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    Smell of gas from oven when being used - GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS

    When we moved into our new home in Richmond, Virginia last July it came with an 8-year old GE Café (GE Cafe) Series Range - Model: CGS985SETSS manufactured in March 2012 (Contractor installed). During the hot summer, we could smell gas 50% of the time the oven was used in convection-mode and 0%...
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    YKFED500ESS ovens stop working after doors are opened. Needs hard power off to restore.

    Ovens become unreliable (stop heating) after doors are opened to place or check food. Need to cancel and reselect last function to restart. But problem repeats on next door opening. Have to unplug entire stove to reset the problem. Ok for a while but problem comes back unexpectedly. Not a power...
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    KEBC278KSS02 KitchenAid Double Oven - the display died and so did the oven, next day the door was still locked

    I used the self cleaning option on the oven and mid-cleaning the display died and so did the oven. the next day the door was still locked and the display is still dead. the circuit did not flip. now the top door is locked and the bottom door is not. how do i fix this? How can i get the oven out...
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    GE Monogram Trivection Wall Oven ZET3038SH3SS Removing Oven Door

    Hi, everyone, I'm trying to remove the oven door because I want to clean it but do not want to use the self-clean option as I am deadly afraid of it. I have seen that it is pretty easy to remove, but mine has a type of screwed-in latch to hold the hinges, so I'm not sure whether I can remove...
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    RF315PXGW1 Whirlpool super capacity 465 Range - Oven overheats

    Help! My Whirlpool super capacity 465 is burning food and way overheating. If I set it to 350, We’ve tested the temperature to be over 500 degrees and still rising. My husband tested the temperature sensor and it was 1,090 ohms. What do you suggest next?
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    WEE745H0FS2 Whirlpool Electric Range, Oven Heating Intermittently

    I have an Whirlpool electric range, WEE745H0FS2, that does not always come up to temperature. It would only preheat to about 200 F out of the desired 400 F. Stove top works just fine. Wall outlet shows proper voltage. I checked the elements and sensors with the multi-meter and everything...
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    JGB700SEJ2SS White Residue all over my GE oven- keeps smoking

    So I cleaned my GE oven (which is self-clean) by hand with 3 cleaners- Simple Green, Vinegar + Baking Soda, and dish soap. I thought it was all clean but when I used it, it smoked heavily. I shut it off and a week later tried again and obviously it continued smoking. There is white residue all...
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    TGF356CCSD Tappan Range - control panel is not getting power and cant use oven

    I have a 1993 tappan gas oven, the control panel is not getting power to it and therefore we cannot use the oven I have looked into getting the 100$ panel but they don't make them anymore could there be another reason for it not getting power the oven light works and the four top burners work ?
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    MRES30S Dacor oven - front touch panel is loose

    I have a Dacor MRES30S oven and the front oven touch panel is loose. I was hoping to find some instructions on how to open up the front area but I cannot find any teardown instructions. Any guides out there?
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    MER6872BAW Maytag Range - lower element not heating after replacement, wires live

    Hi, we have a Maytag MER6872BAW (specific tag seems to have 8114P732-60 (12-99-00)). There were two elements not working, broiler on top oven, baking element on bottom - replaced the top and that now works, the bottom however will still not heat up with the replacement. Resistance on the new...
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    HDS255U/02 Bosch Oven begins dropping temperature at 300 degrees during preheat

    I have a Bosch HDS255U/02 and it has started dropping in temperature when it reaches 300 degrees in preheat. I'd love to repair, but am unsure where to start/which element should be replaced.
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    665.75132301 Kemore Range - oven not working after power outage

    Hello, we recently had a brownout and eventually lost power for about 4 hours. The stove is a Kenmore Ultra Bake Model 665.75132301 and is about 15 years old. When the power came back on, the error code on my stove was PF SAB which apparently stands for Power Failure and Sabbath Mode. I hit...
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    FIXED 790.73433311 Oven Igniter Not Glowing

    Hi, First time poster and appliance repairer here. I have a Kenmore gas oven that has stopped heating. Upon inspection, the issue appears to be that the oven is not igniting because the igniter is not glowing. Here is what I have figured so far: The stove top works, so I believe there is...
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    NX58H5600SS/AA Samsung Bake won’t work...again!

    About a month ago, the oven would intermittently not ignite. Then it completely failed. The broil function worked fine. Upon pressing “Bake” then “Start”, a clicking sound was audible. So I figured the igniter was bad and replaced it. Since then, it has worked fine. Today, the same thing is...
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    FIXED LG model LSC5683WS oven overheating or slow to get to preheat

    Hi. Our LG oven model LSC5683WS has been significantly overheating and burning food and triggering smoke detectors. I used a laser temp gauge to measure hot spots. Wow some spots are over 550 degrees up to 700 degrees in areas when set to only 350 on regular BAKE (convection not used). It is...
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    Kitchenaid electric convection oven KEBS109BSS00 Error Code F3E0 & clicking

    I have an electric Kitchenaid convection oven (model# KEBS109BSS00) that starts having clicking noises when at or above 400 deg F on Bake. Generally the oven continues to go to it’s required temp (ex. 425 deg) and continues to heat. Today it went to 425 for 10 minutes and then started to click...
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    ARR366 American Range problems

    Have an American Range ARR366 with oven and broiler problems. First oven heats up but makes noises like flame out when heating. Replaced igniter a few years ago when it went bad. Used a 5303935066 and it worked fine. Now broiler will not light even with igniter glowing. I understand that maybe...
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    Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 Oven Temp Problems

    Hi, I am trying to fix my Mom's Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 oven. It has been giving her problems with the temperature for awhile now. Recently we tried a self-cleaning and got an F30 error. I measured the restistance of the temperature probe and got about 1080 to 1090 ohms at room temperature. I...
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    FIXED Samsung Induction Range NE595N0PBSR - Oven and broiler not working

    My Samsung induction range’s oven problem started when the oven would only heat up very slowly and could not heat above 240F, when I needed 475F (never a problem in the previous two years of ownership). One day later, the oven and broiler stopped working. No error codes were ever displayed. The...
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    FIXED AGBS300EP1WW GE Americana Gas oven isnt working.

    I have an Americana Oven and I went to make tea yesterday and none of the stove pilots will ignite but they get gas and the oven doesn't come on at all. The igniter switch in the oven doesn't glow or anything. I can still use the stove for now, I just have to light it with a lighter. Does...