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    LSQ9610LW0 Washer only spins after lid has been opened and closed for every spin cycle

    I bought a washer and dryer used about a month a go. Everything worked fine until I came home and found my clothes still wet. I opened and closed the lid several times but could not get it to spin. after a few hours, I tried the spin cycle on the delicate spin and it worked. Now the spin cycle...
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    Ultimate Care II filling but not agitating nor draining or spinning

    Hi, My washer starts and fills fine on all temperatures. When it is filled the timer keeps moving or sometimes quits but the machine does not agitate. If you advance the timer it will not drain but you can get it to add water for the rinse cycle. It will not drain nor spin. it started last...
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    Maytag Centennial Problems

    I have a Maytag Centennial Top Load Washer that is really being a frustration.:wall: I bought this washer new from Lowe's approx eight years ago. has been good up until this past year. It got to agitating before filling, it seemed to not be synchronized, stinking bad and dancing all over the...
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    GFWN1100L0WW GE Front Loader Not Spinning

    We have a front load GE that just stopped going through it's full cycle. I have gone through all of the prescribed steps, but I'm still not sure which part to replace. 1. The resistance at the motor all checks out correctly. 2. I get an error code E54 which the manual describes as a...
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    Kenmore washer wont spin during spin cycle, doesnt make noise either

    My washer has been spinning sometimes and not other times, it seems random and independent of load size, spin speed. It also usually spins at the end of the wash cycle, but not during the actual "spin cycle" part but its kind of random. When it doesn't spin it doesn't make any noise that would...
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    Samsung Not Draining Unless Drained From the small drain hose in the front right lower corner

    My Samsung washing machine (Model# WF218ANW/XAA) will not spin or drain unless I manually drain it using the pump located in the right lower corner of the front of the machine. It stops at every drain cycle. This is really wearing on me! I have replaced the drain pump, checked hoses for...
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    WF410ANW/XAA Samsung Washer Draining Problem

    My Samsung is making a slightly strange noise upon starting. I found a small leak underneath, so am assuming maybe the drain pump is bad? After the washer filled up, it wouldn't spin and seemed to just sit in this one phase and never progress. The lock wouldn't open until I drained the tub...
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    FIXED WCVH6800J2WW GE Front Load Washer Sometimes Works Great, Sometimes It Doesn't.

    Hi all, I have a GE front load washer, model number WCVH6800J2WW that works fantastically when it wants to. It's quiet, timely and gets my clothes nice and clean. Other times, I open the door when the cycle is finished and my clothe are still soaked. I have not switched cycles when this...
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    WPRE6150K2WT GE top load-- water fills past selected amount and then stops - no agitate, no spin

    Start a new wash load but unit never gets to the "wash" cycle. It seems to fill up past the selected water amount then just stops. During the water fill period, the timer indicator moves from a time indication, depending on wash selection, to rotating bars in a box pattern. It seems to do...
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    Kenmore 90 Series Washer Still Not Spinning After Clutch Change

    Recently the washer started making some loud humming/whining type noises and it would not spin. The machine agitates, although does not spin on the spin cycle. Things I have done so far: Checked the coupling (all good, replaced about a year ago) Replaced clutch with new clutch let the machine...
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    FWT445GES2 Washer- doesn't spin clockwise and clothes are still wet at end of cycle

    My washer- a Frigidaire Gallery (heavy duty extra large capacity, 2-way action washing) is not rotating clockwise at all during all cycles. In addition, it does not thoroughly get the water out of clothes. I sometimes have to wring the water out. I hear the water fill and drain, so nothing is...
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    Amana Distinction - Smoking and very brief spinning & bump

    I have an Amana Distinction DLW330RAW Washer that started smoking so I thought I burned a belt because the tub wouldn't move. After I didn't touch it for a few weeks, I put it on the spin cycle and it move a few seconds but then it stopped again. So immediately, I tried it again and it bumped...
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    Frigidaire fws1233fs0 not spinning properly

    My washer is no longer spinning properly. It started squeaking a little one the spin cycle about a week ago and starting yesterday it is no longer spinning out all of the water. I checked during the spin cycle and the drum appears to be spinning, though not as rapidly as before, but the center...
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    GE Hotpoint washer need manual to disassemble, how to remove front panel

    As seen from the title, I need to find out how to remove the front panel. I found my washer had drained the water from the load, but apparently did not spin because the clothes were drenched with excess water. I tried to turn it to spin cycle and heard it sound like it was trying to spin, but...
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    FIXED GE Washer Not spinning clothes dry or dispensing fabric softener

    I have a GE Washer WBSR3140G2WW. Recently it got off balance and literally jumped around. Every since then, about 90% of the time, the spin cycle does not ring clothes out nor dispense the fabric softener from the top resevoir. I will then have to run the rinse/spin cycle again and that will...
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    FIXED MODEL # LSQ9600LW1 - Machine not spinning; Makes loud buzzing noise

    When i go to turn on the machine, i push the knob, and the machine does not spin and makes a loud buzzing noise. Help me please!! Ryan
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    FIXED Whirlpool not spinning when clothes are in washer

    Had a load in the washer. The washer was agitating fine but when it came to spin, the motor was humming but the tub wouldn't turn. There was even starting to be a burning smell, which I think was the motor trying to get things turning but being unable to. Clothes came out still soaked. I took...
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    Upper Spray Arm not spinning

    My dishwasher will not get top rack dishes clean. So far, I've have tried 1. removing spray arm and cleaning out inside. It did have some hard water buildup on the inside. 2. removing bottom spray arm- I was trying to get at the mech below it but I could only go so far as removing the 3...
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    Kenmore washing machine not spinning

    Hello, I have a Kenmore, top load, direct drive washing machine that has stopped spinning while in the spin cycle. It is also making a rumbling, clicking sound during the spin cycle. I have removed the motor to see if it was the coupler that was broken but the three pieces are fine. I am now...
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