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    Oven door spring broke

    <style></style>Spring broke on door. Magic chef---don't know if I have the right model number so I'm just guessing cause everywhere we looked, that we could get at, it wasn't there. It could be under the stove top (sealed surface burners). We tried to lift it but can only go a couple inches...
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    FIXED Oven not turning on - Whirlpool GS563LXSS0

    My issue sounds similar to other posts, but I couldn't find anything in the model I own. I have a Whirlpool GS563LXSS0 gas range and oven. About a week ago the oven stopped working. If you choose Bake, the preheat cycle begins (on the display), but nothing happens in the oven. No gas flow. No...
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    KEBC177HWH0 KitchenAid Convection Oven Making Fan Noise

    This single door unit is making a grinding fan-type sound on both convection and non-convection operation. I presume it is the cooling fan - but need idea on how to get at that one to replace. Or is it some other problem? Any tech sheets available? Not good on Thanksgiving Day
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    Maytag microwave making loud noise and not heating

    When trying to heat something in the microwave, it makes a loud noise but the food item is still cold. The lights come on, the table rotates and the time counter descends. Everything seems normal except the temperature of my coffee. :(
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    Wall oven abruptly shut off

    I was baking the other day, and as the oven was pre-heating it just turned off. I checked the house circuit breaker, but everything was fine. The oven's control panel is unresponsive. Any help would be appreciated!
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    FIXED Frigidaire Gas Range- Need Logic Board?

    Hi! I bought a used Frigidaire gas range, Model Number: FGFL79DBE (serial number VF54710808). We converted it from Natural Gas to LP and the burners and broiler work fine. The oven, however, does not. Most times it will not light at all, but occassionally it will glow orange, start to heat and...
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    GE Oven Temperature Problem

    This problem is for a GE Dual Wall Oven (electric, model ZET757BA1BB). The oven keeps accurate temperature in the convection setting, but in the normal bake setting, the temperature is low. To test this out, I set the oven to 300 Convection and confirmed it was right. I then switched it to 350...
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    Kitchaid Superba double wall oven multiple problems

    I just purchased a house that has a KitchenAid KEBS247DWH10 double wall oven. This is the 24" wide double wall oven There are a number of issues, most of which I suspect have a common cause. When I first viewed the house I noticed that the lower oven door would not stay closed properly. The...
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    [FIXED] Maytag oven not working

    I have a Maytag freestanding gas oven - model number MGR1411BDW. The gas burners work on top, but the oven/broiler doesn't work. the ignitor appears to be working fine (glowing). Is it the thermostat? thanks, Ross
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    GE Profile Gas Range Will Not Heat Up - JGS968S0H3SS

    Everything works on oven except it will not heat up for Bake or Convection oven. Burners Broiler Clock and everything works. Does not heat up for Bake Style# JGS968S0H3SS Any solutions would be appreciated:)
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    whirlpool error E6 F2

    I have a Whirlpool double oven with an E6 F2 error code that randomly appears throughout the day, followed by a total display shutdown. Even when the display is off, the keys make the triple chime error tone when pressed. I know that this error code means that either the keypad or the control...
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    Frigidaire oven won't light problem

    A relatively common problem, it seems. Frigidaire gas oven, Model FGF337AWE. Oven wouldn’t light, had a repairman come out and diagnose the problem (ignition coil), ordered the part myself (repairclinic.com), installed it, and lo and behold, it’s glowing much brighter and hotter than the...