oven not preheating

  1. J

    FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection Not Preheating

    Barely used FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection appliance convection feature not working. I am following the instructions as stated in the owner's manual yet the appliance is not preheating nor completing a convection cycle. In fact, what I see on the appliance screen is not matching...
  2. A

    FIXED Bosch Range HDI8054U Oven Not completing preheat

    My Bosch HDI8054U is not heating fully to temperature. The preheat indicator on the display goes to the last bar then never completes. I have checked the temp in the oven with a digital thermometer and it seems to stall around 300 F. Where should I start troubleshooting? Thanks
  3. J

    EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Icon Dual Wall Oven extremely slow to Preheat

    I have a Model #: EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Double Wall Oven about 6 years old. No error codes showing on the control board. The oven seems to take forever to preheat, may close to one hour at times. Once it's reached it's temp, it seems to cook OK. It will broil. The convection mode seems to...
  4. R

    GE Cafe Range CGS995SEL1SS Not Preheating

    Hello! We are having problems with our CGS995SEL1SS on propane. Both the upper and lower ovens will start to preheat, then just stop and turn off. No error, no beeps, nothing. Will just return to the clock screen. Range burners work fine. We can see the lighting element heat up and glow and it...
  5. N

    WEE745H0FS2 Whirlpool Electric Range, Oven Heating Intermittently

    I have an Whirlpool electric range, WEE745H0FS2, that does not always come up to temperature. It would only preheat to about 200 F out of the desired 400 F. Stove top works just fine. Wall outlet shows proper voltage. I checked the elements and sensors with the multi-meter and everything...
  6. Jessicarose10

    Whirlpool Double oven takes hours to preheat

    My family just got a brand new whirlpool double oven. We tried using it for the first time yesterday and it never got up to temp. Tried preheating it to 350 and after 2.5 hours of waiting it was only up to 235 degrees, so we eventually gave up trying to bake anything and turned it off. It’s...
  7. P

    LGEF3045KFE Oven preheats very slowly

    Hi all, looking for some possible fixes for my Frigidaire gallery electric oven. At the moment the bottom bake element does not work, I have since replaced it but it still does not heat at all. I checked all the connections going from the electronic control board and everything seems to be...
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