oven not working

  1. H

    Kitchen aid KGSS907SSS01 oven wont light up

    My range is only about 8yrs old and Ive had many issues with it the latest is my oven wont light up from what I 've learned it may be the electrode bake (igniter)... if so (I just ordered one online) does anyone here would give some light if I can remove the older igniter and replace with new...
  2. G

    SVD48600W Jenn-Air not heating/working

    Replaced clock/control unit* once oven stopped working after control unit went dim for a long time before going dark. Control unit continued to work till oven quit, you just had to pay attention to the numbers keyed in. *original p/n 100-00695-20 new replacement p/n WP71001799 Based on 1k ohm...
  3. P

    FIXED WOC95EC0AS01 BUILT-IN ELECTRIC COMBO WALL OVEN - "feature not available" for oven

    All the oven features (bake, broil, convect, hold warm) displays: "feature not available". Microwave works fine. I tried to find the service manual online (please provide links). As I wanted to run the self diagnostic test. I have not - yet - found the circuit breaker for the oven. It's not...
  4. C

    Frigidaire oven not working, please help

    My Frigidaire oven is not baking or broiling. I have tested the heating elements and they work, I have also replaced the oven temp sensor (part ER316233902) and it still is not working. I tried testing the amps where the oven temp sensor is located and it doesn't seem to be getting any power at...
  5. Z

    RBS305PRS00 Oven won't heat up but the range works

    My oven and broiler won't heat. I turned it on to preheat and nothing happened. I had a repairman come look at it and they told me it was the control panel. I ordered a new control panel and installed it and still having the same problem. Makes me think that there was nothing wrong with the...
  6. T

    JennAir Model: JJW8527AAW F2 code Broiler comes on-overheats!

    Jenn Air oven not working properly. This problem occurred 6-12 months ago also and seemed to clear itself until Saturday. Now it starts to bake, fan runs, but all of a sudden the broiler comes on and can't cancel it out...have to turn off the breaker to the oven. Then after an hour, turned...
  7. S

    FIXED Oven stopped working

    Oven and range were working fine - Broil element #440137 broke - Range was still working - I have replaced the broil element, reconnected the 2 wires at the back, closed all the back panels but now oven is not working at all - Range ok. No red light on thermostat knob, no red light on selector...
  8. B

    Built in KitchenAid Oven/Microwave (KEMC378KBL0) stopped working

    My 11 year old KitchenAid oven/microwave suddenly stopped working. The display is completely dead. The only thing that works is the light in the microwave. The big fuse on top is fine. Any thoughts? Thanks very much!
  9. C

    Jenn-air JDS9860AAP Oven won't turn on

    My Jenn-air's oven won't turn on. I set the oven function (bake, broil, or convect) and the temperature. I hear the relays clicking (once for element start, a few seconds later for fan) but the element stays cold and the fan doesn't go on. I'm pretty sure a relay in the control board has gone...
  10. J

    Jennair will not come to temperature

    Hello, I am looking for some advice with our Jenn-air oven ( JDS9860ACP ). It has not been coming to temperature. I checked top and bottom elements and both are working (at least turning bright red.) I've checked and the convention fan is also working. After reading some other posts (thank...
  11. V

    Kenmore C970 Oven stopped working - burners fine

    My wife went to turn the oven on the other day, and she heard a loud "pop". Oven completely shut off (it also popped the breaker in the garage). I reset the breaker, the stove clock and burners started working fine, but the oven element and broiler still do not. I was reading some other...
  12. M

    Kenmore Wall Oven cannot reset display

    Kenmore wall oven model 790.47789405 cannot reset display. Oven is not working at all 12:00 is flashing on the display. Can set the clock, but when you open the oven door, display goes to a faster flashing 12:00. Have tried to set bake, broil and self clean functions. Settings will hold for a...
  13. A

    FIXED Frigidaire Gas Range Still Won't Light, Bake or Broil; Replaced Ignitor Today

    The Bake/Broiler function on our Frigidaire Gas Range suddenly stopped working. The oven had been used successfully just the night before. I will note that it had been taking longer and longer for the oven to preheat. The top stove burners work fine, and the digital displays for the oven...
  14. A

    Whirlpool AccuBake - Top Over Won't Bake

    I have a Whirlpool AccuBake Model RBD306PDB9 dual oven (Ser.#: XK4201009) that has an intermittent problem with the top oven only. The problem is that the top oven simply shuts off and does not restart the baking cycle. The problem doesn't appear to be temperature related, because it happens...
  15. T

    Frigidaire 30" Gas Range (Model #FGF368GCG) - Oven burner goes out after a few minutes

    We have a Frigidaire gas range model #FGF368GCG. The surface burners work fine. The oven burner lights, buts shuts off after a few minutes, around 250º F. It will re-light after a few minutes, but does the same thing. Thanks in advance for your help!
  16. J

    790.99123409 Oven Features not Working

    I have the Kenmore Elite Smooth Top Range, 790.99123409, SN VF54468395. Recently, we had a power outage and some unrelated thunder storms and we discovered the oven does not heat. Specifically, the Pre-Heat, Bake and Convection features do not work, but the Broil feature does work. The stove...
  17. DaughterInNeed

    Baking unit is not working

    Hello, My mother has a Maytag. The other day (6/22/11) the baking unit would not work on the previous day she said it burned her dinner and would not turn off. Everything else on the stove works fine. There seems to be no apparent damage to the unit. (no burns or hot places) Any help would...
  18. J

    [FIXED] Gas Oven won't ignite

    I'm new to the blog and appreciate any/all help I can get. The gas broiler works fine. The oven igniter would not light up at all so I replaced it. The new igniter did not work at the oven connection so I tried the new igniter at the broiler connection to make sure it was not DOA and it lit...
  19. D

    Need Troubleshooting Help from an Expert

    Help! I have the Whirlpool Gas Range listed, and I am having obven issues. I've read threads on similar issues, but I'd like some input before I spend any money. Here's the issue: The oven turns on fine when you activate it from the control panel. It heats up, but then after while it shuts...
  20. S

    Whirpool GJP84800 Oven not working

    Hello, I have a Whirpool GJP84800 in which the oven is not working. The top ceramic works. I was told by one "local tech" it's some board I need to replace in the ~$200 range. Please advise how to troubleshoot this as to which part needs replacing. Thank you, Dom