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    Door Latch Problem - Frigidaire Dishwasher FFCD2413UW4A

    Bought a Frigidaire FFCD2413UW4A dishwasher less than 6 months ago, and I am now having the following issues: - After the 1hr wash cycle, door latch goes to "locked" position after the door is open, and the light indicating wash is complete will not turn off, after the door is opened. - Latch...
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    PBT860SMMES GE Profile Dishwasher Error E3

    Hello, So my GE dishwasher gives me error E3 after a cycle, and it only goes away when I disconnect power. I have tried replacing the heating element and checked that the water inside is hot. I am sure E3 is a heating issue. One thing to note is that I have a Rinnai water heater, which heats...
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    PDT825SSJ0SS GE Dishwasher won't start - beeping 3 times and flashing

    I have a GE Dishwasher PDT825SSJ0SS that was working fine. Returned from vacation and will not start and simply beeps 3 times when I hit start and close door. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. S
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    WA50M7450AP Samsung Top Load Washer doesn't start cycle at all

    So the issue simply just all of a sudden started one day. The machine simply wouldn't begin a cycle anymore. No previous issues at all. I've had a repairman out twice now trying to fix it. The first time he thought based on the error code - 3C2 - that it must have been the hall sensor. So he...
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    SHX3AR75UC Bosch Ascenta With some Quirks...

    I have a five year old Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC. The dishwasher completes a cycle 25% of the time. We will set it to run, latch the door, then... nothing. Or we latch the door, it starts running, and when we open it the next morning the dishes are dirty, the inside of the door itself is...
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    FIXED WED9200SQ0 Whirlpool Duet dryer thermal fuse problem

    I have replaced the thermal fuse in my dryer about three times since owning it (a long time). It always fires right back up after the same issue of not starting. It is doing the same exact thing (all buttons work and board lights up) by clicking and not starting. I ordered two new fuses and...
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    GE Dishwasher Stopped Working

    Hi All, My dishwasher stopped working, and I am going through the troubleshooting process, for the first time – my wife is deathly scared that we'll have to start washing dishes by hand. I took apart the control panel and tested both switches with my Fluke multimeter, and they both tested ok...
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    Maytag MEDE500VW1 Dryer: Powers up, but start button only clicks

    I have a Maytag 5000 Series Dryer, Model: MEDE500VW1 I went to start the dryer and although everything lit up as usual, when I pressed start, all I heard was a "click" sound. After reviewing a few YouTube videos, I figured out how to place my dryer into test mode by pressing + — + —. The...
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    Maytag MDB7609AWS2 dishwasher not starting

    Hi, I've been unable to start my Maytag dishwasher lately and would appreciate some help troubleshooting. When clicking on the control panel the Hi temp wash, heated dry and sanitize buttons will light up. The Heavy, Normal or Light buttons will not light up when clicked. I was able to run...
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    GLD7708V00BB not starting/water not draining

    Cycle was set to normal with heated dry on. Stopped at some point in the cycle - not sure when as we turned it on before going to bed. Status light on front solid orange and lets out a single beep every minute or so. The lights on the control still showing green on "normal", "heated dry" and...
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    KUDE70FXPA2 Dishwasher will not start TOP RACK light on and CLEAN light on

    kitchenaid Dishwasher KUDE70FXPA2 First the START light stopped working but the dishwasher worked fine. You just had to touch the NORMAL button then the START button and close the door. On the last time I tried to do the dishes I could not get any of the buttons to work. Turned off the power...
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    KBFS20EVMS13 clicks and buzzes, but compressor wont turn on

    I have a KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator, model KBFS20EVMS13. It recently stopped working (compressor wouldnt turn on), and I replaced the start relay (WPW10448874). The compressor started and fridge/freezer got cold. Freezer was down to about 10 degrees F before I went to bed. Everything...
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    FIXED JDB3200AWS1 Jenn Air DW not starting. Error code 6, 4.

    My Jenn Air model: JDB3200AWS1 SER: F30201677. In service approx 3 years. ERROR CODE/DIAGNOSTICS: The error code I'm getting via blinking lights is 6 and 4. I have no literature other than the manual that came with the DW. The service sheet on the kick panel is missing. PROBLEM: DW keypad...
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    Samsung front load washer won't start anymore

    Hi, 3 Days ago, my samsung washer just stopped working and won't turn on again. checked power source and other basic stuff, all normal. Called a technician and after 15 mins, he said that the Control board needs to be replaced: 500$ + tx. I have several questions: 1: how can I be sure that...
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    FIXED Kenmore 70 Electric Dryer won't start

    My Kenmore series 70 won't start. Using the timer selection dial, choosing any selection result is same- no start. Also, I noted that the timer stopped moving, although the dryer is getting power (light comes on when door is opened- and door switch shuts off the light when activated manually). I...
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    Maytag Neptune control board acting up

    My dryer started to not respond to keypad presses somewhat erratically. Now it won't start up at all, and mostly shows "18" on the LED, although occasionally I'm able to get the timer button to function and add time to a timed dry, but still can't start the dryer. Opened up the rear service...
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    80 series gas dryer not starting, or starts for only seconds

    80 series gas dryer only runs for a few seconds. Afterward, continued presses on the start button yields only a click/click sound. Any ideas? Thank you, -Bob
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