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    Fridigaire Oven PLGFZ397GCG powers off while oven on at random times.

    Hi, I have a 15yo Frigidaire PLGFZ397GCG oven that heats up for a while, but then typically when it reaches the temperature (350F or 400F), it'll just power itself off completely. The clock then flashes 12:00. I can hit "clear" and restart the oven back to 350F, where it'll often work for...
  2. F

    GE JCS968SK3SS Convection Blade not turning

    Hi everyone 😊, I own a GE JCS968SK3SS oven, and recently, while cooking a delicious pumpkin pie, I noticed a small flame in the oven close to the convection oven fan. I stopped the oven and extinguished the "fire," then cleaned everything up and restarted it. The oven seems to be working fine...
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    RMC305PVS (30-inch Combination Microwave-Wall Oven) - Cannot pull upper microwave forward

    How do I pull forward the microwave from this Whirlpool Combination Microwave-Wall Oven? Trying to change the lightbulb. 😛 Optionally: How might I get a link to a technical service manual for the Whirlpool RMC305PVS or equivalent, if possible (?) I have removed: 2 black plastic grills: 1)...
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    Viking oven thermostat replacement

    I have a viking 8 burner oven. The right oven knob snapped off, making us have to purchase a new oven thermostat. Now I've gotten to the bones of the oven, and i'm comparing the two thermostats. It appears the one I have is slightly different than the original. But i'm pretty sure it will work...
  5. A

    Samsung NX58H9950WS Oven/Broiler/Warmer not working

    I'm trying to fix my Samsung NX58H9950WS range. The oven, broiler, and warmer doesn't work; it doesn't get warm nor do I see a dark orange glow. I've tried to get the error codes from the touchscreen but no errors were found. I heard to try to replace the igniter but given the warmer doesn't...
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    Frigidaire Oven, Replaced Ignitor, Thermometer, Control Board

    Frigidaire FPGH3077RFD Gas Range Oven Oven is not working. Broiler is working. I replaced the ignitor, the temperature sensor, and the control board, but the power is still not going to the ignitor. Please, can you please recommend me what to check next? Thank you
  7. W

    DCCG130 Viking Broiler/Oven Lights and Goes Out Immediately

    I purchased a Viking DCCG130 secondhand. It sat unused for approximately 6 months before installing it. The range works fine but the infrared broiler and oven have never worked. They each light with plenty of flame, but are extinguished within 3 seconds. Is this a fault of some type of flame...
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    GE JT5000SF2SS Wall Oven - Proofing mode is *incredibly* slow

    Even when it was brand new in 2015, our GE convection wall oven has had a proofing mode that's SO slow, we thought for years it did nothing. Now I watched and tested it carefully using four digital thermometer probes. Here are my observations: * The oven light is forced on. Could that be the...
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    Where to find a WB24X5285 replacement thermostat for our GE JAS03*R3 oven ...

    Hi, all! We have in a vacation cabin a 20+ year-old little GE JAS03*R3 range whose thermostat appears to be dying or dead. At first the oven simply ran a pretty constant hot, but now it appears to go up and down, requiring pretty constant watching to cook anything effectively. Unfortunately...
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    Is this vintage Sears good?

    Model number C-968, I think made by Moffat/Camco. Someone giving it for free. How old is it? Is it reliable, easy to repair and easy to find part? I have Frigidaire range made in early 2000s, would the parts exchangeable?
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    PGB960SEJSS GE Range - Are gas igniters interchangeable?

    Hi everyone! I have the following stove that the lower oven stopped igniting. I took it apart and turned the oven on and the igniter doesn't glow at all. I think it might be the igniter. GE Model: PGB960SEJSS I found the following igniter available for the stove at an online GE parts store...
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    LG Double Oven (LDG4313ST) F9-Igniter Issue

    Started getting an F9 error. I pulled out my multimeter and started checking continuity. Came to the conclusion that I had a bad oven igniter. I just replaced the igniter. I put a multimeter to the old one and I wasn’t getting continuity. Purchase a new one. Had continuity. Installed it. It...
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    Kenmore 790.73232311 oven not working

    Stovetop works great. Gas releases and igniter ignites the gas. The oven, however, is another story as of dinnertime tonight. The over stopped working entirely.. the igniter is not glowing and, even though I turned it on, there is no gas smell coming from oven and I even put a burning piece...
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    FIXED LG Range LRE30453ST Oven will only heat to 325*-No Error Code-Broiler Element seems to still work

    LG Electric Oven is not heating to the set temperature and seems to stop at 325*. Convection feature does seem to heat to a higher setting but takes 30 minutes to preheat. Main Board was just replaced a year ago. I am not getting any error codes and the broiler element seems to still work...
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    JKP07G004BC Wall Oven specs

    Hi. I am trying to find the specs (e.g. WxHxD) for the J KP07G004BC GE wall oven. I cannot locate anywhere online. Please assist.
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    790.94142310 Kenmore Range/Oven - Digital Temp/Clock Reader Not Working

    I have an Electric Kenmore Oven, Model No: 790.94142310 Range works and oven works, sort of. The digital Clock does not show up and I am not able to reset it. I can turn the oven on but the temp only increases by single digits and only goes up to 287°F. However, I know for sure that the oven...
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    Vintage Tappan oven stopped working

    We bought a house with a vintage Tappan double oven. It's a similar model to another posted by someone here but it's a little different. The tag is long gone. For a year the top oven wouldn't heat unless the bottom was also turned on at some temperature. Now the top doesn't do anything. Bottom...
  18. V

    HBL8650UC/11 Bosch oven not maintaining proper temperature

    Hi, I have a Bosch double oven which can not keep temperature correctly. Both ovens stopped maintaining proper temperature - sometimes it goes up to the set temperature, but then it does not maintain it. Also, sometimes they work fine and sometimes they do not. I am guessing it is either the...
  19. B

    Frigidaire Range FGF348KCD - gas oven not heating

    Oven and broiler will not heat. I've checked the igniter - it is not warming up at all, but conductivity looks fine. I've actually replaced that igniter within the past couple years and I don't think it is the problem. I also checked the temperature probe - resistance is within the correct...
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    HBL8752UCC Bosch oven giving errors after using high heat

    I have a Bosch built-in oven (HBL8752UCC). This is the second time that my oven has given me an error after using it at high heat (550F). The first time was E115, the second time was E302. Both times, the errors didn't come up immediately. They were only triggered several minutes after I had...

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