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    Hard time getting parts

    Is anyone else have difficulty finding parts? I use three sources to locate the cheapest price and I’m running across a lot of “out of stock” findings. I use sears, Marcone and amazon, what is everyone else using? Thanks in advance, Johnny C
  2. D

    Whirlpool GD5RHAXNQ00 Refrigerator - Help Me Find Tray Location!

    Hi all, I'm looking for your help in identifying what this tray is, what its purpose is and where it sits in the refrigerator/freezer. I recently acquired the Whirlpool GD5RHAXNQ00 from a friend and while transporting the refrigerator, the tray must have came loose and fallen off. I don't know...
  3. V

    DV45K7600GW/A3 random metal part

    I was assembling my dryer after changing the drum rollers and found this on the floor. Does anyone recognize this part? Or is this just some random metal piece that somehow got into the dryer along with loose change. Thanks!
  4. J

    Frigidaire FWT647GHS0 motor plug shroud sources?

    After much debugging and replacement of a few parts that were not the problem, I've found that my front-load Frigidaire FWT647GHS0 has metal fatigue in the wiring harness. It's close to 20 years old but still kicking, and this seems like a pretty simple fix... if I could find the part. The...
  5. T

    E36EC75ESS5 Electrolux cooktop replacement knobs

    I have searched the internet far and wide and have not been able to find replacement knob for my cooktop. They work but the HI LO indicators
  6. J

    1960 Vintage GE Wall Oven Broiler element

    Model Number: J752T1BC Brand: GE Age: More than 10 years I have an old (~1960) wall oven that's overall in pretty good shape, it does work but needs some repair, and I'm having some serious difficulty finding parts for it. The most important thing I need to fix is the broil element. The...
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    GE Dishwasher pump/motor WD26X10013 various models. $50

    I have a GE replacement dishwasher motor and pump for sale. I had installed this on my d/w earlier but ran into other problems and decided to give up and get a new dishwasher. So, this pump and motor is "almost new". I probably ran the d/w for 10 or so cycles trying to figure out the other...
  8. R

    Need Help locating Burner Switches For Vintage 1960 Hotpoint Electric Range

    Model Number: 107RC65-A Brand: Hotpoint Age: More than 10 years :wall: Hello. I'm hoping someone here can help. My 89 year old mother has had this turquoise Hotpoint electric Range since my father and her bought their home in 1962, and to the viewing eye it looks immaculate. But only one of...
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    ATW4675YQ Admiral top load washer leaks during spin cycle

    A few days ago, we noticed our Admiral top-load washer leaks from the back left corner of the bottom (ran a test cycle to see) during spin cycle (not during fill or rinse). Any thoughts on what part might need replacing? (checked the inflow hoses and seem tight). Thanks, Josh
  10. S

    Can't find this part for my frigerator, anyone know where I can find one?

    Not sure of the age of my refrigerator. It is a Maytag model# RSD02200CAE. I just need the bottom cover for the front. I have a kitten who keeps climbing under there. I am afraid she might get hurt. I am duck taping it for now, but I would like to replace the part. I have searched a few...
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    Whirlpool Dryer Model #IED4400UQL Parts

    I have the following items for sale for a Whirlpool dryer The parts are off of a Inglis dryer which is made by Whirlpool. Thermal Fuse-Part No. 3392519 Start Switch-Part No. 3977456 Door Switch-Part No. 3406109 I also have a motor that is on the dryer. The dryer went out and I cannot...
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    Frigidaire Bearing Help

    Okay so I need to replace the bearing on my Frigidaire top load washer. Model#FWS933FS0. What is all the parts and tools that I will need?
  13. W

    FIXED Kenmore Dryer belt broke.

    I have a Kenmore Heavy Duty dryer, model 110.86874100, and tonight, the belt snapped. I took the dryer apart and found the issue: That belt goes around the basket: When the belt snapped, I heard a loud metal-on-metal sound. When I took the dryer apart, I found this: I think that is...
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    GE GLC 4100 portable dishwasher spraying water from adaper and coupling unit

    Hi, I bought a scratch and dent GE protable dishwasher. Didn't realize it didn't come with the faucet adapter, so I found the correct part for the model number, ordered it, and put it on the kitchen faucet. All good. But then i hook up the coupling unit that houses the hoses that feed the...
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    Dryer illustration for door

    I am cursed. The dryer needs three things done, two of which I have direction from the forum archive, the other one is subject to my dumb. 1) Less heat than I expect - Forum says clean out interior, clean out the vent. Is there a way to "tune" the flame since it looks to me like to much...