the ice sheet it made, but not certain. Maybe a minute...
  4. A

    KRFC300ESS01 New Kitchen Aid - Too Noisy

    We bought a new Kitchen Aid french door, counter depth refrigerator (model KRFC300ESS01) to replace a Maytag french door, counter depth refrigerator from 2004 that broke. The new one is much noisier than the old one when it (compressor?) is on. And it is on for somewhere between 30 minutes and...
  5. R

    106.72862100 Kenmore Noisy Compressor 2 Special Sounds BUT WORKS

    So I couldn't resist the free refrigerator on the list and they did say it was noisy. But it was so clean and outside and looking good I took it to my shop and plugged it in. Well, it gets cold and works but it has 2 unique sounds. I think both are from the compressor and one sounds like a...
  6. W

    Noisy during spin cycle - Frigidaire Stackable FGX831CS0

    Hello. During the spin cycle of this top-load stackable unit there is tremendous noise. I have read a few replacement parts sites that suggest it may a bearing, or a support. I am a limited DIY person (toilet, microwave light sockets, etc). That being said, I most likely will not do the repair...
  7. S

    GE Dryer Loud Noise/Vibration

    DBRXR453EVW0W When I turn the dryer on (any setting), it starts and makes a very loud noise/vibration. Seems to be heating fine. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? Really would like to repair versus replace it if it is an easy/reasonable price repair. Appreciate any help...
  8. C

    KitchenAid refrigerator runs noisy/loud (Model KRFF507ESS)

    Our brand new (installed 11/13/2015) KitchenAid refrigerator runs noisy/loud (Model KRFF507ESS). I called KitchenAid Customer Warranty within 72 hours and they sent me the below link, telling me this is usual and customary noise for a refrigerator. I have NEVER heard a refrigerator this noisy on...
  9. M

    FIXED 106.51169 Sears Kenmore Elite Coldspot - Creaky Air Diffuser, Freezer ok, Refrigerator Warm

    Thought I would post since searching this forum helped me solve the problem. Noticed the refrigerator was making a creaking noise ever few seconds and that the refrigerator temp was in the 50s while the freezer was fine. It was coming from the diffuser so I took if off - BTW it's a recessed...
  10. bartockbat

    MAH7500AWW - loud knocking and now oil leaking out

    Hey folks - if I searched the forum enough, I think I would find this. However, I just want to find an answer so I can make a decision. I have a Maytag MAH7500AWW washer - I bought it in I think either late 2001 or early 2002. Just recently, it's been really noisy on the agitation and spin...
  11. R

    It is noisy and leaks water

    My Maytag washer is noisy when it spins and leaks water sometimes. What suggestions do you have? Thanks, Rick :3:
  12. H

    KUDS03CTSS0 Kitchenaid dishwasher runs very loud

    My Kitchenaid KUDS03CTSS0 ran very quiet when we first bought it we could hardly tell it was running. Now we can not run it when we are in the same room. I assume it is the bearing in the pump since it only makes the noise while circulating water. As it switches from cycle to cycle and the...
  13. J

    Noisy GE Refrigerator runs for a long time

    My refrigerator has been noisy since I can remember. So noisy it requires us to turn up the television volume up when it turns on. The noise is coming from the freezer and the noise level fluctuates while running. I've been up since 6:45 and it is still running at 7:55 Everything in the...
  14. T

    noisy Whirlpool Refrigerator GX2SHBXVY

    Do not buy this appliance! All the features are fine but it makes a very annoying high-pitched whistle when the compressor runs. The Whirlpool technician says this is normal! Sure!! Others on the web have made the same complaint about this model (Whirlpool Gold) and have received the very same...
  15. A

    Frigidaire FTF530S1 makes an extremely load jet sound during spin cycle.

    My FTF530FS1 front load washer is 2 years old and now makes extremely load jet engine type sound during spin cycle. It's so loud during the peak of the spin cycle that you have to cover your ears. The washer was out of level but is corrected. Maybe to late? We really haven't abused it but this...
  16. C

    Another noisy compressor problem

    This is a french door, freezer on the bottom model with water & ice in the door, sold exclusively by Lowes. We bought it in May 2011. Within a few weeks we began to notice a very loud, variable speed buzzing noise that spins up late at night, usually between 11pm and midnight. It lasts for 20-30...
  17. N

    Black grease stains on clothes and noisy washer

    So I have been reading around these forums and I wanted to post here for confirmation. Our clothes are getting ruined in our washer with black stains and smudges all over them. It looks like grease stains. Also, my washer sounds like it is about to take-off and fly the friendly skies during...

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