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  1. D

    B26FT70SNS/08 Bosch Refrigerator - Ice Compartment not cold enough

    My ice maker in my bosch (B26FT70SNS/08) is not completing its cycle. (not dropping in bucket unless manually cycled) The only thing I can think of is the temperature is not getting cold enough in the ice compartment which is in the top left of the fridge. I have the freezer turned all the way...
  2. R

    Well apparently this is common -- Whirlpool WRX988SIBM01 fridge not cooling.

    have same model but bigger at old home - moved into this house - same fridge just a bit older - house was vacant for a few years. fridge not getting below 50-55 freezer is fine - middle drawer is 33-40 depending on where in drawer - further back is colder. had tech come look - spent 800 on...
  3. R

    WRT318FZDM02 Whirlpool freezer fridge not getting cold enough

    Hi I bought a fridge and think I got sold a lemon. It is not getting cold enough. On recommended settings the freezer is only 10 celcius. I have taken it apart and think I see the issue and just hope it is repairable. Can someone look at the pic and advise please? Corrected model number
  4. Oanhluu88

    GSF26C4EXY03 Whirlpool fridge side by side freezer and fridge stay warm

    My Whirlpool model GSF26C4XY03 side by side The Freezer started defrost then stay warm, then the Fridge stay warm after that. I unplug it then plug it on back around 4pm, both Freezer and fridge start working back, ice is made. I leave it stay overnight and in the next morning, I saw ice is...
  5. W

    Bosch B36IT 2 door Freezer not cold enough

    Hi, We have a “two door built-in BOSCH [B36IT] fridge with bottom freezer drawer… “. I posted a question about water leaking inside the fridge compartment near end of 2018. With Jake’s help, I managed to unclog the drain line, and since then it has been working fine (y)… until… A few days...
  6. A

    FRS26R2AW6 Frigidaire Refrigerator - Can't get to internal refrigerant pipe to verify leak

    Hello, My refrigerator stopped getting cold enough and I believe I found the cause. After running it for 30 minutes or so and turn it off, I can hear a hissing sound coming from around the compressor area in the back. I've tried spraying soapy water on the pipes but could not find where the...
  7. L

    Frigidaire Freezer FFU14F5HWG Too warm and warm light blinks or is solid red

    Recently our freezer warm light has been blinking and staying on. I measured the temperature inside at around 20 degrees fahrenheit. When I took off the inside back panel there was a little ice around the defrost thermostat and the bottom/drain hole were filled with ice. I have since replaced...
  8. W

    Kenmore Elite model 795.74093.410 fans not running

    Purchased in 2015 and practically new as it was my mother’s and all she had in it was a 12 pack of cokes. It was kept in the garage utility room. It did get hot in there in the summer. I now have this and everything works when I put it in test mode. When test mode ends the fans in the unit shut...
  9. M

    FIXED Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator - WRX735SDBM00 - ice compartment not cold enough

    I have a Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator Model # WRX735SDBM00 that stopped producing ice about 3 months ago. I switched out the ice maker and wiring harness with the new upgraded ice maker kit for this model. The ice maker was working flawlessly until last week when it started producing ice...
  10. E

    Frigidaire Not getting cold enough

    I just bought a used fridge from a buddy who moved for $100. Pretty good deal, but the fridge hasn't worked since I put it in my basement. The freezer gets to about 50 degrees and the fridge only gets to about 60 Fahrenheit. Nothing is blocking the air passage to the fridge. The coils are...
  11. D

    GE freezer back covered in frost

    My GE freezer keeps having the same issue. I've tried both suggestions from this forum. I have replaced both the defrost heater as well the thermostat control. When I take the back cover off the coils are covered in ice. I've done this 3 times now defrosting then replacing....It works for...
  12. Z

    Freezer not staying cold fridge OK

    I started having an issue where the Freezer will not stay cold. It will get down to about 3 degrees for about 5 - 10 minutes then warm up to around 20 degrees. It constantly is doing this cycle. I took the lower cover off the inside and found the upper part of the evap coils are caked with...
  13. S

    Control temperature light went out

    Hi, My Kenmore coldspots light that control the temp on fridge and freezer went out on control panel.. about the same time the fridge wasn't staying cold then the freezer got ice on bottom back. could it be anything besides the control panel going bad?
  14. M

    GE Refrigirator not cooling enough

    Hello, great site guys, congrats ! I have been seaching for weeks of a solution for my refrigirator. Found lots of good information which helped me isolate some of the problems. I called a service man last week and he informed that the problem was on the evaporator fan motor, so I went out a...