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    Kenmore 790.72313013 gas range heats slowly - replaced igniter 2x

    My 7yo gas range is slow to heat and tops out at about 390 degrees. I replaced the oven igniter but it did not help. I had a Sears guy out, he said the part was bad, so I replaced it again with one from a different website than the previous one. I still have the problem. The igniter and oven...
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    Fivestar has oven issues

    First post...Having issues with a Fivestar four burner gas oven/range. Basic problem is: When oven is plugged in, oven light comes on (even when oven dial not turned on), indicating the oven is heating but it is not. When the problem was first noticed, the oven burner was coming on and remaining...
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    Need replacement thermocouple - pilot assembly - vintage: 1952??

    Model Number: 1052106 Brand: Roper Age: More than 10 years For a double Roper oven. Thermocouple is 24" long and terminates in a small plastic head with flat blade terminals. The oven worked fine until recently. Pilot will not stay lit now. Anyone have an idea where to look for...
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    Electrolux EW30GF65GSG will not maintain temp but shows accurate temp

    My parents' Electrolux oven will not maintain temperature which we unfortunately discovered w/ the Thanksgiving turkey. I used a digital thermometer that has a food & oven reading for the bird which is how the issue was uncovered. - Top oven set to Bake 350. Several hours after putting bird...
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    PT956SM1SS GE Double Oven - Random shut off

    GE Double Oven Profile brand - PT956SM1SS Oven has worked fine until recently. When baking the lower oven will turn off randomly - the clock is not effected or timer (if set) is still counting down but the oven is off. It is as if someone pressed the "clear/off" button. We can turn the oven...
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    C272UB Thermador Oven element substitution

    The element has burned out on my Thermador electric oven. Thermador no longer makes or carries the part, and I cannot find it anywhere online, after months of searching. My question is this: can I substitute another element of the same or slightly lesser wattage? It is either that or throw...
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    ARE35083 Old stove gradually broke down, now nothing works

    Hello, So we have an Admiral stove which is at least 15 years old. It had been working fine but at one point last year, 2 of the burners stopped working. We were fine just using the other ones. Then the other day, I was using the remaining 2 burners at the same time, and everything stopped...
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    Replace a Thermostat Switch for Hamilton Beach Toaster

    Model Number: 31507R Age: 6-10 years Hello, All I have a Hamilton Beach Toaster, model# 31507R. The thermostat switch (the temperature control knob) went bad, but Hamilton does not sale this part. I have all the info from the part I removed, but not sure where I can find a replacement or...
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    MGS5775BDW Maytag oven burner intermittent, smells like gas

    https://youtu.be/pLOcjKZBL4w I replaced the oven igniter about a year ago after the oven started exhibiting signs of not heating and smelling of gas. The new igniter seemed to resolve the issue mostly, for a while. Recently the oven began doing the same thing, as seen in the attached video...
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    790.49113 Kenmore elite oven/microwave chime

    I just moved in to a house with a kenmore elite oven, but it’s silent. I can not figure out how to turn the chime on. So I never know when it the timer has gone off or the microwave is done. Anyone know how to turn the chime in?
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    JGBP33SET1SS GE Oven fails intermittently

    Replaced lower igniter oven still only works intermittently. Igniter glows but gas doesn't come on. Works one night, doesn't work the next. I have ordered the broiler igniter (same p/n) thinking maybe they were both weak and that might be a problem...? If this doesn't work what then?? Control board?
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    KEBS207SSS04 Kitchenaid Double Oven blowing thermal fuse

    I have replaced both of the thermal fuses multiple times now. No other symptoms. We do not run the auto clean cycle since the first thermal fuse went out. The ovens are both kept very clean. i.e. always use foil, no messes, exist to build up and catch at high temps. We've never baked at...
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    FEF336BGWD Replacing an inner glass door

    Can any plate glass of the same thickness and rectangular dimensions be substituted for the interior oven door glass?
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    WFG515S0ES1 Whirlpool oven will not maintain temperature

    Our 14 month old oven heats up to temperature fine, then the burner shuts off (as it should), but it never turns back on to maintain the temperature. If I cancel it and restart it, it turns back on and heats up, but the same problem continues. I checked the temperature sensor, and it reads...
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    FE-R400SW Samsung Electric Range - LED display problem & flashing oven light

    Hello, I have a Samsung Electric Range (FE-R400SW), about 5 years old. It is in a unoccupied suite and has barely ever been used. The LED control panel is faint/dim and not displaying properly. Also, when I open the oven door, the oven light flashes on and off quickly 5-10 times accompanied by...
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    RGB530DEP2WW Oven randomly turns itself on and off. Knob sometimes makes faint buzzing sound.

    So our oven turns itself on for about 20 seconds then shuts off. This happens at random times throughout the day and night. Another issue when everything is supposed to be off you can hear a very faint buzz sound behind the temperature control knob. You have to lightly touch the knob to make it...
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    FIXED RF367LXSS Range - Change timer countdown to temperature count-up?

    Our house came with a Whirlpool electric range (RF367LXSS) It's an ok range. One detail that bother me, though, is the display when you turn on the oven. On every other range I've had, the display would be the oven temperature going up as it heats. On this Whirlpool, though, the display is a...
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    GE Mark 27 #JMS27001AD Removal and power question....

    Hello! I am having issues with an old in counter GE oven..... It is a GE mark 27 #JMS27001AD.... Also maybe called "Spacemaker"? Old, perhaps from the 80's? I don't think it is older than that.... And it is also ugly! Either way, it was here when I bought the house. And I want it to go...
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    R2145BB Wedgewood/Atwood oven Pilot problems

    Hi! Please help if you can! Oven burners and oven will light, but pilot light does not seem to work correctly. If we turn the oven on to lets say 250 degrees, and hold the flame over pilot light, it will come on and oven will work. It will then turn off once the oven reaches temperature. Pilot...
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    KitchenAid Oven KERS206XSS3 takes 2 hours to heat

    A few months ago my KitchenAid oven/range stopped heating the oven and upon inspection I noticed that the power connector from the control board that goes out to the heating elements had melted and damaged that portion of the control board. I purchased a new control board and replaced it, and...