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    FIXED Start Button Won’t Start on Kenmore Gas Range 790.74343314

    I am having trouble again with our Kenmore Gas Range, Model 790.74343314 (about 3 and a half years old). The Start button on the control pad beeps three times when pressed, and won’t start the oven or any other feature (clock, warming, convection, etc.). This has happened in the past and has...
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    HBL8752UCC Bosch oven giving errors after using high heat

    I have a Bosch built-in oven (HBL8752UCC). This is the second time that my oven has given me an error after using it at high heat (550F). The first time was E115, the second time was E302. Both times, the errors didn't come up immediately. They were only triggered several minutes after I had...
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    Some buttons on oven control panel don't respond Frigidaire Model #FGGF3054MF

    We've had our Frigidaire gas range/over for about 6 years. A year or so ago the oven control panel stopped working so we had it replaced. A few months after the replacement some of the buttons on the control panel stopped responding, specifically the bake, broil, convect buttons right in the...
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    Whirlpool W11126814 Oven Control Board for Sale

    Selling a new, open box oven control board- MFG Part Number: W11126814. I purchased this part, but then I realized it was a bad igniter, not control board. I purchased it for $308, but I am willing to negotiate.
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    FIXED Very Old Admiral Electric Range Model 6132 burners still work, but the oven recently stopped working

    I have a very old, retro stove. The burners still work, but the oven recently stopped working (the element and the broiler don't turn on). I tried replacing the fuse at the top of the stove, but no dice. There's a wiring diagram on the back (picture attached) and I tried to follow, but not...
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    FIXED HBL8451UC/01 Bosch wall oven, third board, still random events

    I have a Bosch HBL8451UC/01 30" wall oven. It was a direct replacement for a previous 800 series model we put in when we remodeled the kitchen 3 years ago. We went with all Bosch appliances...regretting that decision...but for now, I'll just focus on the wall oven. After 2 years of usual...
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    JGS968 Does anyone have the GE mini-manual with glass touch reference point instructions?

    I have a GE oven and recently I went to replace the wiring harness. To do that I had to remove the panel from the oven, and there was a notice on the panel: Attention: It is extremely important to set glass touch reference point any time control area is accessed. See mini manual for proper...
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    Panel broken - can I replace or better to buy new oven?

    I have a kitchenaid superba oven and experiencing the following 3 problems (I believe all are related to the control panel) 1- the control panel doesn't light up. I can't see the time, temperature, or if it is on or off 2- the oven will turn itself off. I'm told this is because the circuit board...
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    JTP18W0W2WW Oven wouldn't turn off

    My oven was set to 350 and decided on its own to broil my cakes...and then would'nt turn off. I had to cut the power in order for the top element to turn off. I tested the element and it is fine. I am under the impression that I need a new control board. Being that my oven is so old I wanted to...
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    Will installing a new control board and power cord fix my oven?

    Hello, my Frigidaire stove (model) was giving off a burnt plastic smoking smell. When I removed the back panel cover I discovered that the plastic part where the power cord connects was melted on one side. Additionally, some of the rubber from one of the wires from the power cord had melted a...
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