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    GE gas range oven pilot won't stay on...

    We have a 25ish year old GE gas oven/range, and the main problem is the model number is nowhere to be found on this oven. It may be the tag was removed by a previous owner or lost when moved. The pilot light for the oven won't stay on. You can smell gas when you hold the knob in, but it won't...
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    970-600762 Kenmore/Frigidaire Range - Oven totally quit out of the blue

    Hey guys, We have a Kenmore model 970-600762 electric range (12 years old) where the oven just conked out totally with no warning. Stove top and clock still works fine. We replaced an element 5 years ago, but when that happened, only one of the two was not working. This time it's just not...
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    Vintage 1959 GE Built in Oven Need to locate Bake Part

    I have a 1959 GE built in oven with the model number of J752S1BC. Recently the bottom bake coil stop heating up. For the life of me, I don't know where to find a replacement! Please help :) Thank you all in advance!
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    KitchenAid Range KSGG700ESS Oven Not Lighting

    Hi, my oven is not lighting, and I haven't been able to track down the troubleshooting steps for this model in the forums. We used the oven last night at 500 and this morning it won't light. There is no gas released and no clicking, except for one faint sound after Start is pressed. Neither bake...
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    Kenmore Range 790.90133704 Oven SAb Deactivation

    Hello, I have a Kenmore oven and electric range model number 790.90133704 that is stuck in SAb mode. I have tried many online button sequence recommendations with little success. Does anyone know the proper buttons to push to deactivate Sabbath mode on this model?
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    790.95073310 Kenmore Elite Induction Range - oven "open" message on power-up

    At the beginning of the pandemic, the main control board blew (pop, spark, smoke). $300 later, I had replaced the two control boards and the touch-panel/display. Powered it up and everything worked beautifully. After a few days of use, the oven won't operate at all. Upon power-up, the word...
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    Combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 Possible Lightning Strike

    My combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 may have been hit by lightning today. We had a terrible storm and there was a lightning strike that was so loud we believe it hit the house or nearby. We lost power entirely for a few hours and when it came back on our oven has zero power to it...
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    Whirlpool W11126814 Oven Control Board for Sale

    Selling a new, open box oven control board- MFG Part Number: W11126814. I purchased this part, but then I realized it was a bad igniter, not control board. I purchased it for $308, but I am willing to negotiate.
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    ZDP36l6D2SS Replacing Thermostat on GE Monogram Oven/Range

    Hi, I have a GE Monogram range (Model #: ZDP36l6D2SS). The oven thermostat is having trouble and the part isn't being manufactured any longer. So, I picked up this universal oven thermostat: 6700S0011 However, I'm stumped trying to match terminals. I'm not great at reading wiring schematics...
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    KFGD500EBS00 Kitchenaid Range - dual oven not igniting

    Hi. Came back from a week vacation to find that my both top and bottom of my oven are not igniting. Before vacation had no issues. The top burners are working fine. When I click preheat and start I don't even hear the igniter try to start. Normally I would think this its the ignitier but find it...
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    VGIC365-4QBKM Viking Oven - two burners - both start fine - one shuts off

    I have An issue with my Viking oven. It was installed almost 20 years ago. Due to the stay at home protocols we have been cooking more. We noticed that the time it takes to warm up the oven is very long, 20 minutes plus. I took the oven apart and noticed that both burners had large holes...
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    FIXED Whirlpool built-in oven RBS307PVS02 - How to replace thermal fuse

    My built-in Whirlpool oven (model RBS307PVS02) stopped heating again. It happened a few years ago and I fixed it by replacing the thermal fuse (I think, this part: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Thermal-Fuse/WP9759243/1061376), so I suspect I will have to do it again. Any idea where I...
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    MIELE Mint condition Miele wall-mounted oven, microwave, and stovetop for sale. $3000.00 USD ($9,000USD VALUE) West Hollywood 90069
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    GE Wall Oven JRP03G007BG faulty heating element replaced, bake no longer working.

    We have a GE wall oven that is having some issues. From what I could find I'm assuming this model is from the 1980's. The serial number is LR648735 G. We moved into our home about two years ago and this is the original oven that came with the house. We have not had any issues (besides...
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    HBL8450 Bosch Oven Heating Woes -- Normal?

    We are pretty frustrated because we bought a new HBL8450 oven and a new microwave (several thousand dollars worth) only 18 months ago and we’ve had numerous issues. We could really use some advice right now to determine if this behavior below is normal. Perhaps if someone can explain what’s...
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    FPEF3081KFF Frigidaire Electric Oven Slow to Preheat after Self Clean

    I recently ran a self-clean on my oven. It now takes a very long time to preheat (30+ mins to get to 350). The broiler also does not work. What could be causing this?
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    Smell of gas from oven when being used - GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS

    When we moved into our new home in Richmond, Virginia last July it came with an 8-year old GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS manufactured in March 2012 (Contractor installed). During the hot summer, we could smell gas 50% of the time the oven was used in convection-mode and 0%...
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    YKFED500ESS ovens stop working after doors are opened. Needs hard power off to restore.

    Ovens become unreliable (stop heating) after doors are opened to place or check food. Need to cancel and reselect last function to restart. But problem repeats on next door opening. Have to unplug entire stove to reset the problem. Ok for a while but problem comes back unexpectedly. Not a power...
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    KEBC278KSS02 KitchenAid Double Oven - the display died and so did the oven, next day the door was still locked

    I used the self cleaning option on the oven and mid-cleaning the display died and so did the oven. the next day the door was still locked and the display is still dead. the circuit did not flip. now the top door is locked and the bottom door is not. how do i fix this? How can i get the oven out...
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    GE Monogram Trivection Wall Oven ZET3038SH3SS Removing Oven Door

    Hi, everyone, I'm trying to remove the oven door because I want to clean it but do not want to use the self-clean option as I am deadly afraid of it. I have seen that it is pretty easy to remove, but mine has a type of screwed-in latch to hold the hinges, so I'm not sure whether I can remove...