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    Ice maker overflows when I dispense water

    Hello, The house we just moved into has a Maytag refrigerator, though the water line was never run for it. After installing and connecting the water line to the fridge, I noticed that the ice maker overflows evertime I dispense water from the freezer door. As far as I can tell, it doesn't...
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    GE washer won't stop filling up. Overflows.

    I opened the back panel and saw the tube going from the S-M-L dial to somewhere down behind the tub. I disconnected the top end of the tube and was able to blow air through it (though not as clear as a straw). I poured some vinegar in also and let it set. I have been unable to find any...
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    FIXED Overflowing Washer

    Washer is 6-7 years old. Has overflowed on four (4) ocassions. On three (3) ocassions this washer has overflowed during a wash cycle. One time during a warm/warm wash and two times during a hot/cold wash. There are no error messages displayed, and the water keeps going into the washer after it...
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    Kenmore Compact Washer Overflows/Doesn't Spin

    Hi, I have a Kenmore compact portable washer model 110.44722401. I have no idea what do do- it doesn't stop filling with water, and I can't get it to change cycles at all. It basically just keeps filling with water, and that's it! My apartment is soaking wet, and I don't have money for...
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    Will new pressure hose solve my overflow issue?

    My Kenmore 110 top-loader washer overflowed but I was able to stop the flow by just pressing the cycle selector button back in. I flipped the console and removed the cabinet to find the pressure/level hose had gotten disconnected by itself from the water level selector control. The hose was not...
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    Need help with error code F09, Kenmore Elite Ht3 #110.42922200

    Hi, My frontload wash machine displayed error code F09 two days ago. I did some researching, and know that this code indicates an overfill problem. Feeling as if this a little over my head, I called a local repairman, he unscrewed the drain pumpfilter and found it was clogged with a bunch of...
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    overflow or leak in icemaker

    I purchased my Kenmore in April of 2005 and love it. However, recently I had to replace some parts on the water dispenser unit on the door. A tech came and told me the problem and ordered the part. I installed. Since his visit, after he re-installed the icemaker itself, it is either leaking or...
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    [FIXED] GE Triton XL fill valve problem

    The tub basin has filled and overflowed onto the floor twice in the last three mornings. The temp. at floor level under the dishwasher was approx. 50 degrees, or slightly colder. Could the cool temp. be causing the water inlet control valve to malfunction and open up thus over filling the tub...
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    Ice Maker overflows

    Our Whirlpool automatic ice maker adds too much water to the try and it overflows into the ice bin. This causes everything in the bin to freeze together. It only started happening a month or so ago. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
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    [FIXED] Whirlpool Washer LSQ9264HQ0 Overflows Sporadically

    Since you were so helpful on previous occasions with my refrigerator, I thought I would come back and ask about my washer. My Whirlpool Washer LSQ9264HQ0 overflows the basket sporadically. The washer starts filling the basket automatically but sometimes does not shut off the supply, and the...
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