not cooling on top

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    GFE28GMKBES GE refrigerator not cooling to set point

    Hello, new member here. I have a GE side by side GFE28GMKBES. I noticed it seemed to be off temp in the fridge section and checking, it was reading 45F. I checked the freezer and it was holding ~1 to 2F. Looking online I found that the evaporator fan seems to be one of the main issues to go...
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    LFX31925ST/06 LG Refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling

    This one will be interesting. This is a large french door with bottom freezer style 30.7 cu.ft. expensive type. Suddenly stopped cooling. Worked on by a qualified certified technician recommended by LG. He identified a bad linear compressor. Compressor was replaced. After replacing compressor...
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    795.74093.410 Kenmore elite not working properly, Error code er rf

    Top refrigerator bottom freezer. Refrigerator is not cooling. Error code er rf. Pressed reset button for test mode once. Completed voltage check on pins 1 & 3 voltage was 2.6. On pins 2 & 3 voltage was 13.08. There is NO ice buildup fan runs in test mode. Fins do get frost on them. Any ideas or...