only lights get power?

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    BG21VW Not Working, but lights on - Amana refrigerator w/bottom freezer

    I have an Amana BG21VW-P1325001W W refrigerator w/bottom freezer. The unit is not working with the exception of the lights in both compartments. For a period of 24 hours the unit would work if we periodically 'tapped' the thermostat control switch, however this method no longer works. We have...
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    BRF20VSE Lights on Fridge and Freezer work - nothing else seems to get power? (thus no cooling)

    My Amana with bottom freezer recent stopped working - entirely other than lights in both sections - so I know the unit is getting power. First I thought the problem was the starter relay capacitor - since one forum indicated that was the problem 78% of the time. Since they were inexpensive -...