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    First Vintage Appliance Project - 1953 Frigidaire RS-38

    Rescued this 1953 Frigidaire Thrifty 30 RS-38 Electric Range from the basement of an old house. The new owner of the place was going to bring it in for scrap, and I couldn't let that happen. Got it for next to nothing. I've never restored an old appliance before (any appliance really), but I...
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    FIXED NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung Gas Oven - bake/broil and oven light do not work.

    Our NX58R4311SS/AA Samsung gas oven/range is almost 2 years old. First noticed the oven not heating in bake mode yesterday. Luckily a neighbor let us bake a cake in their oven! (Happy Birthday Grandma!) Today I am searching forums, preparing to debug and find the problem. I haven't found any...
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    LG Range LRE30451ST/02 Oven Overheating Despite new main PCB, Thermistor. Relay board tests OK.

    Help! I have an LG LRE30451ST/02 that has me stumped. The oven is overheating. Set for 350F, actual oven temp will be over 380F and the oven display is telling me it is at 230F. I have the service manual and went through the troubleshooting for this issue. I tested (tested OK) and replaced...
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    How to remove front control panel from GE Monogram wall oven? (ZET1RM4SS)

    we have an approximately 10-year-old Monogram oven (ZET1RM4SS) where the key panel has gone completely dead. the display itself does show the time and the oven will beep every 30 seconds or so. Because that's so annoying, we've turned it off at the breaker. :) I've seen a couple of YouTube...
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    FIXED MER5755QAW Maytag Range Bake Element Not Working - And It's a Mystery...

    So, I am completely LOST on what seems like it should be a simple problem, and I'm wondering if any of the experts here might be able to offer any advice. I have a Maytag MER5755QAW and I recently had an incident where the bake element went out in SPECTACULAR fashion- taking out about 6-7...
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    IKEA / Whirlpool Oven IBS350PXS01 Dead No Display

    Greetings all, I hope I can find help here as I've tried many repairs/replacements but with no results. I have an IKEA (Whirlpool) Oven IBS350PXS01. We did the self clean cycle, came back to it and it was dead. Electric is still getting to it, but no display or anything. Initially I assumed it...
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    Maytag wall oven is old 40-50 years old. Bottom heating element help

    My in the wall Maytag oven is old, very old. Our best guess, 40-50 years old. Grandparents house, been here for my entire life. The bottom heating element went out and it is so old, I cannot locate a model number or even evidence of a sticker. I do however have partial numbers off of the element...
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    HBN8651UC/02 5 years Bosch Double Wall Oven Not Completing Preheat

    I have a 27" Bosch Double Wall Oven that does not come up to set temperature. I replaced the temperature sensor, it is good. I tried to replace the control module, but the display will not come on with the new module. The only thing that works is the oven light. If I replace the old control...
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    LG Oven LSG4511ST/00 flame from fan in back; clicking noise at 325 degrees and higher

    I'm getting small flames in fan area at back of oven. Also, the oven clicks repeatedly, starting at 350 degrees. I haven't tried using non-convection to see if the same thing happens, frankly nervous to run the oven. Haven't noticed any odor. Oven manufacture date is Nov 2020.
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    FIXED NX58H5600SS/AA Samsung Gas Stove - Oven Turning On and Off

    Never noticed this before but the gas turns on and off on oven. You can hear it every few seconds ignite then go out. What could be causing this? See attached video for example of sound. Appreciate your help.
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    Kenmore Range Model No. 79073433314 Oven not heating

    I am having an issue identifying what is wrong with my Kenmore Range. The model no. is 79073433314. The other day I went to turn on my oven to preheat and there is no heat or sound that there is gas being sent to the oven. I do have propane...first thing I checked, but I am struggling to...
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    GE gas range oven pilot won't stay on...

    We have a 25ish year old GE gas oven/range, and the main problem is the model number is nowhere to be found on this oven. It may be the tag was removed by a previous owner or lost when moved. The pilot light for the oven won't stay on. You can smell gas when you hold the knob in, but it won't...
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    970-600762 Kenmore/Frigidaire Range - Oven totally quit out of the blue

    Hey guys, We have a Kenmore model 970-600762 electric range (12 years old) where the oven just conked out totally with no warning. Stove top and clock still works fine. We replaced an element 5 years ago, but when that happened, only one of the two was not working. This time it's just not...
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    Vintage 1959 GE Built in Oven Need to locate Bake Part

    I have a 1959 GE built in oven with the model number of J752S1BC. Recently the bottom bake coil stop heating up. For the life of me, I don't know where to find a replacement! Please help :) Thank you all in advance!
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    FIXED KitchenAid Range KSGG700ESS0 Oven Not Lighting

    Hi, my oven is not lighting, and I haven't been able to track down the troubleshooting steps for this model in the forums. We used the oven last night at 500 and this morning it won't light. There is no gas released and no clicking, except for one faint sound after Start is pressed. Neither bake...
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    Kenmore Range 790.90133704 Oven SAb Deactivation

    Hello, I have a Kenmore oven and electric range model number 790.90133704 that is stuck in SAb mode. I have tried many online button sequence recommendations with little success. Does anyone know the proper buttons to push to deactivate Sabbath mode on this model?
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    790.95073310 Kenmore Elite Induction Range - oven "open" message on power-up

    At the beginning of the pandemic, the main control board blew (pop, spark, smoke). $300 later, I had replaced the two control boards and the touch-panel/display. Powered it up and everything worked beautifully. After a few days of use, the oven won't operate at all. Upon power-up, the word...
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    Combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 Possible Lightning Strike

    My combo microwave/oven Kitchenaid KOCE500ESS05 may have been hit by lightning today. We had a terrible storm and there was a lightning strike that was so loud we believe it hit the house or nearby. We lost power entirely for a few hours and when it came back on our oven has zero power to it...
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    Whirlpool W11126814 Oven Control Board for Sale

    Selling a new, open box oven control board- MFG Part Number: W11126814. I purchased this part, but then I realized it was a bad igniter, not control board. I purchased it for $308, but I am willing to negotiate.
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    ZDP36l6D2SS Replacing Thermostat on GE Monogram Oven/Range

    Hi, I have a GE Monogram range (Model #: ZDP36l6D2SS). The oven thermostat is having trouble and the part isn't being manufactured any longer. So, I picked up this universal oven thermostat: 6700S0011 However, I'm stumped trying to match terminals. I'm not great at reading wiring schematics...