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not spinning

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    Jenn air JW1000W Washer stopped spinning and wouldn’t drain.

    Hello First off I’m extremely grateful for any help given. I have a Jenn Air JW1000W serial number : 10799564QB top loader washing machine that all of a sudden stopped spinning and wouldn’t drain. I tried all other spin cycles ( side note: the dial nob has broken off) and it wouldn’t work. I...
  2. T

    LSL9244EQ0 Whirlpool washer not spinning. Think I messed up.

    I started having an issue with my washer. At first my washer would not spin sometimes. Like, after a while of turning the washer off it would start to spin again. Me and my husband decided to try change the motor coupler and the clutch assembly. We was having a hard time getting the couplers...
  3. S

    GE Washer GLWN5550D0WW trying to test if the shifter disengages from the wash basket

    Hello friends, GE model GLWN5550D0WW no longer spins, removing front panel and see the motor/tub stutter every couple seconds as the motor attempts to turn. just running the drain&spin cycle noticed it giving the 6 red flashes fault. Disconnecting the belt from the motor and pulley, retry and...
  4. R

    FIXED 110.13202200 Washer agitates, no spin (sometimes)

    Discovered issue when it started taking 4-5 cycles to fully dry clothes. Didn't know they were putting sopping wet clothes out of the washer. Clothes may be "too heavy" for the spin cycle to work. Spins correctly on a near-empty or no load. Clutch? Here's the process I go through to wash a...
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    MLG2000AWW Maytag Neptune Stack - Washer starts then quits

    I have a Maytag Neptune Stacked Gas Center. It's a great model and does good work, unfortunately recently it stopped working. I'm a father of 5, and we use unit heavily, but it's a work horse and love it. The issue with the unit is that when you put towels inside, I turn the knob to heavy, max...
  6. E

    110.26902690 Kenmore series 90 washer made rat a tat noise and now won't spin

    Hi, My series 90 washer made a noise (rapid repetitive metallic noise between cycles) and now will not spin. I removed the motor and coupler looks good. Is it the clutch?
  7. K

    WWRE6260D1WW GE Washer Agitates but doesn't spin

    My washer won't do spin cycle just starts making this loud humming sound.pump seems to work since I can hear water draining .On couple of occasions I was able to start it by hand spinning it right when I heard a click and drum would twitch .the lid sensor works as well,I checked it .cant figure...
  8. L

    Maytag Centennial washer _ not spinning _ Model MVWC300XW0 _ F2E1, F7E1, F7E5, F7E7 error codes

    hello, my Maytag Centennial Top Loaded Washer is pretty dated and it has failed to spin at times. The error codes that I can see so far are F2E1, F7E1, F7E5, F7E7. I’m not sure why the first F2E1 code is appearing as none of the buttons seem to be “stuck” but perhaps I am missing something. The...
  9. S

    GE stackable GTUP240EM5WW washer won’t agitate or spin

    My GE stackable w/d had the complete tub assembly replaced about 4 years ago. Recently it began intermittently not spinning, and now will not agitate either. It seems to move thru the cycles (fill and drain ) and the motor is warm ( not hot ). The lid latch clicks and light goes red. I reset...
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    110.92573200 Kenmore 70 series washer is filling, agitating, and draining but not spinning........

    We have a Kenmore Heavy Duty 70 Series Extra Capacity washer ( model 110.92573200 ) and this wash has just recently decided it didn't want to spin anymore i checked it with the lid button held in. It definitely fills, agitates, and drains just fine but once to spin cycle you hear the pause then...
  11. N

    MAV6200AWW Maytag Atlantis Washer not spinning

    Maytag Atlantis washer. Agitator works: washes okay, but after rinse does not spin out excess water. Pump is functioning as water is removed from basket. When in Spin mode, I try to turn the drum/basket, but it is locked and frozen. In the past, I was able to rotate the drum endlesslessly...
  12. D

    GE Front Loading Washer WCVH6800J0MS will MOSTLY not spin

    Hello, I have a front loading washing machine that will drain, but will mostly not spin or agitate. Here's how things went down: The washing machine went severely off balance one day. It's in a small laundry room and has a dryer stacked on top. It drifted so much I could no longer open the...
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    WED4815EW0 Whirlpool Dryer not tumbling

    I have the above model dryer and the drum no longer tumbles. I have checked the belt and it is tight and the dryer spins when you rotate it. The motor gets the correct voltage, the heating element comes on like it should, though it stays on when the door is open. other than that the door switch...
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    NAV5805AWW Amana top Load washer not spinning properly on heavier loads

    I have an amana topload washer that was working perfectly fine now it has a kind of growl while spinning and if its too heavy it just doesnt move, with a very light load it will spin just fine but with a growl/hum. I checked the belt under the washer and that seems to be fine I dont know where...
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    Amana NTW4605EW0 final spin not working

    Hello all, First time posting. My Amana Washer (NTW4605EW0) has a couple of issues that are contributing to it not completing a final spin cycle. WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW It has just recently started requiring me to hit the start button between each wash cycle (i.e. start wash, rinse, spin, final...
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    GUAP270EM2WW GE Washer - Won't Agitate or Spin

    Hey everyone, First time poster here. This week, my stacked GE laundry unit stopped working. That is, the washer fills up with water, the timer makes a clicking noise once it's filled (after this clicking type noise is when it would usually start agitating), then drains, then the motor kicks...
  17. B

    FWTB8200DS0 No high speed spin, and it’s not agitating properly.

    After last wash it didn’t go into high speed spin. I replaced the door latch a year ago. So far I’ve replaced the timer and control board and switched motors. Still not working? Help?
  18. J

    WPRE6150K2WT GE Washer not spinning

    Been through many troubleshooting recommendations. Open and closed the cover 10 times after power up - didn't reset motor. Blew air into pressure valve and hear switch click so i think good there. No blinking diag lights on motor - so questioning if thermal fuse is blown. Read that some newer...
  19. M

    Help please. Washing machine will not spin.

    We have a Maytag Bravos X , recently when spinning it would sound like it was only half spinning. Clothes would finish wet and not damp, now it isn’t spinning st all. Just sits and fills with water then drains out. What could the fix for this be?
  20. H

    NTW4600YQ0 Lid Lock LED Flashing at prewash start

    Hi all. I'm a new member of the forum and hope to get my washer working again. Here's the problem: After loading the tub and selecting load size, water temperature and wash cycle, I press start, valve solenoids begin flow of water for a few seconds, lid locks, I hear the shifter move but then...

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