pcb control board

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    FIXED JVM3160RF2SS GE Microwave - PCB Relay Wiring

    Greetings everyone, new here. I hope you are staying safe. I'm reassembling a JVM3160RF2SS, which keeps blowing the fuse. One of the interlock switches was misaligned. I put everything back together except the PCB. There is a connector with black and white wires that connects to a relay with...
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    795.74093.410 Kenmore elite not working properly, Error code er rf

    Top refrigerator bottom freezer. Refrigerator is not cooling. Error code er rf. Pressed reset button for test mode once. Completed voltage check on pins 1 & 3 voltage was 2.6. On pins 2 & 3 voltage was 13.08. There is NO ice buildup fan runs in test mode. Fins do get frost on them. Any ideas or...