oven doesn't light

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    YSF379LEKB Whirlpool oven will only relight to maintain temp if I open the door

    I have replaced the ignitor and burner on my Super Capacity 465 Whirlpool gas oven and range. The oven will fire up every time to start with. It will stay lit and reach temp. Once the burner turns off, and then needs to relight to maintain temp it will not. I can hear the ignitor clicking, and...
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    WFG540H0AS Intermittent Ignition Problems and Oven not keeping temp

    I started having issues with this oven ever since it was about 4 years old. The problem is that the issues are intermittent and every time a service person would come out - the stove would work perfectly. There are two main problems with it. #1 The first problem has been happening for about 3...