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not agitating

  1. T

    Kenmore 110.16612692 filled then died. Won't agitate, drain, or spin.. HELP

    The washer filled just fine but as soon as the water shut off, it kind of "grunted" then made a humming sound as if it's trying to agitate but nothing happens. If I leave it plugged in it will periodically hum/tick few seconds before going completely quiet again. I've tried switching to rinse...
  2. A

    FIXED MVW565FW2 Agitator not working, but works on spin cycle

    Hello, I am writing this post to shout out Jake, who has replied to everyone and general help has allowed me to locate my problem. My 2 year old Maytag washer was not agitating on wash cycle. (droning motor noise and only clicking heard when in wash cycle) I propped lid and observed with screw...
  3. S

    GE stackable GTUP240EM5WW washer won’t agitate or spin

    My GE stackable w/d had the complete tub assembly replaced about 4 years ago. Recently it began intermittently not spinning, and now will not agitate either. It seems to move thru the cycles (fill and drain ) and the motor is warm ( not hot ). The lid latch clicks and light goes red. I reset...
  4. audeet86

    FIXED Whirlpool WDT920SADM2 not filling with water. makes random clicking noise.

    Hi Everyone. I have a WDT920SADM2 that I got from Costco over 2 years ago (warranty expired) that has been giving me tons of headache lately. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the heating wasn't working. I did a reset (press 3 buttons in sequence 3 times) and it started working. Yesterday, i...
  5. B

    FWTB8200DS0 No high speed spin, and it’s not agitating properly.

    After last wash it didn’t go into high speed spin. I replaced the door latch a year ago. So far I’ve replaced the timer and control board and switched motors. Still not working? Help?
  6. C

    Ultimate Care II filling but not agitating nor draining or spinning

    Hi, My washer starts and fills fine on all temperatures. When it is filled the timer keeps moving or sometimes quits but the machine does not agitate. If you advance the timer it will not drain but you can get it to add water for the rinse cycle. It will not drain nor spin. it started last...
  7. R

    Maytag Centennial Problems

    I have a Maytag Centennial Top Load Washer that is really being a frustration.:wall: I bought this washer new from Lowe's approx eight years ago. has been good up until this past year. It got to agitating before filling, it seemed to not be synchronized, stinking bad and dancing all over the...
  8. E

    WPRE6150K2WT GE top load-- water fills past selected amount and then stops - no agitate, no spin

    Start a new wash load but unit never gets to the "wash" cycle. It seems to fill up past the selected water amount then just stops. During the water fill period, the timer indicator moves from a time indication, depending on wash selection, to rotating bars in a box pattern. It seems to do...

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