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    KEBS207SSS04 Kitchenaid Double Oven blowing thermal fuse

    I have replaced both of the thermal fuses multiple times now. No other symptoms. We do not run the auto clean cycle since the first thermal fuse went out. The ovens are both kept very clean. i.e. always use foil, no messes, exist to build up and catch at high temps. We've never baked at...
  2. B

    FEF336BGWD Replacing an inner glass door

    Can any plate glass of the same thickness and rectangular dimensions be substituted for the interior oven door glass?
  3. E

    WFG515S0ES1 Whirlpool oven will not maintain temperature

    Our 14 month old oven heats up to temperature fine, then the burner shuts off (as it should), but it never turns back on to maintain the temperature. If I cancel it and restart it, it turns back on and heats up, but the same problem continues. I checked the temperature sensor, and it reads...
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    FE-R400SW Samsung Electric Range - LED display problem & flashing oven light

    Hello, I have a Samsung Electric Range (FE-R400SW), about 5 years old. It is in a unoccupied suite and has barely ever been used. The LED control panel is faint/dim and not displaying properly. Also, when I open the oven door, the oven light flashes on and off quickly 5-10 times accompanied by...
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    RGB530DEP2WW Oven randomly turns itself on and off. Knob sometimes makes faint buzzing sound.

    So our oven turns itself on for about 20 seconds then shuts off. This happens at random times throughout the day and night. Another issue when everything is supposed to be off you can hear a very faint buzz sound behind the temperature control knob. You have to lightly touch the knob to make it...
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    FIXED RF367LXSS Range - Change timer countdown to temperature count-up?

    Our house came with a Whirlpool electric range (RF367LXSS) It's an ok range. One detail that bother me, though, is the display when you turn on the oven. On every other range I've had, the display would be the oven temperature going up as it heats. On this Whirlpool, though, the display is a...
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    GE Mark 27 #JMS27001AD Removal and power question....

    Hello! I am having issues with an old in counter GE oven..... It is a GE mark 27 #JMS27001AD.... Also maybe called "Spacemaker"? Old, perhaps from the 80's? I don't think it is older than that.... And it is also ugly! Either way, it was here when I bought the house. And I want it to go...
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    R2145BB Wedgewood/Atwood oven Pilot problems

    Hi! Please help if you can! Oven burners and oven will light, but pilot light does not seem to work correctly. If we turn the oven on to lets say 250 degrees, and hold the flame over pilot light, it will come on and oven will work. It will then turn off once the oven reaches temperature. Pilot...
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    KitchenAid Oven KERS206XSS3 takes 2 hours to heat

    A few months ago my KitchenAid oven/range stopped heating the oven and upon inspection I noticed that the power connector from the control board that goes out to the heating elements had melted and damaged that portion of the control board. I purchased a new control board and replaced it, and...
  10. M

    GBD307PDS09 Whirlpool Double Wall Oven Wont turn on

    Hello Over control panel no longer illuminates -1- 1st time, I could still tap buttons and oven would turn on but no illumination --No error codes -2- I opened panel to check connections, Now when clicking on button, it beeps 3 times and oven does not turn on ----but the internal oven light...
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    FGF378ACG Doesn't get out of preheat

    We have a 13 yr old Frigidaire range FGF378ACG that will not shut off the preheat. It used to heat up to temp and then beep twice. It now shows preheat for a long time. I can shut off the oven and turn it back on and the oven doesn't ignite because it likely is past the set temp. The temp...
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    GFG464LVB1 Whirlpool accubake, oven not heating properly

    My Whirlpool oven does not work properly. I have tested it it will come on preheat get to sit temperature turn off turn back on turn off turn back on usually 4 to 5 times then it will just not kickback to reach set temperature. The control panel will show 350° my fluke meter got down to 180...
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    Jenn-Air convection fan barely moving

    My mom has a Jenn-Air duel fuel range/oven that is about 8yrs. old. She claims that the convection fan has never worked at all. (She bought it new). When I turn on the convection mode and watch it (door closed) it moves a teensy bit. I find it hard to believe that the fan motor was bad from the...
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    LEB116GR1WH Bypassing Oven Thermostat with a light switch

    Hey all. I had a post about my oven having a fire and then not working. I was finally able to get the model number when i pulled the control panel off LEB116GR1WH. The thermostat turned out to be the problem and it being a $150 part to repair a oven i paid $30 I started hunting for...
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    KGSS907SSS00 Oven/Broiler clicks but won't ignite

    Long time user, first time poster here! Our KitchenAid Oven has been unusable for some time now. The stove burners all ignite as normal, but the oven/broiler don't seem to spark. I can always smell gas when it's trying to light. We have intermittently gotten the lower (oven?) burner to ignite...
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    Built-in Oven not heating up?

    A few weeks ago my Built-in Oven stopped working, I would set the temperature (so you see the target temp in red and bake <on>) and it would sit there for 10-30 seconds then go back to the idle (clock) state. I tried the various modes but the best example is convection where I set it and the fan...
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    Kitchenaid KDRP463LSS07 Convection Oven works but NO other Oven mode.

    KDRP463LSS07 Oven & Gas Cooktop. Strangest thing. Convection feature of oven works fine and heats accordingly. All other oven functions do not work. Please advise.
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    Maytag Gemini

    Wondering if anyone can help. Power went out today and is now restored, however the stove is no longer working yet the oven still is. I've googled everything and I can't seem to find an answer.
  19. 7

    Samsung Electric Range shot flame from back

    Model number reads NE595R0ABSR/AA Background: This is my first post here, but looking for help. Didn't much in a search yet. I've owned this oven for a little over 3 years. My girlfriend and I don't cook every night but cook Pizzas, and make mac n cheese on the stove top. I don't think i've...
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    Fan noise at front/top of built-in GE Oven

    Fan noise starts when oven is turned on, sounds like a fan motor that is sticking and thus not spinning at normal speed. More of a load-ish motor load hum than a fan to housing rattle. Oven is 16 years old (hinges replaced twice!) so not surprised if fan is tired. Sounds like the noise is from...