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    Kenmore Range 790.75233313 gas oven and broiler not turning on

    The gas oven and broiler will not turn on. It looks like the igniters are glowing. Help, please.
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    JDS1750EP Jennair Dual Range Oven won't heat up all the way

    I recently purchased a used Jennair dual-fuel range. When I set the oven to 400f on bake, it usually gets stuck around 345-375. If I set it to 500f, it will go past 375 but get stuck somewhere in the 400s. Any ideas on what could be happening here? The range model is JDS1750EP. Thanks.
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    KitchenAid Gas Range KGSA906PSS00 Oven sparking and getting gas but not igniting

    We have been working on our oven for about 2 months and we are almost there. We have put in new control boards, sparkers, thermal fuse, and safety valve. The broiler now works great but the oven only works about 1/5 of the time. It will click a few times and we see sparks and when we light it...
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    KGST307HBS4 Gas Oven Won't Light - Not Igniter

    Hi all, My KGST307HBS4 oven won't light. Igniter doesn't glow. Gas Broiler does light. Ordered new oven igniter and replaced. Oven still won't light and new igniter did not glow. Tested Ohms on new part and old part (should've done first). Both have continuity. New @ 82 ohms, old at 232 ohms...
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    FGDS3065KFB Frigidaire Range - Question re troubleshooting using Oven Circuit Analysis Matrix

    When we start Bake mode our oven might eventually reach 150 degrees at the point when the controller beeps and the display says it has reached 350. The oven temp sensor measures approx 1080 ohms, which appears to be correct in the RTD Scale on the Tech Sheet/Wiring diagram. The oven circuit...
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    FIXED Samsung Range NX58H5600SS oven bake gas turns on and off

    Appreciate any help with this issue. When turning on oven bake, ignitor glows, after 20 seconds gas comes on, ignites, burns fine, but then gas shuts of after 15-20 seconds. Ignitor stays glowing, after 15-20 seconds gas comes back on. It keeps repeating this, with the time between turn on /shut...